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  Still in love with them a few years later....
just had my 721's resoled after a few years of use. 
I like the lace pattern you used. What is the name of that style?
Below I have included a few pics of my 721's after a few months of use. these have never been waterproofed or conditioned. Photos were taken after 2 or 3 minutes of buffing with a soft cotton cloth.    
Cranes, thanks for all the useful advise with the leather care and such. I just received my pair earlier today and am very grateful to have found this thread.   I have read through each post and still have questions about the care. For weekend use that will see the occasional drink spill or puddle, does the boot require some form of waterproofing? Or is that strictly needed for the wet fields you frequent?   I plan to brush and condition prior to wear and wasn't...
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