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 Hello Roger,  That's indeed Bordeaux - the sun was setting so I had to use a little artificial light. But it gives you a good idea what the colour like at night. 
 Thank you SHS - I'll bear this birds eye view in mind when taking out next batch of photos.  Some of our photos are old were taken some time ago....just managed to find time to upload some of our clients MTO's this week.  
6 pairs of Vass suede / calf combo for a Swiss client.              
Hello Concordia, Can you send me photos of how you would like to view the shoes - your feedback most welcome. Sammy.
A beautiful cognac calf by Vass            
Back to Black - winter wear 2013            
  Agree with Roger on the toe being narrower on the K and there little difference of the in-step in the U & K.
Who's ready for the winter with these Vibram sole?          
 That's just one side of the wall :)  Thank you Fiddler, let me know if you like to see any other colours form our collection.  Many more Vass MTO's to come in the next few weeks.
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