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You can get the handle from the 257/8 installed on the 256 for $20.
The Urban Daddy sale actually didn't end until 5 so I managed to get the Bourbon Amsterdams! 
Is today the last day for the Urban Daddy Amsterdams? I e-mailed them but never got a response.    I missed out on the offer just as I was about to buy them... 
Well, I'm returning the Sanfords I got with the Rediscover sale price ($250, $265 after tax) because I just found them on Amazon for $196. Now I feel like I can justify another pair 
Went to the AE in my local mall and the manager gave me the Rediscover Sale price on my Sanfords even though it doesn't start until Monday. I didn't even have to ask for it. She was awesome 
I would go as far as to say the quality of Lands End (Canvas, at least) is disgusting. It really has no place here. 
Just got it from an SA that the Mcallisters will be 15% off when the sale starts. 
Now I have to decide between the Walnut Mcallister or the Amsterdams in Bourbon...
Check Filsons Facebook. If you download the LikeItReal app and take two pics of Filson products (you can take a picnof an online picture if you dont own a Filson product) and share them on your Facebook you'll get a code for 15% off.
Wound up getting that Otter Green 257. Now I'm getting a Tan 256, just can't resist any longer, especially with the 15% off 
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