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Got a question guys. I wore my Walnut Sanfords for the second time today and got caught in a monsoon that came out of nowhere (5% chance of rain my ass). I was stuck in the rain for a few minutes and now the shoe is severely creased. Is there anyway to get rid of the creasing? Kinda pissed since I've only worn them once before today. Here's a pic:  
From what I've heard, large boys blazers tend to be very boxy. Sucks being short 
Any place where I can get a decent Navy blazer in XS/34 for under $500? 
The only Rucksack I've seen that I like is the one made by Filson. But I don't know if it's suitable for a work environment.   
Those look awesome, glad I pulled the trigger. And thumbs up on the outfit. Mind me asking where the jacket is from?
You should try Amazon. I was able to get a pair of firsts brand new for less than that ($196, no tax, free shipping). 
No stores near me so I'm looking online. Thinking about getting the Wool Camo Cargos. The closest thing I can find that I like is a pair of Olive Wool Cargos by Todd Snyder at Nordstrom but they are like $350.    Anybody know of any olive (or a similar color) wool cargos to be had for less than the Snyders? Might look at those before biting the bullet on the camo.
PM Sent. 
Can you return unworn factory seconds to as regular store (as in, not a factory/outlet store)?
Contacted the Shoe Bank about a pair or Cronmok and they are the same price as firsts ($219)...
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