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Gotta say there are a few things I really like from the line. When does J. Crew usually launch their seasonal collections?
The Filson is much more my taste for a duffel. I think something that big in all leather is just too much. Up to you though. 
Any word on when the US commerce site is gonna launch? I know it said this Fall, but couldn't find any further info.
  How did you get them in blue? I don't see them in that color anywhere on the site.   And what is this about people paying $150 in just fees?
I'm short and skinny-ish (5'5 130lbs), and I also like a very slim fit with my clothes. Most stores only sell down to a 36/s which is still quite a bit too large on me. A 35R (which I think Suit Supply sells OTR) is too long and my experience with 34R is 50/50 on being too tight in the chest. So I'm starting to think MTM is my only option. Also, total noob question, but what's the difference between Ready To Wear and Off The Rack?        I suppose I get the logic, but a...
What's about the going rate of a basic navy MTM two piece (single breasted)?
Their base rate for MTM is also almost 2x the price of the others. I'm a college student, I won't be wearing the suit too often so I don't really see the need to spend 1000+ on one. I'll save those for when I graduate. 
Since finding suits in my size is so difficult I'm looking at some MTM stuff. Some that I came across are Indochino, My.Suit, Black Lapel, and Thick as Thieves. Any of these brands generally superior to the others? 
I'm pretty sure Filson ships internationally.
No, that's a pic of them without shoe trees in. The really don't look that much better with trees in. And I know it would have happened eventually, just sucks that it occurred so soon. 
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