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They're slim-ish. I'm sure someone bigger than me would find them quite slim, but I'd prefer something a bit trimmer. 
The only one they had left at the store I went to was on a mannequin and was not my size so I didn't pay too much attention to it. I did run my hand over it to get a feel for the material and it felt pretty much like any other somewhat higher than average quality shirt (a good comparison in feel would be a J. Crew oxford), if a little softer (a plus in my opinion). The picture on the website makes it look very stiff and inflexible to me, which is not the case.
I got an e-mail from them yesterday saying their website would be unavailable today as they get a "very stylish makeover." I thought it'd be the new collection, but seeing as how the site is still up and running I'm guessing this isn't going to happen anymore.
Can anybody recommend a slim fitting (and short) orange rain jacket like this one? Fjallraven doesn't make this color anymore - that and I've seen this jacket several on several different models in pics not from GQ (like the one below) and it looks completely different (I like the way it looks in this picture a lot).  
Bought more stuff lol. Went to a friends wedding and they had a mall next to the hotel that carried the collection. I got the Ovadia and Sons Wool Cargo and Tie as well as the Saturdays Crew Neck. I think I bought like half the collection    Will post pics of the stuff I decide to keep. 
If anybody bought the Todd Snyder parka, could you post a fit pic? I've been looking for a bright orange rain jacket but I don't know how I feel about the extra long fit on this one. 
I definitely would not be opposed to them doing another collab next season. I'd go so far as to say I'd look forward to it if it was announced. 
^I like everything but the shorts. Having said that, they all look terrible when worn together. 
Most of the interesting stuff is already sold out in the common sizes.    A friend of mine posted a bunch of pictures of his stuff to Instagram and it looked much better IRL than on the Gap pics so I wound up buying a lot more stuff lol. In addition to the Wool Camo Mark McNairy I also bought the Todd Snyder Cargo (had to get a 30L instead of a 28L since they were all sold out), Todd Snyder Camo T, Ovadia & Sons Cargidan (they were all sold out of the tie ), Saturdays...
Anybody else waiting for a pair of the Urban Daddy collabs? It seems like I ordered them (Amsterdams) forever ago 
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