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My size happened to be on sale for $143 ten I got 20% off for signing up for getting email alerts on shoes.
I keep going back and forth on whether or not to buy a pair. Those brown suede double monks are calling to me but the rather extreme wait times (I'm not very patient at all), unpredictable customs charges, and complicated shipping process are rather off-putting. Will have to think about this some more.
Anybody know a place where I can get a blazer in 35 short? 
I haven't gotten mine either 
Just snagged a pair of Chocolate Suede Players from Amazon for $117!
Any opinions/experiences on these wool blended jackets? The navy is a "Tasmanian Wool" slim fit.    Hoping these make it onto the e-commerce store. 
Dat light brown suede 
Where can I see all the colors you can order suede double monks in? I've seen people with blue ones and those aren't listed on the sight. 
It was just... meh. It's not really that I dislike it, it's more that I just don't like it enough. Most of that has to do with fit though. Much like the TS Cargos, I could see it fitting a normal sized person much better than myself (5'5 130lbs), I bought it in a small and it's kinda frumpy and the sleeves are a bit too long. I will say that it is quite comfortable though - soft and definitely warm. My biggest gripe with it, however, would be that the collar doesn't...
Oh, you meant the waist? I wear a 30 in most pant sizes (31 very occasionally), so I ordered them in 30W/28L. They are snug enough that a belt is entirely unnecessary, but not too snug to be noticeably tight or otherwise uncomfortable. If you're on the larger side of a 30W, I think you did right by ordering a 31.    Also got several of my items that I ordered online today. The Todd Snyder Cargo's are almost the exact same fit as the McNairys, though I'm pretty sure...
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