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Just won an Apolis on eBay 
Coming up on week 6 with no Amsterdams still 
I bought both. I am weak...  
I think I'm going to go with the Rucksack. I looked at it's dimensions and it's only  2" wider than a Jansport backpack (I'm a college student, that's what I have the most experience with lol), however I've heard it can be quite large. I'm 5'6 and 130lbs, am I gonna look ridiculous wearing this? Also, any info on padding for the strap (whether we can buy the Vans X Filson ones from Filson, or another suitable alternative) would be appreciated. 
I can't decide whether to get a Tan 256 or a Tan Rucksack. Does anyone know if you can get the shoulder pads from the Vans x Filson one from Filson like you can the handle grip? I've heard the straps on the Rucksack can be pretty uncomfortable. I already have a 257 in Otter but it's a little large.    I'm spending too much money 
If anything, they're slightly slimmer. 
My Sanfords are pretty pointy and have a pretty simple design too, not too much brogueing.
  Oh crap, that's an XS? I might be swimming in this thing then since you're 5 inches taller me.     I don't really need a heavy duty rain jacket. I'm a student at one of the largest universities in the country and my campus is enormous (my first class is over 1/2 a mile from my second) so I constantly get caught in the rain between classes (it rains 3-4 days out of the week) - so I don't need something so over the top. However, I do live in a humid climate with higher...
I think I'm gonna pick up one of these. I need a good rain jacket and this one isn't too heavy from what I've read. I've read posts saying to size up one, however I'm 5'5 and 130lbs so I was thinking about getting an XS like I normally would instead of sizing up to a S. Any input (I won't be layering this)?   It's a shame it's not available on the Levis site, they're having their friends and family sale. 
  Can I ask how tall you are and what size that jacket is? That's actually exactly the fit I like on a more rugged jacket like this one.
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