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It's not as dark as the picture shows - it's a rather terrible picture actually. It's much lighter than the picture shows and has small flecks of white running through it, the buttons are also a more ivory color. The fit is also much looser than the picture, I'm not a big guy but this thing is pretty frumpy. The picture made it seem like it had more of a slim fit, that is not the case.    I think that just means they're out. I got mine in an extra small.    I'll try to...
It's not flimsy. It's definitely warm but it's not so thick/warm that it's gonna protect you from real cold all on its own. Where I live the coldest it gets during the day time is about 55 degrees in the winter, this is perfect for that. 
It must be mis-labled because I have the Buffalo Check in XS and it even fits a bit tight on me - I'm 5'6 and 130lbs. The length is perfect though. Definitely take it back for another size.
Will do. According to UPS' tracking page, my stuff gets here tomorrow so I'll update you on it then.
I bought the red cargo pants. I like them a lot. They say they are straight-legged but they are definitely more of a slim fit. 
My order is at "Released." No idea what that means.   Ordered a ton of stuff yesterday with the 30% off (Christmas, fuck yeah ). Most notably the W&B Cable Cardigan, Deck Jacket and the Saint James shirts in each color (lol). I've been eyeing those shirts forever and finally got them on sale.     
Well, I got the 30% off coupon but it doesn't apply to the Levis Trucker. 
What's J. Crew's skinniest fitting pant? Is it the 484?    Also, do the Chippewa Moc-Toe fit TTS?
I want to get a pair of raw jeans for my sister for her birthday, is there anywhere in particular that makes a decent pair for short girls (she's 4'11)?
Got my Amsterdams today! Will post pictures later.
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