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A 257 can definitely hold a 15" Macbook Pro. The 256 can as well.
PM Sent!
Are there any particular SF-recommended brands that are aimed at casual wear for hot weather climates? I searched and only came up with advice pertaining to formal wear (i.e. wear linen/cotton). And I mean actual casual wear, not business casual (stuff I could wear to class, I'm a college student). A lot of what I see both on SF and in real-life for "fashion-forward" guys in casual wear is lots of layers which just isn't practical here (Central Florida). I'm rather bored...
Does anybody recognize these? The pic if from Hook & Albert's website (hence the laces) but they don't give a fashion credit for the shoes so I'm kind of at a loss.   
Does anyone recognize the shoes in this pic (brand or model)? I know it's not much to go on but it's from the Hook & Albert website (hence the laces) and they don't give a fashion credit for the shoes.   
Well, I read the three longest threads and I don't think it's for me (at least the OTR + tailor option I was looking at). It's not really a quality issue - I'm a freshman in college so I'll take what I can get in the price range as long as it's of decent construction - but a sizing thing. They don't even offer a 36S and at 5'5 135lbs a 38S isn't too great of a fit. I guess I could try out the MTM though.
I guess I'm "that guy"... 
I read an article about them while I was flipping through a GQ magazine and saw that they had some interesting suit designs for surprisingly little money (especially for suits advertised in GQ). I'm heading up to NYC in a few weeks and was looking for some input as whether or not it's worth a stop. Opinions?
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