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They've had some sort of sale almost every day since Black Friday. I doubt there will ever be more than the current 30% off (if you go through ebates you get an extra 6%).
Anybody know where I can get a skinny/very slim jean in off white/cream like this? I'd like to keep it under $100, ~$75 would be ideal.  
It's 30% off online still. 
That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks.   Also, anybody know which would have more pronounced fades - the Left Hand Twill or Indigo? I can't really tell the difference lol. 
Does anyone know how the Super Skinny Guys compare in fit to Levis 510? Hoping for a slightly looser fit (the 510s are a tad too tight). And would the taper interfere with me getting them shortened? I'm only 5'5~6 and raw denim tends to fit quite long on me...
Thanks, I didn't bite. I did go for a pair of the camo pants in Weird Guy fit though.    Now I just gotta find the Skinny Guys in Dark Indigo in a 30 waist. Might try out the natural indigo instead though, the fades in those look sick (from what I've seen at least).   Also, does the Skinny Guy in Indigo Power Stretch or Indigo Stretch Selvedge distress like normal selvedge? Something about the stretchiness would make me think they would come out... differently.
Stupid question but which is skinnier the Slim Guy or the Weird Guy? Slim apparently has a straight slim fit (and regular waist) while the weird guy has a "comfort fit" with tapered legs (and low rise waist).    Also for the Skinny Guys. I usually wear a 30" waist, with a little bit of wiggle room in the waist (if I pinch the extra fabric in the wait I get about 5 cm). However, a 28W of the Skinny guys in deep indigo is on sale for 40% off on an online store. Should...
Yeah, that was me... and I was wrong lol. I don't know what was wrong with me that night lol. 
The J. Crew at Millenia in Orlando is useless for men's stuff. Guys only get the very back of the store and a small shelf in the middle. They don't even carry the 484 chinos...
It's not as dark as the picture shows - it's a rather terrible picture actually. It's much lighter than the picture shows and has small flecks of white running through it, the buttons are also a more ivory color. The fit is also much looser than the picture, I'm not a big guy but this thing is pretty frumpy. The picture made it seem like it had more of a slim fit, that is not the case.    I think that just means they're out. I got mine in an extra small.    I'll try to...
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