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To anyone who's had them awhile, how have they held up? The Jodhpurs look really, really good. 
Anybody know the name/brand of the shoes in this pic? They look like Converse but I haven't been able to find a pair in this style.  
Revolve Clothing. They're full price there but if you've never purchased from there before you get the New Customer Discount. Order the pants in your size then send an e-mail to the sales team with your order number and they'll refund 30% to your card. If you have purchased from there before there are some 20% off coupons floating around.
Bought a pair of Skinny Guys in Indigo Selvedge Wash on KL but on further inspection I can't find any Naked and Famous denim in "Indigo Selvedge Wash." Does it look the regular Deep Indigo and KL just changed the name?        
I have those. I like them a lot. 
I've heard that the SG Indigo Power Stretch barely fade at all, is that true?
So just to be sure, the WG Double-sided Camo aren't going to stretch very much at all right? I'm usually a 30 so I went with a 29 and they fit perfectly in the waist - just tight enough that a belt is completely unnecessary. I would prefer them to fit slightly slimmer in the legs so if they waist is going to stretch I'll exchange them for a 28.   I also got the SG Black Power Stretch in a 29 and the fit in the waist is the same - just tight enough that I don't need a...
Got the Weird Guys in Double-Sided Camo and Skinny Guys in Black Power Stretch from ********* during their 40% off sale. Will update on fit when I got them on Monday. 
I have what is likely a stupid question. I see that the New Cure are touted as being the skinniest of the APC line, but I looked at Context's size chart and the Petite Standard had slimmer measurements. Is the size chart just wrong or are the Petite Standard actually the skinniest ones?
I've found a size chart but it doesn't mention stretching. 
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