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      Thrifted this a couple months ago. Had 8 minutes till close when I walked in the store. Grabbed this because it was nice feeling and looking. Didn't realize it was Isaia until the next day.                     Belgian Military Trench         No labels when I first looked, but dug this out of the pocket seam. Ranges it at 1934-1949, was quite surprising.      
Hmm that is a good question. Technically, I believe the person who is receiving the payouts, (especially if they are selling a lot through you) is required to pay taxes on the income. The Goods and Services allows paypal to track that income for the IRS. Not sure what your (our) legal obligation is on how we send payouts. Certainly would raise red flags in an audit situation, if we were claiming the payout as a business expense, but there was nothing on the other end. 
Sell the look, not the brand.
Pockets are probably just still sewn shut from when it was new. Some people never open them.
In that case the buyer wouldn't have proof of what was described either.You could print the listing to PDF and save it.
If you can prove it and convince ebay/paypal. Not always easy...just ask eazye. Banned for life over some false SNAD case.
Guess I'll be picking up an external hard drive. That's approximately 38,000 pictures to save for proof of condition.
Oh, well that's cool I guess. Still fugly as hell.
Hmm, I'm just catching up here. So what if a buyer buys a suit, say in November. Then they go through the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines day, and then they want to wear it on Easter Sunday...but it doesn't fit anymore?
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