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If for some reason you find your wedding colors to include Blue Tartan.....hit me up.
My wife keeping the good stuff, is what gives me permission to stay in business.
I actually had no idea, never saw it before, and just happened to come across two of them on Saturday morning.
Early 1950's un-embroidered/un-lettered varsity jacket, Empire Sporting Goods         1944 US Navy Pea Coat     1973 US Navy G-1       1939-1949 Chesterfield, Ultra Heavy!   Bulletproof Johnsons Woolen Mills Shawl Coat.
I use one of these.   But really, as my mom always said, "Practice makes perfect"
Found out yesterday that this is probably not the case. And yeah, eBay basically holds us responsible for the shipping company we hire...which does make sense. I had mentioned before that my mail carrier stopped scanning the packages. I was wrong. She hasn't changed the way she has been handling my packages (insert snicker here). It seems that the change is internal. She has been scanning on my doorstep, yet the packages are traveling miles, sometimes across the country...
I bought it, and Ima wear it
....and it's fucking awesome.
That buckle is Bergamot Brass Works if you were interested.
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