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There are only really a couple things left on my bucket list.....but new stuff comes and goes. 1. Vicuna2. Kiton - Been had, just a tie, but that works for me.3. London Bespoke - Been Had4. Berluti, probably should add that one, GG would be nice too.5. Leica - been had M36. Solid Gold Buttons - been had6. Epic Sulka Robe7. Ridiculous crocodile shoes- been had, spoo has8. Herbal Pick-me-up - goodwill, for 25 cents. Pre-loaded too. lol9. Real Hermes scarf - found 2 or 3...
Troika......Nominated....   Original Post.... http://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/124500_50#post_7576495     I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL All 3 piece, all double vented, all wool, all perfect, all thrift, all very much unavailable (unless you have a1923 siting around) R-L huntsman navy chalk Huntsman small pindot Huntsman large pindot Henry Poole black chalk Huntsman pow
Got mine over the weekend......         Let them out of the cage to play today, for a trip into town, to the bank.     Thanks Spoo!
Been really busy lately and haven't stopped in on this thread much in the past couple months.   Just wanted to remind all of my fellow sellers not to forget about their mail carrier this holiday season. I know my local post office had made staffing cuts just before they switched to extended holiday hours. They are working hard for us, and our neighbors. Let them know you appreciate them, even if it's just dropping a thank you note in with the stack of packages.
It's way small....like a 36/38
It's a decent process overall, but I have always been in disagreement with Andy's method of figuring the chest size. If you go by a 4" allowance for the chest, you will get a ton of returns for fit. A more accurate/modern allowance is 2". (A 44" jacket chest measurement is better suited as a size 42 than a 40) 
Looking back, there is no cashmere left.                        
New Posts  All Forums: