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Yeah, you are supposed to cut them in half then sign at the bottom of the first 3 pages. As the package progresses, the different pages are kept at various customs locations along the way. 
To that guy who asks what size something is 30 seconds after the auction is over, and you beat out the top bidder at the last second........ aaaaaand it's not even your size. FUCK OFF!
+1, they will be able to verify which route, and individual scanner was used to key it in as delivered. Not sure how large your post office is, but the postmaster and I are on a first name basis, so that helps too. They aren't quite as busy 'round here. *Think old men playing checkers out in front.
Hmmm. I've never seen Isaia. Hope I haven't been passing them up thinking they were Izod.
Weighed Priority and faster will have the 4 half page customs sheets. First Class and flat rate packages will just be one half page. However using the ebay shipping tool, the form is exactly the same, you just edit the item description if necessary and click agree to the terms. The forms might print out different looking, but all the same info is required. Ebay fills them all out for you automatically. Easypeasy
Probably will come back. You will just sign and date (in 3 places) and then reship. Should not have to pay postage again though. Surprised the clerk didn't catch that.
You can just ship em with my trade piece to save money......
Never a good idea. How do you find the men's stuff that is either misracked by employees or hidden by customers waiting for half price days without checking the women's sections? The only RLPL suit I ever found was hanging in the women's section.
Easy fix.... Top of your label printing page.....click printer and label receipt preferences at top right corner as seen below.  Then when this window opens, make sure the check box is not checked. Once you do it once, it should remember for future labels. 
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