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Wasn't it? Wait, how long was I asleep?
It's just a play on words, man. The Oasis song is titled "Don't look back in anger". Fueco cleverly combined the recent "rub one out" theme with the new band theme.
Wait, your neighbor gives you raw balls? Mine just gives me dirty looks.
Hmmm   Likes.... Cooking Dark Beer Coffee Thrifting   Damn, I'm boring.   Lost a bunch of weight, therefor lost most of my wardrobe.   So needs... Lightweight 50/50 Tee shirts with interesting/fun prints Flat front Casual Pants/Jeans Shorts Or just whatever for flips. Don't stress.
The rest is prolly Faded Glory
Edward Green Wing Loafers   Zelli Brown Genuine Crocodile Alligator Moc Loafers
Nice. WWI unis don't pop up often.
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