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John Lobb Perf Toe
End of Spring Clearance Sale   50% off ALL BIN items at The SEAM Store Over 400 items have been marked down, including Ties, Belts and Accessories, Shoes, Sport Coats, Suits, Outerwear and Boutique. Prices starting at $12.43   Brecos Italian Shearling Trench   Mighty Mac Peacoat     New With Tags Polo Ralph Lauren Linen Suit   Custom Tailored Plaid Jacket
Me too, but 9 times out of 10, I decide make the extra stop at the last second.
I almost always wear the same shirt on my super loops, unless it was unlucky the time before.  I'm also superstitious about stopping at stores that were not in my planned route, I feel like if I happen upon a new store or throw in an additional unplanned store, there is always something that really makes extra stop worth making. A few of my stops are cash only. I seemed go to those stores with no cash in my pocket and found a bunch of decent stuff. The one or two times...
 That's in the other field.
Did I?
Second week at my new job. Thrift fit agricultural edition. Straw hat - thrifted Been Had long sleeve button down - thrifted Cargo shorts - kohls 70% off New balance - thrifted NWT Igloo Drink Cooler - Thrifted Organic Veggies - Trade for just a couple hours of hoeing a week.
Yep, my grandmother was an avid thrifter, coupon-clipper, yardsaler etc, etc, etc.
That's an easy one. A NWT Brown and Black Spotted Pound Puppy30 years agoI was 6
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