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                              Love these....             Wright Venetians                   
Jompso, brought pictures! I like pictures.
Thanks. Was quick and dirty. About a 45 minute job.
Took a few weeks to find something that was simple and functional, but I finally found the perfect table for the sitting room.   Was 1/2 off too!          
Hard to say, no wear on the sweat band. If anyone ever wore it, it was always stored with an open crown and the brim up. I can't find any evidence of use. Did find the original price tag in the bottom of the box. $5.95
Obv. the ducks unlimited fit. and don't forget the skillet.
    Little o’ this, little o’ that. This weeks top ten.... Church’s Croc Mocs Hermes Chain Grid Hermes Vivid Stripe Hermes Chain Stripe Hermes Medallion St Andrews Blazer, Navy with white MOP buttons. Silvano Lattanzi Shell Cordovan Bluchers Trafalgar Premier Lizard Skin Belt Coach Grained Belt Rattlesnake Proof Hunting Boots Don’t forget...Styleforum members get an extra 20% off on fixed price items at The SEAM Store!
Unbranded Briefcase, Locks by Giovanni Castiglioni....yes, the Cagiva Motorcycle guy.         Vintage Rexbilt Pigskin Frame Top         Alviero Martini Map Bag       Vintage Ruth Saltz Saber Purse with Coin Pouch           Whiting & Davis Mesh Clutch           Levenger Money Clip/wallet    
Headwear.   First, a sweet crusher for keeps. Must have been mis-tagged as Large, because my melon doesn't fit Large.           Pendleton Crusher,        Bianchi Fiesta Milan           Kangol Peebles Tweed Cap.         Minty Vintage Lamson Hubbard Fedora.                      
New Posts  All Forums: