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Yeah, you are good.
I've had packages delivered, torn open and contents missing before due to mishandling by the USPS. Maybe the case here?
Sounds to me his dad broke it because he hit him in the head with it.
Finally got out for a bit this week after about a month of limited thrifting.   Basket Weave Perf Leather Loafers   Grenson Masterpiece for Paul Stuart   Bruno Magli   Royal Tweed   Lloyd & Haig basket Weave   AE Chester   Caiman Loafers   Gucci Bit Driving Mocs
Probably encrypted and near impossible like opting out of the GSP.
Rethinking my choice to offer the returns now. Was on the fence about removing it since keeping it was probably only worth about $700 (in fee savings) to me for the two months. Now keeping it will be worth only about $140 (in fee savings) for two months, with roughly the same amount of headache.    Of course there is no way to really calculate how the indicated "highlighting" will affect my sales positively.     But I agree, this is a good change.
Technically it's only 4%, those sneaky snakes with their tricky tricks, double wording and fine print.  "Do I still get the 20% discount during the Promotion Period for being a Top-rated Seller?Yes. The Promotional Rate will be reflected in your invoice on a listing-by-listing basis. The 20% discount (on the remaining balance) will then be applied to Top Rated Plus listings on a monthly basis (for a cumulative total discount of 24% on a listing's final value...
I find the pleats to be much more absorbent.
^^ What cross-eyed tailor sewed those buttons on?
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