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Kinds reminds me of osage orange
Thrift fit.   Lewittes Tufted Lounge Chair - Thrifted Fender 12 String - Thrifted probably 15 years ago. Vintage Bose 901 on Tulip Base - Thrifted (one of 4) Lamp, Thrifted and Painted by Mahatma  
Thirfted a Boat.       Vintage Tunic Vest Beaver and what I believe may actually be real leopard fur       Cooper Suede Sherpa. Yes, the suede feels as soft as it looks.       "Made in France" Shearling       Blue Bell Wrangler       Unbranded CPO           Retro Woolrich Diamond Weave Shirtjac         1964 US Navy Bridge Coat         1961 US Navy Peacoat      
 Model 1883 American Waltham Watch Co (c 1888)  My Great great great grandfather carried it for 49 years and always kept it in the case, and that is quite evident.     
Watch day, thrift fit. I decided that the moment when you receive a priceless family heirloom should be treated with respect Sportcoat- vtg Hickey Freeman cashmere thrifted Shirt - VV - 2015 Spoopoker mega menswear buyout Jeans -Levi's 559. My jean of choice. Christmas Shoes - unknown bespoke. Thrifted Belt - stock &barrel, birthday Pocket watch. TBA
Also grabbed this, no better pics yet, as I have no idea where to put it yet.   Lewittes Furniture Mfg. USA  
Had one of those days that i love the most yesterday. More than 75% vintage.  Pics on all that to trickle in throughout the week as usual.    [[SPOILER]]
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