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I just so happen to have both of these.   
The Label or the Price Tag?
The rub is, some CSRs will lean on the first claim that the item was carelessly packaged. You may have to call a few more times until you get one that will side with you.
So I won these last night...  
Seems obvious to me, he clearly states that he destroyed it while opening it.
About an hour left on these Alden Shell Loafers   This pair could be a nice restore project. Alden for BB Shell   Shell Tassels for good measure
NWT J Crew Bedford           Unicorns                        
Vintage Hudson Bay Point Coat, for cheap. 
This looks like a decent deal on a sharp trench, if any of you fellow tweed lovers are already preparing for the greatest season of all.....tweed season.   Pendleton Tweed Trench
What the heck is a cable?
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