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Oh, yeah, forgot about that...how did that go again. I forget the context. I know he just sold some Shantung ones recently.
Moved a few of them. Normally pass but the ferragamoness of this one made me kop.
Florsheim x Duckie Brown Brogue Lace Ludgates 10.5
+1, and Margaritaville (Song) was '77 I believe.
Another thrift thread dapper dads special.   Boys Size 3 Trench with zip out faux fur lining. SOLD   
She actually did. We had a little scare when the yoga class she was anticipating attending, didn't happen., but I cheered her up pretty quick with loud music and fast driving. She likes that. lol Luckily for her it is my crappiest loop, with a lot of really small stores, so it's not like a grueling 16 hour Friday run.
Well, she made it.... Breakfast, Lunch and 13 stores.  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: