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Vintage Alexandre used a lot of fabrics from Huddersfield
Why not? It's a psychological thing. 
Picked up a day late for blackwatch friday.   
Thanks Denver                                   Obtained locally....       Shearling Vest     My wife's uncle brought this one for me yesterday. Lambskin bomber with zip-out Opossum lining/vest.  
Thanks Denver                                                  
Got it, that's so much better. I had adblock before, but it was totally missing from the manage extentions list. Wonder what happened there. It's been doing it for a while, but I couldn't even recall where to manage it.   Thanks!
Remoind me where to find that, USed to have it, but apparently mine got turned off. Is that a chrome add on?
Nah, Hanger Project apparently had more money for advertisement than they knew what to do with.   1 on top, 1 on the bottom,  3 on the side bar and then both background borders.....really?
Still working off the $300 my wife gave me about 4 years ago.  
Time to go turkey out, so I'll just leave this here.....though the auctions don't go live for another 2.5 hours. 
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