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I hit up the annual sidewalk antique festival in town this morning. Got some signs for @SpooPoker and a couple things for me.   Wooden Shaft Mashies for the Gentleman Cave Vintage Ray Ban Aviators Stag Antler Cigar Cutter.  
Yes, seems to always happen after I try to sort sold items by highest price.
I don't find much time to hang out in this thread anymore....but this had to be posted.   Currently in progress....or whatever you want to call it.   USPS at it's finest.     It's a small flat rate box to Canada. It has not even left the state in almost 10 days.   This is the last time I sell a yo-yo on ebay.
^^This is how I read that at first.
Well yeah. I do that stuff every day. But Friday is my day to not.
My wife had the last few days off, and I convinced her to come thrifting with me for my Friday excursion. Pretty excited, as I almost always thrift alone. The outing did not come without some persuasion and negotiation. Costs so far. Make her breakfast Listen to whatever she wants on the radio Lunch at a car hop Winery visit Only thrift til afternoon instead of all day. Help her paint when we get back. Make her dinner Buy her everything she wants today.
Just your basic Tom James MTO. They are ok, some are better than others. 
I thought you were going to say, kinda ugly, but most guys thought she was cool.
No, but I did hire a helper.
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