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I will be using a portable generator in a sealed closet, with exhaust. Though I'm pretty sure I am going to go with a Hydroxyl Generator with Ozone capabilities rather than simple Ozone generator. It's about 10x more expensive, but Hydroxyl is safe to breathe, and safe on rubber and elastic.
That was yesterday. Twice. Pretty sore today. Right ankle, left thigh, pride.
 Wednesday 1/14  Thursday 1/15 Tuesday 1/20 Main Office - Wednesday 1/14 Thursday 1/15 Tuesday - 1/20  Photo area - Wed 1/14 Thursday 1/15 Today, Tuesday 1/20 (Photo area will be relocated due to unexpected window positioning) Inventory and Shipping Areas - Wed 1/14 Thursday 1/15 Bathroom Thursday 1/15  Tuesday 1/20 Plumbing roughed in Found and recovered wasted space in the shipping room Tuesday 1/20  Elevator Shaft, Upper Level - Tuesday 1/20 Deodorizing Chamber -...
Maybe they don't ship internationally......or you could be on their manual or auto block list for some reason.
Mine gave out at about 13, and a hundred times since....just gave out again today. And Thanks!
Did some thrifting.Bought some stuff.      Woke up today.Got some coffee.Went upstairs to see how the builders were doing.Decided to move some stuff out of their way.Took a chair downstairs.Turned 35 years old on the way down.Fell down stairs.Twisted my ankle.Went up and grabbed another chair.Fell down the fucking stairs again.Told builder his stairs were faulty.Hid in the house the rest of the day in shame.Went to dinner.Restaurant had a sign that the kitchen was closed...
Wifey need one to match??? 
He originally estimated 6-8 weeks, but who knows.    I'll be doing all the painting myself.
 Last night...  Today... Main Office - last night Today... Photo area - last night Today... Inventory and Shipping Areas - last night Today...  Bathroom 
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