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Executive Imperial
Picked up some crappy art for the office, will be switching out the frame and maybe even the mat if possible.    
This is what comes to mind.
Here I thought 90's Hip Hop was the worst thing to happen to fashion.
Aint that some shit! That's bullshit if you ask me.
Or maybe not, maybe he will get the hint and improve/change the way he is doing things. I know a guy who started out about the same way, and now, according to you, he could probably sell polished turds.
Thanks, didn't get a chance to search the label yet. You just saved me an hour. Time is money. 
  I just memorize the faces associated with each fit. Easier that way.
Another pile of turds.                                                                                            
Nope, it's against the rules to sell excrement on the bay.
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