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Honestly, Spoo sucked at the picking out of my tie. lol...probably a power play. I'm thinking he didn't fully understand the concept of, "most ridiculous tie". I'm sure the next one will be ridiculouser.  Also if you think the peacock tie was wild, wait till you see what he gets on the next round. hehehe
Damnit...so am I. Hopefully Hint: 4 cly But if all goes well, I will have mine before you wake up. 
But where do you put the mega hauls from 72 hour thrifting adventures? Trailer hitch?
Don't do it that way again. Ship everything with tracking. If you have no proof you shipped it, you lose....every time. Printing labels from the ebay shipping tool will save time, money and the tracking is automatic. You can print them on self adhesive labels, or just on paper and tape them to the box.
On the hassle free returns conversation.....   I had a hassle full free return this weekend. It was the guy who wanted to cancel his tie purchase because he thought it had Roman symbols that were against his religion.   I agreed to cancel the transaction and sent him the cancelation request. He then proceeded to pay for the tie anyway. I sent him a message asking if he had changed his mind/why had he paid for the tie. Bound by my 24 hour handling, I shipped the tie the...
Twas all photos and shoe polishing yesterday, measurements at some point today...hopefully.
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