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VTG New Era Snapback for birders       Adjustable 8 Piece Brown         Adjustable 8 Piece Gray         NWT Bailey Linen         NWT Scala Cotton/Linen         NWOT Christys      
Big-ole blanket with some damage.....but $0.50 so.    
            100% Linen               Wool/Silk Blend           Soft Tweed    
^ Believe it or not, I even feel better about my pile.
I would kill for your access to fish tacos.
                          Interesting feature here....             Custom Eelskin ropers       Alden 551         Oscar played cross dresser the other day.      
Originally MD, Eastern Shore.   Think chicken farms and corn. Well, they've only been around for like 200 years, so that's not much time. Actually though, my mom made a lot of our clothes, otherwise we wore hand-me-downs from older cousins.
Capnwes Fun Fact #2874   My best suit in highschool/college was a City Streets suit My favorite tie was by Bill Blass.
Capnwes Fun Fact #2873   Until about 4 years ago I had never seen or even heard of the following:     Nordstrom Neiman Marcus Brooks Brothers Zegna Loro Piana Isaia Brioni Hermes Kiton and so many more     I had however heard of the following:   Sears Boscovs JC Penneys Hechts and Macys (though we never had one)
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