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    OUTERWEAR         Luxury Agnona Made in Italy Vanilla Tan Cashmere Quilted Parka Coat Jacket A1P     Most Wanted Polo Ralph Lauren Italy CORNELIANI Navy Martingale Belt Back Coat 40     Vintage 1972 Regis Rex Browning 100 Camel Hair Belted Back Martingale DB Coat           SUITS and JACKETS             Lnwot Paul Smith The Byard Recent Grey Dandy Plaid Windowpane Suit Italy 42 R    Take 6 Kashani Loro Piana Zelander Italy...
Joseph Cheaney Cap Toe Oxford 11 5 M   New and Lingwood of London Black Velvet Slippers - Pheasant embroidered
Edward Green Butterfly Loafer Tan US 8 1 2 Shoes Trees and Dust Storage Bag   Herring Shoes "Deo Gracias" Slippers Size UK 12 F   "Men's Chocolate Velvet Slippers with Gold Embroidered Huntsmen" Sz 12"  
These and so much more goodness ending in about 6.5 hours.           OUTERWEAR          Fay Made in Italy Cashmere Blend Navy Blue Flannel Quilted Coat Jacket XXL             Vintage Polo Sport Ralph Lauren White Sailing Windbreaker Jacket Coat Flag M             Wallace Barnes J Crew Spring 2014 Indigo Selvedge Denim Blue Jacket Coat S   Jack Spade Pique Cotton Lightweight Cobalt Blue Corduroy Collar Field Jacket...
Here, everyone and their grandmother has a Harley.
You moonlighting at some of my PA 24/7 spots? Thirftmobile is in the shop since Wednesday, parts not expected in until Next Thurs/Fri. Grrrrrr
Here's one I came across a couple months ago, that easily makes my top ten.  I walked by what, from the corner of my thrifting eye, appeared to be a resting elderly gentlemen waiting for his wife to finish shopping. I must have shopped my way by him at least 3 times from different angles before I realized what he was. I was standing right in front of it when it happened. I literally jumped.   [[SPOILER]]
Yes, probably Hanover.
We ended up going out for ice cream, and due to an altercation in 2002, involving myself, Jack Daniels and Cherry Garcia.... I always avoid drinking more after eating ice cream.
Trickers Size 9 Brown Mogano Shell Cordovan "Herman" Derby Boot   Alan Flusser Custom 100 Cashmere Grey Striped Tie
New Posts  All Forums: