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I would buy any seersucker to be honest.....especially odd colors.
    JAB x Zegna         JAB x Zegna         JAB Cashmere         H&M Linen Peak Lapel       H&M Corduroy       VTG Canvassed JAB                               VTG Linen       Slub Linen with MoP buttons    
.....Feedback removed......
Yeah, he now said he won't return them and wants $50 back. Still waiting on his next reply before I call eBay. I wish he would return them though, He only paid $100 for this pair and I have a US buyer offering $250 if they come back. I am just confused why he stopped in the middle of our communication to leave negative feedback. I was just trying to get a clear idea of what the dispute was and what he wanted me to do about it. Though the boots were accurately represented...
His negative feedback is written in pretty much perfect English. "Unfortunately the boots were in a much worse condition than the photos showed"
Can someone help me understand this guy?   He bought two pairs of boots, one (the Wesco boots) were a size too large that I tried to discourage him to buy, but he insisted that his cobbler could make them smaller. He also wanted me to lie on the customs documents so he wouldn't have to pay import taxes, for which I reported him.   I had thought we were not finished communicating here, but he has now left me neg feedback. I was still trying to get information out of him...
They phased out the Express International and International Standard Parcel a year or two ago. Priority Express is basically the same thing.
Actually TRS gets you a higher discount than Gold and Silver powerselling. Equal to Platinum or better.
You can wear fully lined tweed in the summer in Boston? I need to move up there, too damn hot here.
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