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Maiden voyage.
Minty fresh Vietnam ERDL jacket.
I'm thinking they only do D width. And they usually run snug.
  About 42S 38/29
Tradly  More Smiles  Vintage  Meh....    [[SPOILER]]
I know....July sucks for thrifting.
What if......    [[SPOILER]]
John Varvatos Six O' Six Convertible Boot      
Hard to say, But I vote no. I don't see that colorway anywhere else, and none have the copyright on the plate like that. Also the colors seem to me running into each other, though I suppose it could be bleeding. Additionally I feel like the twill should be running the opposite direction. 
Picked up this artwork today, mainly because I thought it was ridiculous. Turns out it is a fairly highly sought after print of a controversial civil rights drawing, done in 1968.    [[SPOILER]]
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