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Work day thrift fit.   Converse x Varvatos hoodie (from Spoo) Chuck Norris Tee (Thrifted) Lucky Jeans, (thrifted NWT) Loro Piana Quilted Cashmere (thrifted)    
You shit your brand new pants already?
Looks like 8.5 F to me too. If they are not resoles, they usually have it stamped just at the edge of the front of the heel piece.
A few more from Friday                                    
Not sure why it's so grainy, I was in a hurry to get out the door last night.   Mahatma Holly and her fellow yoga teacher took me and her husband out for dinner last night.   Ended up in Fredrick MD, at a couple local breweries and then out to dinner at Bryan Voltaggio's restaurant 'Volt'   It was pretty a pretty great night.     Assisted Thrift Fit PRL Triple Patch....thrifted VV Gingam...thrifted by Spoo when he thrifted a whole store. J Crew Khakis, gifted...
However works out. PM me.
I want ceviche and apple sangria!
"Virtually everything is available...."
Harrs Tweed Raglan Beater       I like the subtle plaid of this weave.           Shmere           Polo Coat, I'd guess alpaca, but it's not tagged.             Chaps RL Polo Coat        
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