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Luggage that is basically bound to disappear on your flight.
Like the unexpected crown/dip in the road where your stomach hits your tonsils.
He will need to contact the local post office that dispatched the package. The carrier will probably remember the package, if he doesn't waste any time submitting his inquiry.  I assume his place of employment still has a mailbox, probably a large one at that. Perhaps it is in there? Sometimes I have seen items marked as delivered but not actually delivered till the following day for whatever reason.
It shows delivered, you win. First things first, go to the resolution center and make sure you respond with tracking info, if you have not done so already. 
No...just copy and paste.
I always ALWAYS send this message out when I open the case.  "Hello, DON'T WORRY, YOU STILL HAVE 4 DAYS TO MAKE PAYMENT. The following message is just being sent as a reminder, and notification of a pending case.I have not yet received your payment for this item. Buyers are given 11 days to make payment for purchases. As a matter of procedure, an unpaid item case is opened automatically on the 7th day so that I can relist the item on schedule in the case of non-payment....
Do it!
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