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Mostly resolved now.  I found a youtube video of some stretches to do regularly. But unfortunately I did not realize those were preventative, not remedial, and ended up making the whole situation much much worse. Then I learned more about what was really happening. The pain in the elbow is only the victim, the problem is really an issue with tight muscles and facia in the forearm wich all pull at the elbow. I found some massage techniques to relax the forearm muscles, and...
Why, 41ish of course. I will wait by the inbox....
Careful with not using a cart.    I used to never use a cart until I had absolutely no way to carry the load any more. It was kind of a superstition for me.   However, a few months ago (August I think) I started to develop a horrible case of thrifters elbow.  Prolonged time periods of heavy wool coats over the left forearm while shuffling the racks with the right.  That coupled with my renewed interest in guitar immobilized my arm for at least all of September and...
Munks & Varley Bespoke Morning Coat                  
I just wear zanellas to thrift. No need to stop for a bathroom break.  Just flippin' and drippin'
I have bold/underlined your mistake.
11.5 minus 6.5
Vintage Smokey Bear Snapback     WWII Dutch Oven, Wool with Water Repellant Case        
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