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Population in my town: 1.8KHours willing to drive for better thrifting.....varies...11 round trip this week.  Here's my half. Crappy pics for now     Sport Coats                                  Full Suits       
I was wondering what you found. Didn't have a second to pay attention. Just got home. Pics coming eventually.
Broke as a joke, but draped in cashmere and silk.
Spoo let me sample some The Rich + Clean lotion yesterday.  I believe it was the "Triple Thick Lotion" which is a blend of Amber, Patchouli and Cloves.  I often have respiratory issues with scents, to the extent that all soaps detergents and such in our house are scentless, so naturally I was hesitant to actually put it on. I was pleasantly surprised how unobtrusive it was after application, and how even though it had patchouli in it, I did not end up smelling like a dirty...
Sartorio Napoli 42L Brown Rust Tweed Sport Coat   Boglioli Beige Cotton Linen Casual Epaulet Jacket 52 US 42   Domenico Vacca Mens Brown Leather Perforated Square Toe Oxfords Sz 8 5  
No idea, but gosh I miss grapefruit juice.
A grown ass man running around in his daughters birthday suit? That's questionable.
Hey now, I resemble that remark.Actually. That's probably even a hair short for my stubby arms.
New Eidos Multi Color Plaid Wool 3 Button Sport Coat 56 46 R   Enrico ISAIA Napoli Stunning Reversible Wool Leather Trim Coat Overcoat 42 Large
  Some absolutely incredible stuff this week....as always.      RARE Vintage Invertere Donegal Green Alpaca Bearcat Lined Tweed Coat 40 A1P          Longhi Made in Italy Tan Beige Twill Cinch Waist Safari Field Jacket L A1P                Loro Piana Storm System Olive Green Whipcord Wool Cashmere Cotton Lined Vest XXL            Ralph Lauren Purple Label 100 Cashmere Italy Mottled Brown Plaid Jacket 40 A1P    OXXFORD Crest Silk Linen Range...
New Posts  All Forums: