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Thank goodness I blew my brain out in my early twenties and can't read long paragraphs.
I want
  Wait for it....
Funny how they realized roman numerals was going to be a bad idea when the got to numbers like 28. Depending on the size of those, maybe cue cards for a play or something, one set for each scene.
Happy 420!
This is a long shot, but if anyone has a pair of "retired" Oakley Transistor or Lizard prescription glasses lying around, please let me know. Broke mine yesterday and I am not currently in the market for new glasses. Unfortunately, Oakley doesn't offer replacement parts for them either.   These are them....   No preference on color, I have the brown ones, but I only need to replace the hinges, so any color/finish will be fine.   Or any other one with this dumb skinny...
          Yep       Uh huh.                                                                            
While the two have their similarities....usually, at least on the Caruso tags I have seen, there is "made in Italy" in a more central location than on the Corneliani tag.
Build a Gentleman Cave
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