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At least 3 offers a week.
Oscar wears a Beau Ties Bowtie. 
Focus G, we are talking about pants here. Besides the eastern seaboard has always been in danger. think bigger.
Shoutout to @barrelntrigger for saving the day today   Accidentally opened my secret santa gift last week, thinking it was a returned item. (would normally have waited until at least Christmas week).   Anyway, had to visit the bank today to apply for a business loan, and wanted to look the part.....only problem is, I am not known for owning trousers.   Enter: Secret Santa gift.   Dude sent me a pair of flat fronts in staple gray that fit like a glove!   Thanks Bro!
Thanks Denver                                              
Vintage Alexandre used a lot of fabrics from Huddersfield
Why not? It's a psychological thing. 
Picked up a day late for blackwatch friday.   
Thanks Denver                                   Obtained locally....       Shearling Vest     My wife's uncle brought this one for me yesterday. Lambskin bomber with zip-out Opossum lining/vest.  
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