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I always go by the "if it's too pretty to blow your nose on it's a pocket square" rule
Possibly the oldest thing I have thrifted....but I have no idea really. Lithograph dated 1828 Martyrdom of St Maurice. Only thing I can find on it really is one gallery selling prints for around $150.   [[SPOILER]]
Went on a ridiculous 3 day thrifting bender this weekend. Nothing epic, or even extraordinary volume-wise...but not bad for March.   Weekly shell installment.       NOS Bostonian         Gamo Loafs       AE Caps       I don't even know Pumas     Dehner Patrol Boots    
I built one of these...
De-labeled Orvis Leather Parka w/Removable Hood   [[SPOILER]]
    Fauxsace bt Stacy         VTG Shell Saddles, Bostonian Windsor               NWT Shearling Slippers     BB 'Watches' Braces       Coach       NWT Silk/Wool Scarf                               Two Donald Drumpf Ties                                     3 Italy JABS              
Vintage Bostonian Saddles      
Kinds reminds me of osage orange
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