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LOL, thanks eBay. Such a valued prize for all the bullshit.        You must have meant this........  
For Sure. I prefer Tweed or Duck Cloth for hunting. Denim provides minimal protection against thorns, not to mention little to no shield from the cold. Also once you get in the thorns, the jeans are toast after the next wash.
Yeah, but not a US 10 either.
Yeah, I do. The chart I've always used only makes UK and US sizes a half size apart. So 9.5
Nothing special. I pass most, and grab the ones that speak to me.
Looks it from here.
    VTG Blackwatchy Gordon Tartan Jacket       Minty TSE Double Faced Cashmere        Half Norfolk                       When two rules of thrifting contradict.    Licensed Shit Dior, 100% Cashmere.             Yeah, I know, but it was too ugly not to buy.          
Just the opposite, LBM/Lubium, is the diffusion of this.
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