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Actually I looked more into it, and I am not shooting RAW. I shoot in Medium/Fine, and have RAW turned off.
Ok, cool, I'm keeping up with the Joneses then!! Nice! Though, ain't got no time to edit, I just try to get it right before I click.....which I would assume could possibly take me longer.  * Note, with fixed studio lighting it would be minimal, I think. Since I shoot in natural light, I am constantly adjusting due to sun location and cloud cover. Fortunately, it's really become second nature.
I use the "build a 1100 sq.ft. addition for storage and forget it" method.
What exactly are RAW photos?    I never edit, I just adjust the settings on the camera and shoot. Is that RAW?  
John Lobb leather slippers w/ storage bag   NEW Artioli Gloves, Sizes 10 and 10.5 Black or Brown   Loro Piana Quilted Navy Blue Cashmere Slippers 44 Mens
Matched it with two pairs of orphaned pants, all made on the same PO number and date. One Pleated one Flat Front. 2015
Some more from Friday.                                                                
Oh, I did have one more photo'd...       
A few things from Friday...more later this week.   Hanover Shells       Aran Sweater     Gitman Vintage - Pop     Pendleton     Two odd Wool Tartan Popovers        
OUTERWEAR             RARE Zilli Paris Made in France Black Leather Silk Lined Basketweave Jacket 54   $3000 Nigel Cabourn England Shearling Down Ventile Fur Everest Parka Coat 50         Ring Jacket Made in Japan Nubby Boucle Tweed Blue Double Breasted Coat 54   Ring Jacket Made in Japan Cotton Mix Belted Raglan Sleeve Navy Rain Coat 56         Man 1924 Carlos Castillo Linen Mix Belted Safari Sahariana Jacket Coat 50   Jil Sander Made...
New Posts  All Forums: