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Was packing for a trip and ended up cleaning out the closet of stuff I shrunk out of....again.    All thrifted, of course. Sad to see so many of my favorites leaving, but they will convert nicely into my trip cash.   Polo Cotton 3 Patch         Polo Wool 3 Patch         FU         Basketweave Cashmere         BB Unmarked cashmere         HF Cashmere         Kiton Cash/linen         Sammy Linen...
or is it...  
John Lobb Patent Formal Loafers   Edward Green Picadilly Loafers
Crappy photos, but looks promising....New old Stock   Barrie 656 Brogue Shell Cordovan US Men's Size 9 5 D Bench Made England
  OUTERWEAR           Vintage 1940s 1950s Roos Bros Goatskin Leather Rugged Cinchback WorkWear Jacket         Man 1924 Carlos Castillo Waxed Cotton Blackwatch Lined Fall Coat Jacket 50 - and 52   Vetra Made in France Hydrone Blue Cotton Indigo Twill Chore Work Coat 50 - and 52         Paul Stuart Belesta Microfiber Cranberry Red Tweed Lined Hooded Parka Coat XL   Paul Smith Storm Grey Quilted Field Jacket Fall Coat Lampo Zips 52...
Vass Oslo Chukka Boots Brown Shell Cordovan EU 45 UK 11 U Last   Men's Carmina Navy Shell Cordovan Boots Size 10UK
Seaward & Stearn
Def looks too small for me, so for starters, they are smaller than a mens 11
   For those that don't know/remember. My least profitable thrift purchase of 2015. Basically cleared the clearance rack at Lowes of all the annual plants. They were pretty fugly already, but we figured they would come back nice the next year.  The cashier must have had a good laugh after we left with all those hopelessly (and permanently) dead plants.
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