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Well, she made it.... Breakfast, Lunch and 13 stores.  [[SPOILER]]
My dreams aren't even half that good.
Not cool bro
I thrifted that same set about 3 years ago. While they are billed as one of the ugliest set of irons ever made, they hit quite nice. Love them.
Thank God for that haul, I'm too tired to post my stuff anyway.
Sorry dude, thought it looked like a close up of a genie's lamp, hence the genie joke. I guess my humor was lost on you. Sorry if you thought I was being racist toward genies, but I'm pretty sure they don't even exist. But if they did, I'd use my first wish to get a sense of humor for you.
She goes out with me to a couple stores here and there, but never all day. (Technically she is taking 1.5 hours out to take a yoga class at a friends studio in that thrift loop area, but still) 8AM-4PM is a huge accomplishment. 
EPIC FAMILY RELATED ANNOUNCEMENT! My wife just came into the room kinda excitedly,   after months of trying.....  [[SPOILER]]   Carry-on
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