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NOS Sulka Grenadine Tie Cigar Silk Smoking Jacket Vintage Dog Cufflinks Horween Shell Cordovan Key Fob Levenger Tusting Bag
Did one of you just outbid me on these?
Definitely the ever-elusive exploding pink inchworm. 
Croc and Silver Wallet Mens Jewelry Box
My old crappy vintage photo flood finally died last week. Looking at getting something like this. LED Photo Video Light Kit Boom Black Body Photographic Studio Lighting Carry Bag I probably wont use all 3 at one time, but is anyone using this type? Is there a benefit to getting the "barn door" type instead?
Was a pretty slow day, but a bad day thrifting is better than a good day measuring.   Early afternoon I wound up at a Goodwill I hadn't been to in a while, because its never been that great at all. When I arrived, I found it had been converted to an outlet (weigh and pay). I hate digging thought bins, but it had been such a slow day, why not.         13 ties, 4 belts, 2 coach bags, 1 hat and a pair of redwings.    Somehow that Brioni is still in mint shape....
Community service, finding suitable homes for orphans. One in the men's shirts. One in the women's pants.
I was fairly drunk last night when I saw this. Thank goodness I did not click Buy it Now, I first thought it said $199.99     Lots of Ties
What do you do when you are at a tailgate party and you don't have any shoe trees around to show off your footwear?     Try this out....
Peal & Co Boots with Trees Harris Tweed Gloves RLPL Green Suede Driving Loafers
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