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Perfect, for unauthorized transactions as long as you can show that you shipped to a Paypal registered address, paypal should cover you.
Well they were referring to PA's dumb law specifically. In PA you are required to obtain an auctioneers license in order to sell on ebay and charge commission. When I last checked the license required 18 months of trade school followed by a 1 year apprenticeship at an auction house where you need to run 30-50 live auctions. Once that is completed, you can pay for your license. 
Live up to the minute updates from The SEAM Store.....   Framing out and cutting the hole for the "Thrift Lift".....so exciting.  
Got a couple scarves and pocket squares.....                               Then I got home and there was a box of 130 pocket squares in the mail from my source in Richmond who sent me the wallets the other week .....here are a few of them.                                                                    
Screenshots of everything you have relating to the transaction. Payment pageTransaction page on paypal showing it was shipped verified paypal address.Tracking info showing delivery.Any correspondence between the buyer and yourself.Screen shot of the shipping label if you can get one from your email.Etc. If it comes down to it, Paypal will generally cover these if you can prove it was shipped and delivered to a verified paypal address.
^^ It works for me, because I work for it.                                              
Was typing that, but knew you were going to say it....so I just deleted it.
Dude, I wouldn't pass on a Stafford 3 piece cashmere/wool suit for $24.99.
I am a two or three man operation.  That's what she said.
The new location of The SEAM Store. 
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