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There's your problem. You need something closer to 5000K. 
Two hours left!
Damn, I have used my card in Goodwills in 8 of the listed states. Good news is, Paypal issued a new credit card after the Target thing, so if this GW breach really happened in the middle of last year, I should be fine by now......right?
I get most of my shoe supplies from this seller. http://stores.ebay.com/shoeandbootaccessories4u/ If he doesn't have what you are looking for, send him a message. Chances are he has it, jut not listed or can get it to you quick.
It's new...Account Tab (Hover) > Seller Dashboard (Click) > View Trending Data (right under seller level)
Did some more hat shopping in the storage room......                
Yep, got one today actually. Buyer bought /paid for item last night. Packaged last night/ picked up at 1PM today. Scanned as delivered. Buyer opened item not received case. WTF!
Had a defect removed today...supposedly. They don't come off automatically unless it is an escalated case that is decided in your favor. If the buyer closes the case, the defect still stands, unless you fight/appeal it on the phone with ebay. Today's was one from a few weeks ago when the mail carrier scanned all my packages as delivered. I had to get the postmaster to back out all of the tracking and reenter it so it would track again. The case was opened in the mean time...
It depends if the case was opened before or after the estimated delivery date. In my opinion either one is BS since you can't really control the delivery progress, but if it's before the estimated delivery date, you can fight it. 
Hmmm.. I was just going by this.... --------------->
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