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If you come here and help me back log the numbers I'll consider it? 
The SCAN page (single barcode which ties to all the packages in the shipment) is supposedly the only thing that my post office/carrier will scan now. It is only available with the bulk shipping tool.    Your info has been quite helpful for figuring out how I can use the bulk shipping tool without totally screwing up where I am sending the packages by putting the wrong labels on the wrong packages.    It's going to require a complete reworking of my current "wing-it"...
But, to be clear, I do need to use the bulk tool in order to print that SCAN page, right?    It's a lot of steps to get to the end result I need, but hey, there's no better time but tomorrow. "Procrastination, second only to masturbation, is the best way to fuck yourself"
Cool. Another question....Those who use the bulk label printing tool. Can you still print on just one half of the sheet to preserve the second label? I'd test it out, but I have no transactions currently. Not sure my printer will take more than one adhesive label at a time, but it's worth a try I guess.
Thanks! A couple more.   1. So does the SKU from GS fill in automatically as the custom label in the selling manager?   2. If an item is re-listed, does the custom label stay with it?
Few questions   1. Any ideas on how to go about giving inventory numbers to the 1000 items I have currently listed? Is it too late for them? Should I just start with the new incoming stuff?  2. If a buyer has a question about a specific item, can you view the custom SKU somewhere in the listing so you can track it down in the box? How does that work? 3. So...anyone nearby want a short-term part-time job to help me inventory-ize my shit? I have maybe 8000-9000 items. I have...
I used to take them all to the post office. The postmaster didn't like the lines I was causing, and told me I needed to have them picked up at my house. Which was awesome for 2 years....until this week. Tried taking some to the post office the other day, they won't scan them there either. I know I'm at least paying one persons salary in there. They need to fix the problem.
Have no fear, a letter is being written. 
Agreed 100% for sure. Losing the discount would not put me out of business, but I would surely be pissed about the $8000-10000 in savings I would lose per year. I have in fact found a resting point that we will all eventually lose our TRS discounts. But I feel like it would be more "humane" on eBay's part to just cancel the program altogether, rather than to just sit there and poke us with a stick.  The issue also exists that if the packages are not being scanned at pickup...
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