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                Belvest Silk/Wool         Canali Wool/Mohair         Chester Barrie for Austin Reed                     BB Silk Wool                  
Damn already there? Sheesh, that was fast.
Minty Vietnam Era ERDL Rip Stop Pants, only sign of use I can find is the draw string on the pant cuff.                                               Hein Gericke Cafe Racer, with removable quilted lining.           Selvedge Denim Shirt Jacket      
right backacha.  
I had a hobby one time.   Here's a better spot to ask these questions....
Who am I kidding? It's gotta be closer to 80+ hours a week wasted.
A huge waste of time. I personally waste 60+ hours a week in similar fashion....minus the Jordans.
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