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Nevermind....I see the fine print alteration option. Now to locate the button-down collar section.....(which only exists in S,M,L, XL etc..... back to square one.)
Awesome prices.... Damn, the shortest they have for an 18 is 35. No love for the T-Rex
yeah, and they are usually way too baggy in the body. I have a large neck and shoulders, but the rest is not really that big (though my gut has it's moments) lol. The sleeves is the hard part really. I have such short arms and legs. 
Anyone know of any thrifty deals on dress shirts?  Brooks Brothers doesn't even carry my size unless its a custom order. JAB has my size, but the body is always way too big for me.   Size 18 33, Regular fit.
So my trip home for Christmas at my Grandmothers house this past weekend, proved to be what I believe was most successful thrift haul ever.   Starting at the top of the pile.....ties. Note: time for a new camera, focus is getting pretty bad.                                                
Doing a little thrifting back in my home town today. This is yesterday's warmup session.
Damn, did the tolls go up? Thought it was 50 cents! Or.....er...rather $50.50 the way I do it.
Thanks Denver                                                                
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