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Late 60's to 1976. If you peel back the stitching under the Amalgamated/Suit side, you will see the (R) in the lower left corner. Earliest I have seen with a tag after the numbers switched to black numbers was date stamped 1968, but there may be some earlier.   Additionally I have seen the 62-76 black number tag used on a jacket that was date stamped 1985. I suppose they were still blowing through old union tag stock for a while.
She doesn't? That sucks.
Is that Asian Butthead?
OOOHHH Get the Banana Republic!!!
LOL   But for real it's abbreviated for Ciro Paone
9 C
He is wowniceshirt on here too, he joined a few years back, and got a lot of flack from people, and dropped off very quickly.  He's a nice dude.
10.5 E on the Cole, but they seem more like 11 9C on the woven
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