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Feels like its made of space wool too.
                                          100% Cashmere                      
A bunch of Deadstock Vintage Footwear lately.   1940's Eyelet Boots      4 pairs of Engineer Boots     2 pairs of Medallion Toe Loafers  
 I've got this one from last year..... 
That's weird. I vote possible fake?. They always have the Orb.
Had so much fun the other week with the Deadstock Vintage Boots, so I decided to go for it again.   Picked these up this afternoon. Official start time 3:50 PM EST                    
I been had Caraceni  [[SPOILER]]
I usually accept a buyer backing out as a mutual cancellation. As long as they tell me about it, whether it is complete BS or not. Many times, these buyers will come back and shop again, simply because you are easy to get along with. On the other hand, buyers who make no attempt to pay or communicate get unpaid item strikes.
   Woohoo, I won both games! I know my shit.
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