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Yeah we normally do two hour intervals. Looks like they have backed us down to like 18" again, but who knows what will hit us.
Sorry, I suppose it could just be a bad angle, but I think those ostrich loafers are ugly as hell. I think its the hardware doing it.
My wood skills are weak,   Thats what she said.
Hit up a couple local antique shops today for my birthday.  Not thrifted, but still good deals I think. Found a pair of boots (pics later) and this walking stick/cane.   Black, Starr and Frost JewelersSterling Silver  FHB 22 East 65th Street  Was not difficult to find out that the owner was Frederic Henry Betts, a patents lawyer from New York. Here is the address (in 1940), today it has been converted to office buildings. Betts commissioned Architect, Grosvenor Atterbury...
Number (N)ine I think.
  * red dot indicates the location of the home of the only moron in Pennsylvania without a snowblower.   ** all other colors indicate the thrifting territory of previously mentioned moron.
Boy, Have I got a house for you.
Looks fishy, no 's' after http. I think all paypal pages are secure. Open a new browser and log in directly to see if you really are limited access.
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