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What do you do when you are at a tailgate party and you don't have any shoe trees around to show off your footwear?     Try this out....
Peal & Co Boots with Trees Harris Tweed Gloves RLPL Green Suede Driving Loafers
X-Post from thrift thread....   1966 Norman Hilton x Princeton University - Class of 1941, 25th Reunion Jacket.   Triple Patch, 3 Roll 2, Swelled Edge Trad Goodness in a Fresco Weave Sadly the Class of '41 patch has been removed, but the buttons and lining are still awesome enough on their own.   The unique Class of '41 sketching on the lining is a Princeton Tiger (dressed as Roosevelt) riding an exploding earth (dressed as...
    Top Ten - June 9th   RARE Princeton Class of 1941, 25th Reunion Jacket VTG Borsalino Fedora Leather Braces, New in Box Yellow Brooks Brothers Braces PRL Penny Loafers NEW J Crew Linen/Cotton Summer Pants NEW J Crew Herringbone Tweed Vest (Available in Gray and Brown) Paul Stuart Flannel Sport Coat Saks Loro Piana Wool Suit PRL Tweed Jacket And much more, The SEAM Store
Holland Leather Bag       Love that hinged flap.
I always open with the wang, speeds things along and gets me in the right hands, sometimes left.
I just so happen to have both of these.   
The Label or the Price Tag?
The rub is, some CSRs will lean on the first claim that the item was carelessly packaged. You may have to call a few more times until you get one that will side with you.
So I won these last night...  
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