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I worked craft services for XXX with Ice Cube....did not get to meet Cube. 
Been Had....Been Gone.   [[SPOILER]]
Shew, didn't think I would have an entry this year, but this one comes in just before the buzzer. Surely not a real contender, but definitely one of my best for the year.            
One item of note from last night...    
Sorry, too merry too soon?
Didn't get a chance to send out The SEAM Store holiday cards this year....or to even decorate the office :/   This is all you get....     Jack Wills sweater - found on Luxeswap,  Polo Scarf - Thrifted Dockers, 80% clearance rack at Kohls, $3.99 New Florsheim Chelsea Boots - Thrifted Oakley Rx Glasses - Thrifted Frames   Hilfiger Sweater - e-thrifted Infinity Scarf - Thrifted Hudson Jeans, Thrifted Boots - who could keep track of that? Probably from a...
I performed a burn test, though the linen was obvious since the slubs pull apart like paper. 
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