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Assumed the A indicated Andy. Quick search....and
Hmm. Will ask Hans.
Real, and Garza Grossa grenadine.
So, the downpayment on my new thriftmobile put me out of commission for a couple weeks. This has given me the opportunity to "re-thrift" items from my massive backlog.   First, a couple ties...traded from ReubenR. Thanks man           Thrifts....                                         Some hats. 6 or 8 traded from Spoo, 3 or 4 sent in from Jebarne, one form Orgetorix.....the rest thrifted. I have...
They are stored in the 4th bay of the garage, right next to the '68.
For instances like this and also for items under a pound going coast to coast, I keep a stack of Box 1097 handy. They are essentially the same size.
Thanks to member reubenr for allowing me the pleasure of shining these great vintage longwings.   Freeman Bootmaker Patina Whiskey Shell Cordovan               
Well, this thread is dead...post 110000 came and went and no one even cared.
Well, obviously...it comes with a free safety pin!
Was wondering if the hoes would fit an 11 Extra Wide.
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