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+1 I typically upload every related screenshot and emails. In the event that you lose, Paypal will cover the chargeback on your behalf as long as you followed all protocol by shipping to a paypal verified address.
I always used a 4-in-hand since elementary school. But never cared about the crookedness until later. Try the double 4-in-hand, it fixes most of the lopsidedness, and is really just as simple. Thats the knot I prefer now.
VTG Rimless B&L Shuron Arco Gold Filled Specs     Anson Mustard Seed Set with Matthew 17:20 on the back       Krementz Onyx Links  
Also.... That moment...   [[SPOILER]]
Thrifted an Autograph today.   W. Somerset Maugham             Would love THIS to happen....though considering the condition, it's unlikely.
What you may not have known....this was some epic personal shopper style thrifting. We had a trade go down last week, R told me he wasn't interested in many tailored items, but was still on the lookout for a patchwork madras. Literally the next trip out. Rare enough to find one, but to find it in the exact size....nutz.
+1 Somewhat case in point.... We know the last UCWA Union Tag was in use from 1962 to 1976 with the later years being in black lettering. But, I found this suit on Friday.     Dated 5 years after the 1976 cutoff. I've found one in the past that was dated 1986, but I lost those pics.
New Posts  All Forums: