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Damn, so close, I've got a steerhide in a 40
I'm alive...   30"....   I'll let you know if I wish I was dead tomorrow....   So many sno-reps...
Thrift fit, Snow day edition.   Vintage Handmade Tin Lizzie Cardigan, Thrifted yesterday. Office Space Tee - Thrifted Levis 559 - Thrifted NWT (Not Seen) Loro Piana Slippies, Thrifted Everything else in the pic except the photographs, thrifted.    
Damn, I got busted too...  But seriously, how did you ship 25 late? That's a lot.
Some more from last Friday.   PRL USA 3 Piece Birdseye         Yeah, so what......         Sure, why not....       Thick thick barleycorn tweed. I know there had to be a vest for this at some point.         Mega Glen Tweed           PRL USA Triple Patch Tweed           BB Wolinesilk       NWT Cremieux LP fabric         PRL Cornholeo            Actual...
8.5 actually.
AE Sanford       Church's "???ville"       Ugly Blue Lizard       The least offensive looking David Edens I've ever seen. Though still not great.       Hugo Boss Jodphur       1940's Dress Riding Boots, US Made.      
Solid navy blue 3 piece.....no question, yes. I'd buy it if it was haggar.
Mid-day Friday here, but I think overnight Friday night in NJ. But you know, with the weather...it's all up in the air. 
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