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I was conceived in a Goodwill stockroom.
Just because they are wore the hell out, and size 8AA. Any chance your size?
Santoni     Mezlan Santander     Minty Hanover Plain Toes     Formal Loafs     Ferragamo Split Toe, a little square, but they were $1     Bruno Magli Cap Toes     Alden for JAB     Botticelli Cap Toe Blucher     Park Aves     These next 3 ugly pairs were sent by a friend.             Crocogator Loafs     Almost New Florsheim Black Shell Longwings. Look to have been tried on once.  
I can supply the fabric (repurposed)
Agreed, but you are talking to a life-time thrifter. I have a hard time paying full price for anything.
Thanks. Yeah, it's been tough finding the right thing.  I guess not too many folks have a 42-44 Jacket size with a shirt that has 18-18.5" neck and 33" sleeves. Never realized I was such a freak of nature. 
Nevermind....I see the fine print alteration option. Now to locate the button-down collar section.....(which only exists in S,M,L, XL etc..... back to square one.)
Awesome prices.... Damn, the shortest they have for an 18 is 35. No love for the T-Rex
yeah, and they are usually way too baggy in the body. I have a large neck and shoulders, but the rest is not really that big (though my gut has it's moments) lol. The sleeves is the hard part really. I have such short arms and legs. 
Anyone know of any thrifty deals on dress shirts?  Brooks Brothers doesn't even carry my size unless its a custom order. JAB has my size, but the body is always way too big for me.   Size 18 33, Regular fit.
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