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Kinda like the difference between: Watching your uncle jack off a horse andRiding a horse while your uncle jacks off.
Me too
 Virtually unused maybe, but you are literally touching it in the pic. 
No. Not really. Just shooting stuff as it comes, and putting it in reserve for later at this point.
German lightweight leather jacket for the smaller fellas                   Burberry Bone Tweed         LLama Wool Coat         3 Piece Tweed         J Press Blue         Double Breasted Puppystooth Suit, with ticket pocket       Tom James, Single Breasted Peak POW         Cashmere Super Plaid         Chester Barrie Hacking Jacket         PRL...
I own two ties, both are Drakes for Luxeswap. 
Plus shipping!
In preparation for this very conversation, I voluntarily switched to the 30 day returns back when they made the initial announcement in the fall seller update. I have seen no significant increase in returns, and most of the returns still happen in the first couple days after receiving the item. My dash shows I have about a 2.8% return rate.
    '66 Peacoat                                       VTG Herman Insulated Boots       USA Chucks       Field & Flint Footjoy Cap-Saddles       VTG Folio         Alligator Hugs           Patchwork Gator Clutch      
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