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While Spoo polishes his listings for tonights drop and waits for wifi to cooperate, here is some of my favorite eye candy from the current listings.   Vintage 1940s Depinna New York Brown Belted Smoking Jacket Dressing Gown Robe     Edward Green Chestnut Burnished Leather Chelsea 202 Last England Shoes 10 5 C   Carmina Mallorca 80169 Inca Last Cuero Golden Wholecut Leather Shoes 8 5     Ralph Lauren Purple Label Brown Cream Hand Rolled Silk Spotted...
Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots - Calfskin 9.5
Epaulet Bison Service Boot Size 8 5D New in Box  
Some more stuff @SpooPoker and I found this weekend.   My First and Second Black Fleece, So nice.                       Most recent Oxxford I've seen, Tight Barleycorn           Cashsilk Herringbone         HF Wool/Silk Summer Stripe                 Anonymous H&S Cashmere Tweed                                      
Brioni Venetian Loafers   Gucci Spectators   Kiton Diamond Print tie   Sterling Silver Magnifying Paperweight   Sterling Silver Pen/Pencil Set
  I don't think @SpooPoker has seen the bow tie logo I keyed into the passenger door of the Maserati yet. At least he hasn't mentioned it yet.
Not too shabby fellas!    NEW Polo Ralph Lauren Linen Suit 42R 3 Patch Pocket Glen Plaid Italy #ForBrian   Polo Ralph Lauren x CORNELIANI Wool Suit 40R 34 29 Solid Gray 2 Vent Forbrian
You guys are going to really love the stuff that Spoo lugged in this morning!!  My wife and I arrived at LuxeSwap just in time to help carry it all in.       The store is AMAZING!! 
Big shout to @SpooPoker for his hospitality once again this weekend. Always a pleasure to get some face to face with my good friend and mentor. Only about 30 minutes until I get a peek inside the LuxeSwap headquarters. So excited, haven't seen it since December when it was still just an empty shell with racks of suits.    I put together a couple collections this morning. First collection is some of my favorite Luxeswap items from this week (ending tonight)     Capn's...
New Posts  All Forums: