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Like this I mean...Should be "loops" in the straps to put run the belt through. Maybe not though. 
Tuck that belt! Goes behind the vertical straps.
Nope. Schedule them for the eBay scheduler for 15-30 minutes later than you really want them to start. Then when you are ready for them to begin, go in and bulk edit them to start immediately. The immediate start will cancel the 10 cent charge per. No charge hits until the listings are released at the scheduled time. If for some reason you can't be there to edit them, it's still a reasonable safety net for a minimal charge.
Yes, we really need some guest rooms. 
The whole thing.
Speaking of office projects....   It looks like my wife and I have decided to move forward with an 1100 sq ft home office addition in the empty shell above the garage. Will probably include (2) 15x12 rooms (or possibly just one 24x15 room), and a large 30x24 room part of which will contain a full bathroom. We should start collecting bids in the next few weeks.
If you drop into below standard, you will be restricted and possibly banned from selling.
For those of you who know my last name, this is funny.
It is surprisingly uncommon. 
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