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Your one neutral is a bullshit symbol. I'd contest it.
What's up with that neutral? 
I had 2 items which I accidentally relisted and sold twice. Not sure about the other two though. Out of the 6 item not described "defects" 5 of them were for fit. The not received items, can't do much with those. The one came back because the label was torn off. I sent the buyer a message saying it was back and I had resent it. He opened a case anyway. lol. The other was a case where the item was marked as delivered, but the buyer still opened a case. That should not count.
Could care less about the FVFs, it's the shipping discount that will hurt if it's gone.
Found these right down the street today.    EG for BB.....$2              
Well shit! This stellar report.....formerly Now means I am one strike away from losing my discount. Something doesn't add up here...thanks eBay. There needs to be some way of fighting a buyer who returns an item as "not as described" when it doesn't fit. 
Looks like a "Three and Three" weave
Younger and less dead....I agree. 
Damn, it's like Christmas up in here.
Got my macbook pro about 6 months ago.  Refurbed from Apple Store for around $1700Garage Sale was another $40 Took me 1-2 weeks to get used to using a mac and listing with Garage sale, having never used either before.Loved it so much I bought a Refurbed Thunderbolt shortly thereafter - around $950 The above purchases were the best business decision I ever made. Would not go back to the "sell similar" method if someone paid me double what I spent. Listing time is cut in...
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