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LL Bean Windowpane Tweed with Handwarmer Pockets and Quilted Lining
Silver Letter Opener and Magnifying Glass   Battenkill Garment Bag   Tusting Messenger Bag
Lock & Co Tweed Cap Shaving Kit Antique Lion/Dog Shoe Horn
Also picked up this e-thrift for myself thinking it was a checkbook cover, but i think it is going to be too large. No biggie.   Long Wallet  
My orphan reunion suit from Friday. Probably the best condition of any suit I've ever found.           And a bunch of other junk                                      
All folded, thats probably the opposite of lazy
NOS Sulka Grenadine Tie Cigar Silk Smoking Jacket Vintage Dog Cufflinks Horween Shell Cordovan Key Fob Levenger Tusting Bag
Did one of you just outbid me on these?
Definitely the ever-elusive exploding pink inchworm. 
Croc and Silver Wallet Mens Jewelry Box
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