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But only before they make payment.
Ok, now...I said you could sell those shoes I sent you.....but If you are going to steal my pics at least steal ones that do my polishing work justice. Lol Seriously though guys, these shoes are solid, $100 is a steal. Just the opinion of the guy who shined them....I will make no profit off the sale of these shoes.   [[SPOILER]]
I'm nice to people.
Nope, in an international transaction, you can resend an invoice, at that point the buyer can register an additional address to ship to, and can even switch it to a US address. As long as it prints out on the label ebay supplies, you should be covered.
Didn't leave the house today, normal Monday.   A bunch of stuff came to me though.   Minty Florsheim Shells....Sent for Free from my ebay friend in VA.       AE Sanford ....sent for free       AE Windham....yep free       AE Manchester....Free       AE Chelsea....free again       Santoni loafers.....$0.01....Jk, they were free too.       E thifted Cheaney Royal Tweed Chukkas       Ditto       Picked these...
All look good to me too.
I'm pretty sure it won't work for the GSP, but it does work for regular International transactions.
Here's a new one.   Dear the-seam-store, keep money, want to change tie because of religious preference , tie I bidded on has roman symolous..       Well, no duh...did you read the title? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=301217295388&ssPageName=ADME:X:AAQ:US:1123
The auctions might be over, but the FUN HAS JUST BEGUN at The SEAM Store   End of June Clearance Sale   Don't delay, this 3 day sale will actually end on Wednesday Afternoon (rather than Wednesday Evening), since I will be leaving for vacation. No need to wait till the last minute anyway, it's a BIN sale with over 350 items marked down. 
Prolly denim boxer briefs.
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