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Well, I guess I'm glad I went with the..... 
If they ask you to hold the package, you have that message as evidence if they say it came late.    No defect for shipping items together with the same tracking I do it all the time and have never received any sort of defect for it. In fact if you go to the bulk shipping tool, there is a spot just for combining items that were paid separately into one transaction and ship them together. But yes, it will go toward your 90%, which is the main reason the 90% rule is in...
Hey I got one too!   www.2016FordEdsel.com   fingers crossed
Massive future deck....maybe next year.
In case anyone cares, here are before pics of the new office space, including original pics of the house.  [[SPOILER]]
No...but this saves me a couple hours a week.
That's probably from eating them.
Been Had New Walls!   Construction starts tomorrow morning.  
This is how I use the SCAN forms, there are probably several ways to do it, but this works best for me right now. Saves me time too...always a plus. To use the SCAN form for USPS parcel pickup and drop-off you will first need to set up a few things on your eBay pages.  On the awaiting shipment or awaiting payment page, click "customize" to add columns to your layout.   In the pop-up window, make sure "Custom Label" in the Item group has a check next to it.  You should see...
New Posts  All Forums: