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Disappointed with this reply. For me its defo Vanilla Oreos dunked in Jack Daniels. #dontknockittillyoutryit  In other news....I have been trying to upload pics for two days. We had a windstorm the other night and it left me with sub-dial-up speeds. Grr
110 is essentially 11.0100 woud be 10.0105 would be 10.5 So 11 F (EU)
Thanks, such an incredibly nice thing to say.  I have five, 2 from members here, the other 3 thrifted over the course of the last 5 years.
Opted out of thrifting today. Maybe another week or two of housebreaking Ruby, and I can get out without having to crate her all day. Used my "free time" to build some diffusers for my windows. Everything repurposed and already on hand. In the nature of thrifting, it only took about an hour and it cost $0    [[SPOILER]]
  Perfect example of the tag stitching. 
Was it the Strands? If so, def factory seconds, the little shoe stamp just didn't get a good strike.
Thanks Derek!
If you guys really really want to maximize your work flow,  buy a Varidesk and a Topo Standing Mat.   Then if you feel like you want to throw all that speed right out the window....get a Puppy.     Who wants to work that hard anyway?
      Silk Press         Vel-cord Jacket         Vtg Gingham                     Linen         Cash               Linen       Linen               Cashmere               Linen         Silk/Cotton Gingham Triple...
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