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Happy Dads day guys. Enjoy your brunch @SpooPoker I threw together a quick collection for you because boredom.  45 Luxeswap items ending today with zero bids!
Nearly New Alden LHS Cigar Shell Cordovan   New Paul Stuart Tan Italian Penny Loafers
Friday's thrift loop was hella slow, so to make myself feel better I hit the annual antique street sale yesterday.   4 Vanity Fair Character Sketches by Sir Leslie Ward (signed Spy) from 1890's-1900's. The guy had a metric ton of these, I plan to go visit his shop very soon.   These will be framed and kept here in the Gentleman Cave.       Suggestive advertisement.     Small carved horn crane to match the one I already have.     A dog pin.  
I'm having mixed feelings about these. On one hand I think they are kind of neat, but on the the other, WTF?.     Wooden Bow Tie Set
I think there must be a more accurate word.
Florsheim Black Shell Yuma 8D   Florsheim #8 Shell Yuma 8D
Johnson Murphy Alligator Loafers - Size 8 
Gents Collars and Studs   Horsehide Bomber Jacket
                          Polo Ralph Lauren x CORNELIANI Wool Suit 40R 34 29 Solid Gray Dual Vent Italy Maus Hoffman Solemare x Ravazzolo Wool Sport Coat 44R Gray Blue Plaid Jacket Pristine Wilkes Bashford Linen Ramie 17 5 L Summer Shirt Green Blue Plaid Italy Luxe Anthony Tarassi Summer Linen Shirt 17 35 Gray Beige Plaid Long Sleeve Italy Huntsman Cotton Wool Dress Shirt L 16 5 Burnt Red Button Front England Polo Ralph Lauren...
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