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So, got fish boots?
Some more from Friday                                                                                          
Just out of curiosity, check to see if it has the RN number for Orvis on it.
I got 150 for the motion and parts for the one I found in the 25 cent bin last year.
First in!!! Minty fresh Alden 990 PTBs  Original thrift thread post....HERE [[SPOILER]]
I finally found some shells this year. I thought it would never happen.     [[SPOILER]]
Every time I voted for myself, it gave two votes to @SpooPoker 
                      Granted Black Cowichan Sweater Hoody. Wish it fit....                                     VTG Pauker Bros NY cardigan          
You would think....but, I never made so many spinach egg-white omelettes in my life.
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