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Saw this on Friday.....third Brioni ever (besides ties, shirts and pants.)  Unfortunately this staple gray flannel suit has a dated looking 4x2 double breasted jacket.   Hmmm...what if.....I were to add 2 buttons to the top and make it a 6x2, maybe even re-roll the lapel to a lower stance....now that could be cool, right?   [[SPOILER]]
It sure is. This one fits me, but with my "husky" upper build, it makes me look like a wool lollypop.
Never owned any Hilfiger or Nautica growing up, was too expensive. Mom made most of our clothes.
Guesses?  Hmmm.Solid Gold Segway?Bald Eagle leather boots?Carry-on Luggage made from a vagina of a female Argentinosaurus?
Love that when I just googled my address, there is a street view with packages on the front porch.
I think it's about the 7th chore I've found like this one. Prefer the blanket lined ones though.
Yep. Easy peasy and my mailwoman loves me.
No, but don't freak just yet. Post office is closed today and tracking might not pick up until tomorrow, even though mail does move on the holiday. 
No....maybe 20-25%No....half a house. Remedy for that in the works. 
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