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            Ladies Carhartt     Ladies Patagonia Vosque 3-1 Parka      Zip out puffer lining to above parka.
Thats sweet.   @Fueco, did you get a new cell? I tried to text you today, but it would not send. I figured that or you had me blocked for that little stalking incident last month.
Hmm, well I only used one gas pump while I was there. So, San Diegoans...avoid this gas station.
3.5 hours last night and the Purge is complete. Just need a couple more shelves...and some door handles.  
                                              Reversible, Black Outer and Red Plaid Inner        
PSA, keep an eye on your PP master card transactions. I had an unauthorized transaction last night, probably a skimmer or something from when I was in CA last month.    Fortunately it was only $7.34. Much better than the time it was $2500 and bounced my paypal and both bank accounts.   Anyway, new card on the way.
Happy Birthday Nataku!
That stripe, OMG
Sizes based on measurements not tags. BB Seersucker 45R     PRL Cord Triple Patch Pocket - 45R     Beige Fresco 45R     BB Wool/Silk/Linen 45R     Burberry's Wool/Silk 44R     HSM Check - 45R     HSM Windowpane - 46R     Norman Hilton Triple Patch Tweed, probably a coat rather than a sport coat, tagged 40 but as a sport coat its a 44     Harris Tweed - 45R   
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