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Miss me? We just thrifted for 15 hours together on Friday. I realize I am infectious but it's only been 2 days.
That's how they charge you for your "free" health care.
This is perfect! Thanks dude! First shirt ordered....Note: they only have Black and White for first time users...and the white is actually $24.95 + $10 standard shipping. So...about $35 total. Wish me luck. And if anyone else wants to give it a whirl with me, here is a referral coupon code for $20 off.http://moderntailor.refr.cc/SCM5K64
Thats a steal and a half right there dude! Nice! I sold a NIB Karastan runner from their Williamsburg VA collection a few years back. Went super high and oddly enough, actually shipped to a buyer in my home town. Don't remember the final hammer price, over a grand.....but I did get it for free.....so.
By far the nicest suit I have ever bought for $6  
What the fuck did I do?
Released on my 13th birthday.
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