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Thrift Community weigh-in time....   Was originally going to have hardwood flooring put in the new office addition, but considering the possibility of it being a rental apartment in the future, decided to get a high grade vinyl instead. We have narrowed it down to one pattern, but can't decide on the shade. We will be using the same flooring throughout, and  for now, the paint will be roughly the beige color of the back of the samples as seen in the last two pics and the...
Is that Ewok available? 
It's the only thing my contractor deals with. Old school, good ole boy. He did out last addition in it and it's a great finish. I don't complain, its all applied wet and only a little dust compared to all the spackle and sanding. It's really just a skim coat, not like the super thick stuff they used to do. The nicest thing is, its applied in two steps. Hit the seams, then skim coat. Let it dry for a week and it's ready.
Progress Report   Plaster is about 75% finished. The office and stairs will be done on Monday.   One week cure time and then I will start painting.  Headed to town to pick out flooring this afternoon. Estimated time of completion - about 3 weeks.   Common Area           Hall   Bathroom   Inventory Shipping/Receiving     Thrift Lift   Deodorizing   Stairs   Main Office
Kind of a big week. A little disappointing how far apart those two numbers are though.
Good guess.
PSA Local 4th Quarter Estimated Tax due tomorrow.     Not sure if it's the same for everyone.... but just in case.
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