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While the two have their similarities....usually, at least on the Caruso tags I have seen, there is "made in Italy" in a more central location than on the Corneliani tag.
Build a Gentleman Cave
After about 2 years of searching, I finally found a decent replacement set of Bakelite Drop Pulls for my 1930's dresser/accessories chest.   Today I found 12 of these...     To replace these...     On this...     More Pics HERE   It's not a perfect match with the knobs on the top half, but it it the correct style and period. Plus I still have 6 to resell, plus the original 5.   I'm happy.
So...you want them?
Magnanni     Bally   Clarks   Russell     Hanover   AE Auburn   Bruno Magli   Ferragamo   AE Rockland   AE Park Ave   Cole Haan   1901   Cole Haan   NOS Florsheim   NOS Danner Goretex
Showing the handrolledness of the handrolled ones.
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