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A couple fresh subjects this week. Hanover         [[SPOILER]]   Florsheim, sent in by @double00        [[SPOILER]]
It's so horrible! Obligatory beverage when my father-in-law comes over. You can only buy it by the case where we live in PA, and I buy one case every year at Christmas. He drinks 2 to 6 of them and then it takes me the rest of the year to force the vile shit down.
Cord Jacket         NWOT Orphan         1940's Suit Coat           Dusky Check         Puppy Tooth               VTG Light Houndstooth Tweed         The Mist         Vtg 60's Shadow Plaid Jacket                 Nordy, LP Camelhair         Vtg Palm Beach Classic Shawl Tux        
                                                                    Some Shmere           VTG DAKS Shmere         Belvest Orphie           VTG Altmann Shmere  
OOOOH it worked!!!!   Some casual belts   Nautical Alphabet - Leather Man   Turkey - Leather Man     Mallard - Leather Man     Blackwatch - Brooks Brothers     Trop Fish - Leather Man     Lizard - Cole Haan     Leezard Leezard - JAB     No Name Leather Braces - Taken     Liberty Silks     Thurston for Brooks      Unbranded Duck Braces     Vintage Skinnys  
Disappointed with this reply. For me its defo Vanilla Oreos dunked in Jack Daniels. #dontknockittillyoutryit  In other news....I have been trying to upload pics for two days. We had a windstorm the other night and it left me with sub-dial-up speeds. Grr
110 is essentially 11.0100 woud be 10.0105 would be 10.5 So 11 F (EU)
Thanks, such an incredibly nice thing to say.  I have five, 2 from members here, the other 3 thrifted over the course of the last 5 years.
Opted out of thrifting today. Maybe another week or two of housebreaking Ruby, and I can get out without having to crate her all day. Used my "free time" to build some diffusers for my windows. Everything repurposed and already on hand. In the nature of thrifting, it only took about an hour and it cost $0    [[SPOILER]]
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