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O nice dude. I sold a few of that model over the years before menswear. Too bad you had to leave it. $25 is a steal.
Found this silk one last year. It's a toss up for me which one is more baller-er. 
This thing is like summer vacation materialized.             Gaunt London Ship Buttons  
Local grass fed beef. Local Clothbound cheddar. Home grown jalapeño, my garden. Home grown tomatoes, my garden. Local potato roll. Local pickle. Local artisan chips. Thrifted corelle plate. Semi thrifted weber grill, by my thrift homies.
Well the burger was technically yesterday. But it was thrifted.
     Thrift Vader WinsMadras Jacket, CheckBag Full o' Ties, CheckBurger, Check The rest to follow soon.
I know I saw one of you this morning. I could tell you knew who I was. Announce yourself this instant.
Haven't been out for a decent run in two weeks. Was going to sit another week out, voluntarily/involuntarily, but I can't take this shit anymore.  Heading out for at least a half loop. 
Weird, I think someone has been screwing with my signature....    
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