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I look exactly like a flipper.    [[SPOILER]]
I deal almost primarilly with clothing, so without addressing the other odds and ends....   I start with tailored clothing. In the fall/winter months in the following orders. Focusing on the seasonally appropriate items first, as they will typically bring more activity now.   Outerwear Suits Sport Coats, Jacket, Blazers Pants   Shirts   Next Footwear   Boots Dress Shoes Casual Shoes   Then fill in with Accessories   Scarves Hats Ties Belts Etc.   I...
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That one has been circulating for like 10 years. Supposedly, it's actually against eBay policy to sell UPS uniforms, though you see them on there from time to time.
            Ladies Carhartt     Ladies Patagonia Vosque 3-1 Parka      Zip out puffer lining to above parka.
Thats sweet.   @Fueco, did you get a new cell? I tried to text you today, but it would not send. I figured that or you had me blocked for that little stalking incident last month.
Hmm, well I only used one gas pump while I was there. So, San Diegoans...avoid this gas station.
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