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  A band called Zebra......
Actually sold one just like it two weeks ago. 
Saw this Kent Coffey Tableau Highboy Dresser today. Was $250. Looked like it was dropped from a 10 story building, and then dragged behind a truck to the goodwill.   This is what it should have looked like.
Just got in, unloaded and unpacked.             Some quick and dirties...   Hickey, was disappointed to find that this is really just Hartmarx   VTG Pendleton Robe       Polo Suit     Tweed pants     Bespoke Sport Coat     Twill Pants     Bespoke jacket     Her's Golf Shorts           No idea what this is....                 Pop! Umberto Bilancioni...
I was going to say something funny, but I forget what it was.
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