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You all may remember that I thrift women's jeans to send to my thrifting friend in a poorer economy so she can sell them.  A few weeks ago, she sent this pic, mid thrift in store somewhere in Appalachia. Asking about the leather jacket in the front.   I said, "Pass on that, but what about that one with the beaver fur collar?"     [[SPOILER]]
Ridiculous vintage Camelhair/Beaver Hickey Freeman Coat    http://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-Hickey-Freeman-100-Camel-Hair-Beaver-Trim-Overcoat-Mens-Sz-40-44-EUC-/262262607423?hash=item3d1011ce3f:g:AJUAAOSwYIhWhdU-      
See my correction
It doesn't look like the Unite Tag, so probably the ACTWU tag  So, 1995 at the very latest.
Backlog Day, Formal Edition.                                                               I think this is the one I traded with Orgetorix      
As long as she's looking the other way.
Backlog day.   Pants party, sponsored mostly by the @SpooPoker 2015 800+ piece buyout.           A herd of unicorns.                                                               Badly damage glen plaid, but hey. This one got past both of us in a mismatched suit. Thats what you get for sorting a mega haul at 2 AM....
              Lambskin Blazer               Burberry Platinum                                         50's Cream Dinner Jacket           40's Tails Coat      
They aren't branded in any way, so it's hard to say, but they fit the coat well, so I assume they came with it.
If you still want to spoiler, you can click edit and select what you want to spoiler and then click the spoiler icon.
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