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Been thinking about starting this thread for a while. Post the interesting odds and ends, valuables, cash etc that you find in your thrifted clothing.     Found these in a thrifted VTG 1950's Sport Coat today.   Original 1950's McNeil Tylenol, before they actually named it Tylenol.  
Grrr, I hate bogus fake claims.   I just got one myself on THIS item. There is not really much you can do about it.
Coming soon to a LuxeSwap near you.... BB x Edward Green on the 202   [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Drop the S, just Rex Hammerly
 My sales for September have been significantly lower than August (which is my highest for this year).    However.....somehow, I kept my expenses low so profit has been much better. 31% less gross for about 70% higher net. I'll take that.  
            Never pick up Tallia, but the paisley lining made me do it.                                                         Polocorn Triple Patch Unstructured Tweed              
A few more from the fall/winter wear racks. Dozens still awaiting.   Woolrich Fleece lined, Alpaca Collar Tweed     Lord & Taylor Vicuna Blend         Vintage Harris Tweed       Brooks Brothers Chesterfield       Calvin Klein English Tweed       Daks Overcoat    
New Posts  All Forums: