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I prefer plain and simple.   Vintage Benrus Auto, 1971 (Thrifted - $0.25) Gemex Cognac Shell Cordovan, 1950's (e-Thrifted - $20)   Had the watch almost 2 years before I found the perfect band.  
Yeah and I see the brand often, but never struck me as a maker that ever cared enough to use shell. Heck most of the ones Ive seen didn't even seem like real leather.
        Correction, (I shouldn't have automatically take your word on the "Harman" name. Was assuming that was the store name.)  And I mean no disrespect to Catside, was a really good guess, and a close, near match on the piece of logo that was left. What we actually have is....    
Eh...I don't think so man. I've never seen a McAn with a leather heel like that, or "Comb" on the sidewall.  Of course the heel could easily be a replacement.
He said bust and beaver. lol
hans, check your damn text messages. lol
Yes, Isaia for Loro Piana
Not sure if serious...
Size 7D looks like maybe older Bostonian.
What is the rundown on your odd taxidermy collection?
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