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Depends on your specific account. I don't recall if sales reports are available at basic seller level. If they are, they will be under the account tab near the bottom of the drop down menu.  The report will give you sales total, number of items sold, paypal fees and ebay fees. Each report shows a 3 month spread, so you will only really need to print and file March, June, September and December each year to get a full year view. Personally, I use the Outright/Go Daddy...
Hi. Up early, for me anyway. Got some thrifted construction happening today. Flooring guy who did the office floor finally coming back to do a little side work. We are using the leftovers to re do the main level bathroom on the super cheap. It's gonna look noice! Before & after shots in a day or two.
You know, this might almost be better than the guy who opened the case against me (and won [WTF!]) because he thought Vintage meant New.
I don't even want the shoes, I just don't want him to have them.
But, I accepted the return long before he freaked out....just can't figure out how to actually get him to return it.
It continues....back to phillyfineoh.     He could not call ebay right away....understandable.    Him..."I'll have to call after work hours. I won't be able to right now."   Me..."I understand. I've never seen this happen before with the "hassle-free" return system, the rep said the same thing."   Him..."And the hassle continues. This whole experience is testing my patience"   Me Thinking...***You and me both bucko***   Me..."I understand."   Him..."Ebay...
As long as you fulfill the order within the handling time, you should be good.
I usually set my handling to 5 days rather than 1 day for the listings ending during my vacation. With a store subscription you will have vacation options, but they will only work on your Fixed Price listings if you select that. It also allows you to put a not at the top of all your pages saying you are out of town until X date. I recommend NOT ending all your listing and leaving your account empty for a week, I have found that even a week with no listings takes several...
It SHOULD be fine. The evidence is clear and concise. The paypal rep said due to the sudden increase in double cases, they are seriously rethinking the whole separation of the dispute system.   Interestingly though, ebay honors a paypal case decision, but paypal does not honor the ebay decision.
So now the other dude....eric_scott_harstad   Guy also bought a pair of shoes for $39. Then contacted me upon receipt telling me I forgot the shoe trees.    Him...."Hi, The package arrived today, however the shoe trees were missing. Could you send them separately?"   Me...."As far I can see you have not purchased any shoe trees. I have two styles available in my store but I'm pretty sure neither fits a size 12."    Him....."I purchased a pair of shoes with shoe...
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