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Anyone know anything about Spanish Militaria?   Trying to date this bad boy.  No markings whatsoever, other than the button back marks "Fabricacion Nacional"                  
The intern.
Seventeen, the only way I had a carIs after I dropped my mama off where she needed to goFour bald tires, with the ceiling falling and the window stuckBut the only thing that I cared about was the radioWe'd turn it on, turn it up to ten, and everybody would jump on in.
Or.... See my sig, then PM me.
What are we supposed to be looking at?
One of the worlds largest individual consumers of Jack Daniels. Fabled to have consumed nearly 15,000 bottles, over the course of 40 years.
Just to be clear, I only opted out of the hardwood floor, for the possibility of distant future rental.  The current vinyl color selection probably has no bearing on the future use as a rental, as I will likely have it worn out by the time I even think about having a tenant. 
Funny thing to mention.Couldn't tell you where the nearest ikea is, never even seen one. But we have 500 antique dealers in our tiny town.
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