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I buy a hell of a lot of women's jeans for my friend in VA. Plus I have the wife's jeans on right now.  
yeha, shirts and jackets are opposite.
Don't know about Kiton, but most womens and mens jeans button the same.
I would, but this particular store prices orphaned jackets at $50-$70, Suits even more. Yet the sign above still reads Suits $15.99 (unless otherwise marked)  And every damn thing is otherwise marked.
Two weeks ago, I saw goodwill employees hurry a homeless women out of the store because she did not smell good. She was there shopping just like everyone else. Then they made fun of her after she left. I don't think I will be shopping at that location anymore.
Well, she sounds a little more willing to work for you.
Would avoid anything remotely woman-like from a town called Moody
Found:   Asian Zanella Equivalent  
Yeas many times, I always just chalk it up to cost of selling menswear. Everyones eyes are different.
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