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Those examples look fine, what am I missing?...though my eyes are not the greatest.
Some thrifted ties from the weekend and a couple e-thrifts.                                                
The weekend preview.
Depends what it is really, but some of the vintage stuff is pretty well made.
I believe the correct hybrid breed name for that mix is Big Black Wiener 
Contents:100% Vicuña Hunter
Except, of course, for the rain keeping black beauty in the stable.
Awesome day, full car, full belly....thanks Spoo Fit pic. Jacket: 100% Cashmere Tweed, Belvest for Davide Cenci. E-thrift Shirt: Brooks Brothers - thrift Tie: Vintage Brooks Brothers - thrift Pants: Kohls Socks: basic black - thrift Belt: Brooks Brothers - thrift Shoes: Silvano Lattanzi Shell Cordovan bespoke. E-thrifted Big ole glass of Jack Daniels after a great day of thrifting with friends. priceless.
Popped. First thrifted Kiton, unlined, hand rolled wool. Missing label, thank goodness I studied those content tags.
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