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It sounds hideous.
Perhaps he was in drill and had an officer that favored right face.
Yes, those are still Red Wing, about 1990's 
The SEAM Store Office Project Update   The plaster was given a week to cure. So... Thursday night marked the beginning of my part in the process.   35 Gallons total of masonry sealer/primer, ceiling paint, trim paint and finish paint.   So far, other than the stairway (which I have not touched), I have gotten all the primer and ceilings finished, and have the first coat of finish paint on the bathroom, shipping/receiving and inventory rooms.   Sometime, yesterday,...
Figured I'd put this up before I go paint for the rest of the day.....   It's not the greatest, but I could not and would not leave it behind. 1950's Wool/Vicuna Blend Polo Coat by Browning King & Co                      
Not serious??!!
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