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The wife has been wanting one of these for years. I almost dropped a couple hundred on one last year.   Didn't..   Got this one for $12.97 today. Just needs a coat of paint, or stain, depending on which house it's going in (her's or mine).     
No, went pantsless for the casual part.
Just gonna leave this right here. Almost didn't grab it because I prefer my vicuña medium rare, but what the heck.
Just ran across that by accident. Pretty cool.
Some one with no style sense.
So, thanks or all the help on what to wear to the outdoor wedding today. Depending on what website you look at, "Casual Elegant Attire" can mean so many different things. Many wedding planners advise against using that vague term on the invites, but apparently by buddy and his soon-to-be wife didn't get that memo.   I did find out that the men in the wedding party are wearing khakis and a vest (I assume shirts too), but no jacket or tie.   So here is where I ended up....
PA has shell cordovan outbreaks all the time.
@Nataku thrifts in the future.
Big thanks to all of you who took advantage of the 3 day "Thanks for voting for Cindergrilla Blowout Sale", glad I could hook up you fellas with some decent deals.
I would wind up in a wheelchair if I wore geta.
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