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I wouldn't even be quiet about it.
Some awesome vintage Dehner Boots sent in by @Takai    These things were so crusty. After I washed them up, I decided I wanted to try and preserve the amazing patina instead of bring them back to black.                      
Found this stuff in the back of the inventory room, could have been thrifted maybe 2 years ago. #backlogissues   1950's Coast Guard jacket, converted to something more casual.         VTG Lord West Tuxedo with superliner             50's Palm Beach Midnight Shawl Jacket           VTG 60's Brooks Brothers Shawl jacket             50's Shawl Jacket, local tailor         50's Midnight Shawl...
Gotta start teaching them young.  *note, the V - vicuna is for baby, the stogie is for you. Don't get it twisted. Congrats!
I honestly can take or leave the teak look usually, but that bed is absolutely beautiful.
+1, I don't think I have any currently, but I did before I purged the stuff that was too big now. I like their plaids especially.
TNM I think
Sewnpac could be useful, but just does not have the same ring to it.
1966 Bespoke 3 Piece, Charcoal with subtle Red Plaid         1960's Blue/Gray and Brown Sharkskin, by Sears             NWOT, Unfinished H. Freeman           Tom James H&S Cloth         8 month old Tom James in Staple Solid Gray,         Light Gray Tom James                                                    
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