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Congrats, D!
Stopped at one of my worst stores for the last stop of the day today, I almost always leave empty-handed. 10 minutes from closing. Spent 5 minutes in menswear, and gave up. (Its one of those stores that does not sort anything. It might as well all be laying on the floor. I hate those Goodwills, we have 3 that do that.)   On the way out the door I saw a small basket of sunglasses. Nothing Next to that was a smaller basket of watches.   Hmmm.....what's...
Been a good long while since they used that label. 
To me it looks like HOWOT.Hella Old Without Tags
Come-on GDJ, its the Reverse Macklemore™. And for $200, that would have probably gone home with me.
                Borsalino Bolivian Chola Bowler                
Tagged 42,43" ChestThough sleeves probably not long enough for you.
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