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Two PRL Italy Suits, one NWT, one NWOT   the-seam-store
Floral Velvet Peak Lapel Jacket
Nice shoes!
Tumi Slim Briefcase - Ending very soon   Boot shaped Sterling Silver Bottle Opener/Cork Screw   Hickok Alligator Belt
Will not be a dick, though it may be tempting.
Vanity sized, but still. A lot of little changes. - No donuts by the coffee pot like at my previous place of employment.- No fellow employees asking if I want to go get a burrito, after I already ate my packed lunch.- New office layout is about 90% standing.- Started eating breakfast every day- Vitamin D suppliment every day- Got a puppy- Volunteered on an organic farm
Also, this happened yesterday for the first time in probably 14 years....  
 Sylvester Stallone "John Rambo" Signed M65 Army Vietnam Field Jacket ASI Proof   Travel Shoe Shine Kit
Let's see how this e-thrift goes...
New Posts  All Forums: