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 The Hanover Shoes above were smoothed a bit with a deer bone and shined and buffed with a brush and rag. The deerbone can help take the edge off some of the marks and help to add natural oils to dry areas, but it's not a perfect solution.  The process took about 30-45 minutes, no polish or other product was used.
Lol, this probably predates that entire company....even Marc himself.
Nope. Not BRPants seams.
Yes, the numbers are crap. Mine are always wrong and the total percentage does not add up from the separate parts. Still bugs.
Any ideas? Bet you're wrong.
I eat my spinach.
I've got a larger magnet version coming for the back in the next day or so....you know, to give those people stuck in the traffic jam behind me something to do besides pick their noses.
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