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Lunch. Sorry.
           Garza Grossa     Church's Consul                        [[SPOILER]]
Soon. The O3 chamber only has the exhaust fan so far. The machine is roughly $1500, so it will have to wait a bit. Should have the door seals in place maybe this weekend or next. I have most of the materials for the ThirftyLift, but still need to decide on what hoist I want to use. There are not a lot of options for AC powered hoists, and I really like the control options of the DC powered hoists a lot better. Would need to incorporate an inverter if I go that route though.
1108 posts behind, wow. I think that's the most since I started following this thread.   Had some heavy snow, some bronchitis and a small weekend trip, but that didn't stop the progress.   Just wrapping up a few touch ups over the next few days.   The bathroom fixtures still need to be installed (had some trouble getting a few of them due to a supplier change). I will install my wall shelving after the contractor is finished running exhaust vents in the attic. The...
I have no idea where we left off....but I'll try to update anyway.   Floor is finished, all but the stairs and lower landing. Doors, trim and baseboard are all underway.  Bathroom and windows are next. Upstairs completion projected for mid week.   My DIY portion is just about complete. I still need to engineer the Thrif-T-Lift, have been back and forth on design. Also need to stain all the doors, but that's going to take me a while.   Finished installing the...
The floor is 64% complete.        
Either the square root of 7 or 7 squared. Not sure which.
Today marks one month since the start of the new office project.    Today's progress.   Underlayment laid, joints mudded and sanded.       Flooring arrived, acclimating as we speak.  
If that Yellow JD Shirt happens to be an XL/2XL......  
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