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It's way small....like a 36/38
It's a decent process overall, but I have always been in disagreement with Andy's method of figuring the chest size. If you go by a 4" allowance for the chest, you will get a ton of returns for fit. A more accurate/modern allowance is 2". (A 44" jacket chest measurement is better suited as a size 42 than a 40) 
Looking back, there is no cashmere left.                        
Actually no, but I do have his cell if that counts. No joke.
Schlesinger Brothers Slim Briefcase, with plenty of shelf wear.    [[SPOILER]]
Wouldn't know from personal experience, but it seems like it might make things easier. At least I know I need to drink more wine when my nieces and nephews are here.
  Martin Greenfield Tailored                                
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