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People use my stuff all the time, I run across it by accident or another SF member points it out to me. All my pics are watermarked, but that doesn't stop them. I always report it, but nothing is ever done before the auctions end.
I think I like Butt Tab better.
You just need a bigger paperclip... 
@noob in 89 I see you have been building up some massive 80's/90's storyline for the past several weeks. I hope when you finally tell us all what the hell you are talking about, it's not that you are secretly Bob Saget IRL.
 Warning!      [[SPOILER]]
Just a style, then and now. Allen Edmonds still does it. As does Edward Green and others. And yes, I can photo-market the shit out of some Dexters.
And avoiding ridiculous questions is my goal.
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