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  Hmmm, well ok.               Sure Why Not                      
That's cool. There is nothing perishable in there, however there are a few fragile items. I usually ship closer to Thriftmas Day so it's not so early. However, I had some technical troubles last week on Monday and needed to fill the time to stay productive, so it got shipped a bit early.
First Thanksgiving Dinner today at my aunts house.   Thrift Fit   SC- Thrifted VTG Grief  Shirt - Thrifted Bespoke, found a lot of 9 all a perfect fit. Fat neck, T-rex arms and Slimmer fitting. Pants - J Crew Khakis, gift from @Snoogz Shoes - Gordon Rush Double Monks, found yesterday Socks - Thrifted Argyle Cufflinks - Thrifted, Plain Stone Watch - Thrifted  Belt/Buckle - Gift from @330CK
Would have been less dickish to just say that the first time.
Would make sense since that is one of his ebay selling accounts.
Better pics of the Mighty Mac...   [[SPOILER]]
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