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The SEAM Store Office Project Update   The plaster was given a week to cure. So... Thursday night marked the beginning of my part in the process.   35 Gallons total of masonry sealer/primer, ceiling paint, trim paint and finish paint.   So far, other than the stairway (which I have not touched), I have gotten all the primer and ceilings finished, and have the first coat of finish paint on the bathroom, shipping/receiving and inventory rooms.   Sometime, yesterday,...
Figured I'd put this up before I go paint for the rest of the day.....   It's not the greatest, but I could not and would not leave it behind. 1950's Wool/Vicuna Blend Polo Coat by Browning King & Co                      
Not serious??!!
I was waiting for you. Haven't measured it yet....but I bet it is.
Anyone know anything about Spanish Militaria?   Trying to date this bad boy.  No markings whatsoever, other than the button back marks "Fabricacion Nacional"                  
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