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26/11/73 Looks like the same date/code that is on all of the Italian made suit labels, not specifically for this item. Cool jacket though.    
Ben silver buttons are gold plated unless otherwise marked. Still hella valuable for buttons.
They do exist....but this one looks real.
Minty PRL Patchwork Madras.....reserved for Spoo  
Black Fullstrap Tassel Loafers? The number indicates calfskin. Never seen that style in Shell, might have existed at one time, or by special order of course.
Not usually. what's the number on yours.
Yesterday's Shoes.....   Cheaney Brogue Cap Toe Oxfords     Cheaney Royal Tweed Cap Toe Oxford     Church's Shortwings     French Shriner & Urner Shortwings     Ferragamo Cap Toe Bal     Ferragamo Gancini Bit Loafer     AE Bridgeton     AE Newport     Zelli Peccary Skin Loafers     Zelli Croc Skin Strap Loafers     Frye Two-Tone Hand-sewn Mocs     VTG Red Wing Shoes     NWD Florsheim Tassels.....oops, missing...
I was already comfortable with that, but losing my shipping discounts over it is going to be hella expensive. They need to revamp the system before it begins.
DEFECT RATE RANT   I have 3 returns started this week. All 3 are because the buyers didn't like the color, yet they are returning the items as Defective. WTF! 
Tagged 7.25, will measure tomorrowMade in Ireland, 100% cottonMore of a bucket than a fedora I suppose.
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