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Another small unicorn herd, courtesy of the #SpooPoker2015megamenswearbuyout               Pop!     Beep Beep        
      Frangi Silk/Wool Fringe Scarf     Shetland Wool Scarf     Cashmere Scarf     Faribo Lap Blanket     Heisman Trophy blazer buttons     Trafalgar Beater   Dingman     Trafalgar  
Damn you good hair people, you make me sick. 
Thrift fit.   Jumbo coffee table (Repurposed kitchen table with legs shortened) - yard sale Fire screen. Thrifted Chairs, thrifted Fire Tools, thrifted Andirons, thrifted Tin Candle holders, thrifted VTG Wedgewood china set, thrifted Milk Glass S/P, thrifted Food, leftovers.  
You all may remember that I thrift women's jeans to send to my thrifting friend in a poorer economy so she can sell them.  A few weeks ago, she sent this pic, mid thrift in store somewhere in Appalachia. Asking about the leather jacket in the front.   I said, "Pass on that, but what about that one with the beaver fur collar?"     [[SPOILER]]
Ridiculous vintage Camelhair/Beaver Hickey Freeman Coat    http://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-Hickey-Freeman-100-Camel-Hair-Beaver-Trim-Overcoat-Mens-Sz-40-44-EUC-/262262607423?hash=item3d1011ce3f:g:AJUAAOSwYIhWhdU-      
See my correction
It doesn't look like the Unite Tag, so probably the ACTWU tag  So, 1995 at the very latest.
Backlog Day, Formal Edition.                                                               I think this is the one I traded with Orgetorix      
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