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Would have preferred saute'ed myself, but dad brought the legs up, and he wanted them cajun fried, so that's what I did.
Looks like A. Lochnessmonster to me.
I nair heard it.
The trick is getting the hair off.
Kermit today, Miss Piggy this Sunday. At this rate, I should have all the muppets knocked out by June 1st.  
Binge and Purge.                                                                                
I can eat like 3 loaves of bread.
I'm sold out, but I do have one vintage 49er left
Yeah, that's all I had too. Didn't know if it had a specific name. Age - ?, no union tags, but fully canvassed, so I'd assume from back when everything was canvassed.Maker - ?, no labels whatsoever.Size - 38R
Flannel what?
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