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I bought them knowing they were popular, but only expected about $200 each over a few weeks time.
Yeah, a nicer guy probably would have paid $40 a piece for them. Thanks
$30 each.
Follow-up on the 4 pairs of NOS boots.  [[SPOILER]]
You're cooking them too long.
Bought you a Ferrari and still asking for more. Kids these days.
Stopped in at a semi-local (within 150 mile radius) spot the other day. It was marked on Google maps as a thrift store. When I walked inside, I realized it was a buy/sell/trade/consign shop that will sell your stuff on eBay. No clothing anywhere, just collectibles. Found a case full of model cars and picked out a Ferrari for you know who. While the owner was getting the car out of the case I told him about the guy who thrifted a Ferrari and that said guy and I were both...
Had a 12 hour thrift loop last year that yielded 1 pair of cufflinks and a pair of shoe trees. Hope that helps.
But, I do know you have a thing for rust colored squares.
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