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Been had. Suicide ski sweater
0.7% here. It's a shit move for sure, but sending an email phrased like they are doing us a favor by simplifying it only makes it worse in my opinion. Why not just say, "Hey decade+ paypal user, unfortunately for you, we are not going to be giving fee discounts any more. It's nothing you did wrong....it's really for no reason, other than we want more of your money. However, we would like to sincerely thank you for your continued patronage....though you really don't have...
Mu Ther Fu Kker
Edward Green on the Special Brook Brothers #346 Last. Similar to the EG 202 last.
Odd Tweed Vests          
Well that ended quick. lol
  No, I did not pay $44, lol. Actually wasn't even $4                    
Nobody makes Versace, Versace just ..... IS
Kinda reminds me of this.... 
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