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Certainly looks like it.
After last years embarrassing misunderstanding of annual vs perennial plants, I did much better thrifting these for $20 total. 6 iris 4 black eyed Susan 3 fescue 2 spider flower 2 Lilly 3 something I forget. (Apparently not forget me nots)
I have the Baratza Encore (similar, yet slightly lesser model). Got it free from Tonx back when they used to give you cool stuff for signing up, before they merged with Blue Bottle. I use it every day for 2-3 years now. A saucer should cover nicely to help keep the dust out. I add and grind only the beans I need for the current pot, and they don't jump out if I forget to put the lid on.   Nice find.
Been a long time since I got out and really thrifted. Getting rusty. Is this still a thing?
At ours I found a non-empty "tobacky" dugout and bat for 25 cents.
I guess enough of you have reached out to me to find out if I am still alive, so I had better stop in and say "Hi, I'm still here."   We've had a little hiccup around here which left me thrifting my own backlog for the last 2 months or so. Should be back to real thrifting in another week or so I hope. Been taking the opportunity during the slow season to tweak my process and setup for maximum efficiency come fall.   We had a wedding to attend this past weekend, and...
From what I gathered from Jompso's rapidly deteriorating posts....it's Purple.
Oops, wrong thread ^
I've ridden in both of them. One time, after a day of hardcore thrifting, Spoo and I even had my wife in the back seat of the Masi.....while there was a dead chick stuffed in the trunk.  
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