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For those subscribers who may not already know about the charity auction event @SpooPoker put together to help the family of a fellow member who has passed (hbkshin)   Lots of good stuff in here from several good-hearted gents with whom I am honored to share web space.   #ForBrian Auction Collection
My two are up. I've created an event wide collection to make it easy to see the whole gallery. I'll add more listings throughout the evening as they populate.     #ForBrian Collection
Does it come with a RL pencil? 
Skeet ties?
Kiton Sport Coat   2 Drakes Ties   Caraceni Bespoke Velvet Dinner Jacket   Kiton Shearling Coat   Loro Piana Cashmere V Neck
Sutor Mantelassi 10.5   RL Brogue Leather Desk Tray   Rolex Passport Cover
M65 with liner         Recent HF Addison Suit         Bb Stretch       VTG BB Brown Flannel         First non HF G&H         VTG HF Plaid         3 Piece Tweed         Blazer         Bb Tweed           Gieves    
It's 5 business days. If you go to the return details, you should see a date that they told her to return it by. After that date you should be able to call and escalate to a case which should be closed in your favor.
Can we play a different game now?   Lol
And this one just arrived yesterday, I wouldn't really call them "Gems", but definitely some nice costume jewelry.   200 Tie Lot   All in all probably 165/205 are going into inventory, and all but 4-5 were in superb condition.
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