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Should be on the transaction details page. The invoice would have shown the address.
Do the addresses match?
If he is purchasing again with another account, and you can prove (address, name etc) report it via the automated "report a buyer" system. I would just ship and see. You will pretty much have him by the balls on any ebay claim. 
weird, maybe he was autoblocked by your buyer recquiremnt. settings
Assuming you blocked the first buyer. If so...If it is the same ship to address, he is in violation of eBay policy concerning circumvention of block list. Report them and then just wait and see what he does.
I'd call it outerwear. Sized 42, but fits large on me, like a 46. Would go nice over a fair isle sweater. Plus it has a martingale back 
It is though, huh? Nice and hefty. All the other Charvet ties I have ever found were that really grabby silk that gets snagged on everything.
                    Did someone say Karakul / Astrakhan / Persian Lamb?                
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