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Yeah, I entered the contest last year, but did not realize I needed to be proactive in rounding up votes, and lost by like 500 votes. lol. Not this time buddy.  BTW, it's after midnight here.....the new voting day just officially began. Thanks for all who voted in the last two days, would love if you would keep voting. Sad story, we had some beautiful grass fed beef t-bone steaks bloomed and seasoned in the fridge for 3 or 4 days. I cooked them on cindergrilla last...
Don't think to hard about it. It's simple.   Vote for Cindergrilla. Vote every day. I win Grill. You earn big discount.
No, the point is for Wes to win a new grill!
Barely in the lead, bro. It's going to be close. But in truth, they provided each contestant with website widgets and links in order to round up their own votes from friends and family. This is all to be expected and completely within the rules. I'm just not allowed to create multiple user logins and vote repeatedly for myself, or use an automated voting tool.
Have to thrift a panoramic lens first.
Thanks, tell Alisha I said happy belated birthday.
No worries. I'm sure the other contestants will be using their 1000+ facebook friends for their votes. 
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