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Flagged.  lol
Damn, thrift stores in prison!
^^ Hiking Growlers? Nice.
One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the challenge of figuring out the perfect gift for each person.  For me the best part is 'watching' the recipient open the gift and seeing that they know I really thought about them while selecting it.  I have so much fun sleuthing for this exchange each year.   This year, unexpectedly, I got one of those gifts from my thriftmas gifter, @My Main Man     10 great ties.       Some Ale     BB Shetland Sweater and...
Got the nicest box of stuff from my thriftmas gifter, @My Main Man     10 great ties.       Some Ale     BB Shetland Sweater and Harris Tweed     A great book     Another great book       And a totally freaking awesome book.   With chronological photos of the construction of the Gentleman Cave          Thanks so much, my wife and I both teared up a little when I opened it. Very nice thought.   PS. I will find that Tommy...
Oh, thanks!  I don't edit my pics, no time for that shit. lol
Is dope good or bad?
So sorry to hear that. 
A woman I bought some stuff from before contacted me last week about having run across some of her uncles sunglasses. Made me a nice (thrift prices) deal on a lot of 34 pairs. Here are some of the nicer ones. Carrera 5512    [[SPOILER]]   Bolle   [[SPOILER]]  Bolle   [[SPOILER]]   Eagle Eye  [[SPOILER]]  Hobie   [[SPOILER]]  Stetson   [[SPOILER]]  Stetson   [[SPOILER]]  Ralph Lauren  [[SPOILER]]  Serengeti  [[SPOILER]]  Serengeti  [[SPOILER]]  Serengeti  [[SPOILER]]  Maui...
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