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The 11 pairs of pants? That was you?
Sold 11 pairs of size 46 (US) Stefano Ricci pants to the owner of a Donut Company.   Sold a pair of shoes to one of the executive producers of King of the Hill.   A couple items went to museums, back when I sold collectibles.   Several vintage items to photographers and theatrical groups.   Other than that, I can't remember. 
Popped my Ray-Ban cherry today. Didn't even have to dig. They were just sitting on top of the counter when I went to the register. Not sure how long they were sitting there,  couldn't have been long considering they were $2.   Model L1004 - Olympian II                                                                            
Would have preferred saute'ed myself, but dad brought the legs up, and he wanted them cajun fried, so that's what I did.
Looks like A. Lochnessmonster to me.
I nair heard it.
The trick is getting the hair off.
Kermit today, Miss Piggy this Sunday. At this rate, I should have all the muppets knocked out by June 1st.  
Binge and Purge.                                                                                
I can eat like 3 loaves of bread.
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