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Nah, those Duke boys would have jumped it.
It's hard to say actually, as that union tag was used from the 30s till the 90s. I'd be more likely to estimate 50s. And if my memory serves me correctly, the ugwa was not "registered" until about 1950.
These vintage Hanover Longwings didn't need much help.                
The Plymouth Shoe Company, Shortwings.              
[[SPOILER]]  Plasterboard installed, cleanup and attic insulation tomorrow, plaster started by end of this week. Stairs    Entry Closet  Common Room    Main Office and Photo    Bathroom  Hall and Deodorizing Chamber
  You all may be growing weary of the construction pics, but.......fuks... I have none to give. All ceiling plaster board installed, and a little of the walls.          
Polo Mocs     Polo Kiltie     Chetwynd     Monks in the church not the monastery     Magnani almost whole cuts.     Gancini Bits       Weird ass Dingmans     Magli for the giant footed     AE Split Toe     AE Sanford     50th Anniversary Alden Black Shell     Crappy Florsheim Gators in Asian size     AE baskets  
 Officially one week down. Seems like they may be ahead of schedule at this point.....we shall see. Everything is cleaned up and ready for plaster board tomorrow. All electric and plumbing rough in is complete.  Main Office, pocket door framing installed New Windows in the main office New location of photo area.  Reclaimed about 4 sq ft of what would have been wasted stair space. I hate wasted space.  From the new window corner looking out. Bath Surround installed  No...
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