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One word.... Summer
Anyone here go to Princeton?     Anyone here graduate from Princeton in '83 and wear a 50L jacket?  
It's vinyl sheet. I prefer free, otherwise wasted leftovers over buying tile any day of the week. Additionally I despise cleaning tile grout. Furthermore, after many years as a journeyman water damage restoration tech, I would never, ever, ever buy laminate flooring.
Technically, Cost of goods sold only becomes deductible once the item is sold.
   [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
Love it the way it is, hopefully love it more after..... 
You should be keeping a record of everything you spend and all the money you receive. 
You just keep waiting. The buyer technically only has 5-6 days to return the item after initiation. If it still only shows "Return Started" , after about a 5 weeks it will roll off and close automatically. 
Insane...I think JC would be very proud.
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