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And avoiding ridiculous questions is my goal.
@Thrift Vader I sent you a couple messages about the watch, but they keep showing up as messages sent to myself. So I guess you must have me blocked, and can't even see this.
I always show the under collar to show whether or not it is hand finished. Just something I started doing a couple years ago, that stuck. The reason I do it is because it helps answer a lot of random questions and saves me time in the long run. Questions likeCan you take a picture of the back of the lapel and send it to me?Is the collar hand finished?Does the button hole go all the way through or is it just stitched on the front?Is there a boutonneire loop? It also helps...
Oui Oui
That's an oak leaf, but couldn't tell you what it means.
Jos A Bank : Dodge Neon
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