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To spoiler, or not to spoiler? That is the question.....
My highest is 180 something, I think. But it wasn't as loud as that one.
Was going to say the exact same thing, with fewer words and surely less eloquently last night, but I have been battling a respiratory infection and didn't have the energy.  Well said Org.
I simply refuse to by New underwear. Second/third hand is the only way for me.
I fought one once. The notorious case of the "Vintage means New" tuxedo. Ebay decided in buyer's favor, Buyer had to provide tracking and proof of delivery, then I had a certain amount of time to pay them back. I ended up appealing because the buyer damaged the suit during the return.   
Looks pretty good to me. Here it is new....http://usa.hermes.com/woman/scarves/scarves-90/silk-twill/blue/configurable-product-002757s-47904.html
It rests on the kitchen table, which BTW is bistro height.
Tie haul just came in. E-thrifted for $4.43 each. Sorry for the inadvertent pic of my cock.
Yep, the labels are only 5-7/16" wide. Obv, they still wrap around the other way. I just make sure the bar code is scannable. 
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