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Well, I might disappear for a little while.... not sure. Will have to see how this all goes.   We are headed out in an hour or so to send off our little pup, Mia, who we've had for about 14 years. It has been the hardest decision we've ever had to make, and we are so utterly exhausted from weeping. Since we have been unable to have children, Mia has filled the void better than anyone could have ever hoped or imagined. She has done nothing but love us every minute of...
Deadstock 1950's Evans slippers           AE Aberdeen     Gamo Beaters       Alden for JAB         Barrie Ltd Semi Jods    
@My Main Man I have not smiled, let alone laughed all week until now, thanks for that.
Now that is dare I say....a work of art
I told him once. Don't misbehave.
Best....   Dem Gold Buttons Tom Ford Loafers Caraceni Sport Coat with Shotgun shell buttons. Anderson & Sheppard Tweed NWT Loro Piana leather jacket That pile of NOS engineer boots and so much more....     Regrets?   No Regrets, just live and learn.
Should be on the transaction details page. The invoice would have shown the address.
Do the addresses match?
If he is purchasing again with another account, and you can prove (address, name etc) report it via the automated "report a buyer" system. I would just ship and see. You will pretty much have him by the balls on any ebay claim. 
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