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It depends if the case was opened before or after the estimated delivery date. In my opinion either one is BS since you can't really control the delivery progress, but if it's before the estimated delivery date, you can fight it. 
Hmmm.. I was just going by this.... --------------->
April already rolled off. We will be talking May roll-offs by then. Also don't forget, after August 20th we are supposed to be able to call in and dispute any defects that are questionable. I have 4 that I am going to fight.
I think I read somewhere that there is a 3 month grace period any time you fall below the TRS standard, meaning you have 90 days to turn it around before you lose the discount. I may be wrong. Plus you have to consider how many will roll off by then, it only looks back 3 months for higher volume sellers.  EDIT: I was incorrect. The grace period is only for cases where you fall below the minimum transaction volume or 90% tracking standard.
Yes, that's why its a really big deal if you lose the TRS status with the new defect system. If you are a power seller, shipping a lot....you will lose more money by losing the extra shipping discount than you would by losing the FVF discount.
Silver sellers and higher do get Shipping Discounts though.
Something like these
Assumed the A indicated Andy. Quick search....and
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