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I have no idea where we left off....but I'll try to update anyway.   Floor is finished, all but the stairs and lower landing. Doors, trim and baseboard are all underway.  Bathroom and windows are next. Upstairs completion projected for mid week.   My DIY portion is just about complete. I still need to engineer the Thrif-T-Lift, have been back and forth on design. Also need to stain all the doors, but that's going to take me a while.   Finished installing the...
The floor is 64% complete.        
Either the square root of 7 or 7 squared. Not sure which.
Today marks one month since the start of the new office project.    Today's progress.   Underlayment laid, joints mudded and sanded.       Flooring arrived, acclimating as we speak.  
If that Yellow JD Shirt happens to be an XL/2XL......  
I've been away from the thread and in full DIY mode on the new office for the last 11 days. No thrifting, minimal thread time. The last 3 days have been grueling, 45 hours combined trying to finish my part of the project. Here is the update. The changes are not easily noticed in my pics, but trust me...they happened.   All wall/ceiling paint is done, except I haven't touched the stairway yet. Decided to upgrade to crown molding in all areas. Decided to save money and...
It sounds hideous.
Perhaps he was in drill and had an officer that favored right face.
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