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I'd like to sum up this week in two words...... Thanks Denver.
Ok, then I'd call USPS customer service and put in a claim for the money.....if you have an hour to blow. My previous idea, was that if it had been linked to a scan form, it may have still shown as received, hence making it unable to be voided. Did you run the tracking number by chance? If for some reason there is any movement on it other than the original purchase, it won't void. That could only really happen if another tracking number somewhere else was keyed in manually...
I'd actually talk to ebay about it too. A revised negative feedback still carries a defect.
Was the label connected to a bulk shipping scan form?
Check back in a few days....... 
Was going to say NJ, but I didn't want you guys to know which part of MY territory I was in. lol
There is no shipping defect. Unless you drop below 90%. You should be fine. Plus you could fight it if it did actually happen.
I just used the contact us link on their website. Probably won't send a free shoulder strap, but they DO actually sell those separately.
Maybe use "Flags" "Pennant" "Standard" if you have any room. Otherwise should be good.
Scarf print tie....Etendards et Bannieres "Banners and Banners"
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