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I guess enough of you have reached out to me to find out if I am still alive, so I had better stop in and say "Hi, I'm still here."   We've had a little hiccup around here which left me thrifting my own backlog for the last 2 months or so. Should be back to real thrifting in another week or so I hope. Been taking the opportunity during the slow season to tweak my process and setup for maximum efficiency come fall.   We had a wedding to attend this past weekend, and...
From what I gathered from Jompso's rapidly deteriorating posts....it's Purple.
Oops, wrong thread ^
I've ridden in both of them. One time, after a day of hardcore thrifting, Spoo and I even had my wife in the back seat of the Masi.....while there was a dead chick stuffed in the trunk.  
I like to eat a 1/4 pounder and then chug a 12 oz while wearing crappy old my Levis.
VTG Military Issue Pith Helmet       BB Fish Shorts                               VTG Been Had Linen                               Trafalgar    
I would, 100 times out of 100, but maybe that's just me.
Well, if you have this same minimally constructed tri-patch beaut, I would not really consider it an orphan, I would think of it more like the better half of an open marriage.
I left a Leonard Logsdale because it had a hole.
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