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Yeah some of mine do that sometimes. I don't think it's a garage sale issue though. More likely the eBay app. From what I can tell it's only on your own selling page. Your stuff all looks good to me when I view the gallery of your items.
Don't know if you will ever beat them all, but here's what I've got... Chrome on Macbook - Nice  [[SPOILER]]  Safari on Macbook - It just got Weird  [[SPOILER]]  Ebay App Version - iPhone 5 - Nice  [[SPOILER]]  Ebay Mobile Safari Version - iPhone 5 - Bottom portion got narrowed a little.  [[SPOILER]]
Mine too. Though I was a little disappointed in the slowness of it all. In the past paypal/the bank has always contacted me about the suspicious transactions before I even knew they happened. Though the difference is probably that they happened in the middle of the night. Nonetheless, still a pretty quick turnaround. 
Just got the notice a couple minutes ago that I won the dispute. Though they funded the amount a couple days ago to hold me over until the dispute was over.
I take it to mean, time to crack a second beer.
Just an attention grabber, but you never know, right.
Nice, that's pretty. If I had a use for a briefcase, it would have been a done deal.
Hard to say, Took me 2 whole months to move some minty CT wingtips at $40. Chelseas may have been a little more popular though.   and thanks.....so glad I checked in 23 seconds after your post. 
But, you may have just been incorrect in what you expected. If I went to Canada to thrift, I would wear a helmet in preparation to have my cart kicked.
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