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Time to go turkey out, so I'll just leave this here.....though the auctions don't go live for another 2.5 hours. 
Yes, there is a chance. 41R 34/30
Store was closing permanently, everything was at crazy low prices. Ah, missed the "old". I'm good at thrifting, not so much at reading. I'd date it as having timeless styling. Nice high gorge. But probably 90's I guess.
 I'd bring it a box of chocolates and a dozen roses.  A/X was NWT and 25 cents......so, I'm over it too.
Thanks Denver                                                              
If it's an Obama Chia Pet, I have two of those. Waiting to use for target practice.
Didn't run out to our TJ Maxx, but I know what was there.    Been had US Polo Assn Affliction sweatshirts Donald Trump and Penguin ties   Nothing more, nothing less.
Can't believe everyone completely ignored the elephant crocodile in the room.  
Nearly new shell cordovan from 40 years ago seems to have that affect on a lot of people.
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