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Collectin' dem shells.
Careful now. Thrifting dry spells combined with easy Internet access, can be a dangerous thing. I spent nearly $1500 this week on ethrifted items.More on that last part, next week.
I use my 14x10x6 box to ship cowboy boots. But knee length will be a different story. I've used two of my 13x10x4 boxes taped together end to end.
Right, but usually at the end of those calls they would schedule another call, where a special eBay rep and fellow seller would review your account with you and let you know some tips that might help.
225 miles and potentially 18 stores tomorrow. Probably will be more like 14 though since my wife planned for me to have dinner at her friend's house at 6:30. Really?!
Another busy week here at The SEAM Store. The weather was crazy, so I wasn’t sure what to bring out. So, how about a little of everything.   Mint Allen Edmonds MacNeils in Black Shell Cordovan Duchamp spring floral tie, Italy NWT Bailey Panama Fedora NWT Italo Ferretti Tie, Chocolate Brown NWT Canali Linen Blend Patch Pocket Sport Coat Vintage Polka Check Dressing Gown Hickey Freeman Camel/Silk Sport Coat Vintage Edward Green Malvern for Brooks...
Nah, that would be something like. Take it to the cashier.....slam some money down on the counter and say "Bitch, can't you match the muthafukkin pants with the jacket 'round here?!!".....storm out.
^^^And posting like 6 hours earlier than normal.
Then the people around them were missing the pills.
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