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They're pretty much at the start of where they'll really start to pick up on the fading. I'm not even sure if you should feel cheated
Go for it.
How's the sizing on the shirts? I thought I saw some recommending sizing down on some of the latest pages, but I can't for the life of me find those posts now. I usually wear M.   And how's the sizing on the sweaters? Their own measurements fit, but you all know how in-house measurements go..   They're having a sale aswell, up to 50% for different goods. It's mostly asorted jackets and shirts, but you can also cop some Red Wings (though no Iron Rangers or other popular lines). Bummer, I had hoped for a storewide sale
Use the code RGBHOL2011. From 22. November through 28.   EDIT: Although it seems like their stock is heavily reduced. At least they have the normal sizes for most things left.
Alright, I'll try out my TS then. Thanks!   Quote:    
First post on the forums, for a relatively new lurker.   I'm definitely going to pick up the "Going to Battle" 14.8oz Tight Straight pair of jawnz. My usual waist is about 30 when worn mid- to low. Should I get a 29 to compensate for the stretching? It seems like the general consensus is that they don't stretch a lot, so wouldn't sizing down 1 suffice? I like my jeans snug in the waist, principally enough to allow me NOT to wear a belt (even though I always do). My...
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