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Nope   I like the combs, keep beating the shit out of them!  
Astounding look. Make your tennis socks white instead of black, and you might just find yourself ending up on a few tumblr fashion blogs.
I heard that the Alpha Dockers line failed miserably, and that they're usually on sale. I haven't had any luck finding super cheap pairs on Google though. Does anyone know where I might find some cheap pairs?
What are some good sock brands for the dandies? Needs to ship to Europe.
Me too man, but I'm just not liking the cuts of Momo (the ones which are available that is) and I'm going for a pair of PBJ's later on - right now I'd like a pair which aren't super slubby.  
Any other stores to buy high-end denim from, besides BiG, BlueOwl, Context, and Selfedge? I find myself lacking options for slim-cut 76cm/30" waist-sized jeans (past the stretching and all that jazz). I don't really care for the Momo or PBJ jeans right now, and it seems most of the exciting brands like IronHeart are out of stock when it comes to my size.
Baron Wells has marked some items down, including their awesome shirts. You can also grab some of their "contemporary" suiting which I don't really dig.
As if we all haven't used that reasoning a metric shitton of times  
  Heeeell no. Even at 1000$ it's too much. What appeals to you in this deal? The 600 bucks being shaved off? Or the quality? I mean, if 1000$ is your price range, you could find a ton of things that looks greater.
The fit is great, jeans look amazing - I assume you're going to make the inseam shrink through daily wear, and then hem it? Can't wait to see your results, I'm thinking of copping  a pair like that in the somewhere in the future.
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