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Anybody willing to do a quick proxy to Europe? Damn that offer is wicked.
What costs are we looking at shipping-wise? I live in Europe.
Fashionable is a pretty broad term. APC is probably the best if you look at a price/product ratio for an "affordable price". 3Sixteen is similar to APC, but at a better quality/higher price.   Most of the high-end denim brands are for... well, denim nerds, but most make slim cuts, which I assume is what you define as fashionable. Give us a budget to work with, aswell as a cut.
Where can I get a loopwheeled burgundy crewneck sweater in medium (ie, 38" chest)? Samurai made one, but sadly it's sold out at BiG     On par with H&M and sometimes below. It's mostly hit and miss. Their basic tees are really thin and flimsy, but I still have some graphic ones which are of good quality. Shirts are pretty awful. Their jeans are shit too, but surprisingly enough their shorts are actually really durable and (mostly) look good. Expect a slim fit unless...
Bought an oxford shirt from them, it fits nicely and has a very durable and nice feel to it. Made in Europe = Made in Portugal, as they've already said in this thread. Just a little FYI if you really care about the country of origin.
The leather probably isn't going to hold up for more than 1 or 2 seaons. It looks like the type of leather that will quickly look all wrinkled up and ugly.  And I'm not sure that buckle thing will hold up very well.   For 145 bucks you can do a lot better, but if you really like those boots, you should get them. Personally I think you should just get a pair of quality black chelsea boots, and wear the shit out of them without polishing them. They'll look a lot more...
New Standards are pretty slim, New Standards are even slimmer according to A.P.C themselves. It also depends on sizing. New Standards can be anywhere from slim to skinny. Better to ask (or better yet, just lurk) the official APC thread, they can probably answer your question better.   As for the redirection, that is because all APC denim is unisex.  
They are the prime example of vanity-sized jeans. check here for all the models and their measurements. Check out the APC thread too for people experience with the denim - it usually stretches a ton.
Levi's take on the shirt is pretty much classic: clear, blue indigo, and mother of pearl snaps.
Where can I find some long-sleeved polo's? Preferably a bit in the varsity-style. Thanks.
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