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Camo shirt is still being cleared at customs, can't wait to rock that shit tomorrow
I have no clue about that particular brand, but one forum that might is AuthenticForum. Some of the members there have hawkeyes when it comes to fakes.
This thread...   Search around in a second-hand/thrift store. Best of luck to you in your style ventures.
OG. You know, original oangster. It's Mauro's homage to his main man Ice-Cube, and a throwback to golden age hip-hop.
Where to kop?
Oooh goody. Maybe add them when the redesigned website goes up?
Are the duck pants from an older season?
Norse Project's knits come to mind. I can't speak for their quality though, but I'm sure they're made in Portugal.
Keep us updated
Oh damn, why did I sleep on this   I hope I can snatch one of these, they look interesting.
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