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Where to cop a topcoat in camel? Preferably a shop based in Europe so I don't have to deal with the headache that is the tolls.    I imagine the overcoat be in the vein of the one J.Crew one featured here in It also has to be slim. Thanks in advance.
No, they're just slow. Like, super super super slow. Once you get through the customer service is good though.
Got my tees today and I can say that I'm very happy with them. They are relaxed in the body without looking sloppy, but still very slim in the arms. They are longer than I expected, so we'll see if they hit the sweet spot after a wash. Very good t-shirts for build guys or lanky mofo's!
This goes in quick questions/answers.   First of all: those shoes are pretty poor knockoffs on Vans. Yeah, Voi is a decent brand blah blah blah, but get a pair of Vans instead. Blue plimsolls are pretty versatile and go good with all sorts of jeans (except for bootcuts), so yes. Get a pair plimsolls.     Second: those are not good looking jeans. They are an abomination meant as workwear. You should never, ever, wear those out of a work-related situation where...
I know it ain't exactly denim, but has anyone tried their new tees? How do they fit? I was hoping slim, especially around the arms.
Ended up paying VATS anyway, but the camo shirt kicks ass - and the BD fit is great  
The Player shoe is inheritently more casual because of the lacing, but brogued shoes go poorly with jeans if you ask me. I know a lot are going to disagree with me on that one, so take that as you want.
Apparently it got cleared, because they attempted a delivery earlier. Great success, now let's hope they bring me my hopefully offensive laundry tag ASAP
Camo shirt got caught in customs.. VAT's, here I come
If you have some multipatterns in between, then borderline yes, probably no. Blue is probably the most used colour out there.. Nothing wrong with it, but don't forget that other colours work just as well.
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