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That butterscotch color is definitely stellar. I understand why some stores in the past did not distinguish between Ravello and whiskey. I have seen whiskey shoes become that same warm shade. Cheers.
I like it when Mac shows up and blows other posts out of the water. Sometimes quality clearly trumps quantity.
Bickmore Bick 4 will solve this issue!
Funny. I have been wearing my whiskeys more than ever this summer/fall, and the only consequence is an ever so slight darkening overall.
In my experience, shell is very low maintenance. If you buy whiskey or other lighter colored shell and want to keep it perfectly pristine, you might think/find shell to be high maintenance. Otherwise, all it takes is a brush and some wax polish, and it's all good. Despite what others might contend, shell is a sturdy material, perfectly suited for rain, work, or winter boots/shoes. Also, it definitely wears warmer than leather. But it can look plasticky and unappealing in...
Do you ever wear those Huttons? I find them attractive, appealing even, but I have always avoided them because I doubt I would have occasion to wear them much. Do others have thoughts?
What causes the darkening of whiskey shell? Can it be prevented or lessened?
Does anyone know when DC will receive Ravello CT boot order? Thanks. Cheers.
It seems there is no shortage of Ravello lately. When there is money to be made, Alden fulfills orders, eventually!
Yes, people get way too touchy about their cherished "rare" limited edition fetishized shell shoes.
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