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Keepers after all. Nice! I hope they lighten up for you over time.
@kwhitelaw nice plug for a great cobbler and seller. Aram is tops! I look forward to checking out his new digs. Your restored bluchers look good.
Good color DV.
Definitely use shoe trees and a shoe horn. Giving the shoes a day off between wears is always good. More time than that between wears can be argued as better, however marginally so or not. The most important and basic aspects of shoe care are use trees and wipe them off after you've worn them (and let them dry naturally, if they are wet).Wearing shoes on successive days is fine when traveling or in a pinch, but the primary reason people advise against this as a regular...
Cc shoes are definitely underrated IMO.
I'll see what I can scrounge up tomorrow. The current state of my Hazel shoes is much darker than they were originally. I wanted a burnished antique effect, so I polished with medium and dark brown polish upon purchasing them and have continued ever since.
Lol. Thanks Mike. Aram was doing shoe repair business more or less exclusively for Sky Valet customers under their roof for a long time. Hence the word spinoff. I have been a customer of Sky for more than a decade, and I know Aram well. I suppose I knew he was operating in NoVA for a couple years, but I wasn't familiar with the new concern's name. His work is sublime in any case!
What is Ah One? I have definitely missed something here... Got it. New name for Sky Valet spinoff.
I have a couple Hazel pairs. It can be close to old dark oak, or it can be something else entirely. Honestly, looking for old pairs of dark oak in stock at retailers is probably the best bet to get that just right shade,
I don't mean to pile on. While I think these Shannons are nice, I find them possibly too dark for my taste as well. The burnishing is subtle to the point of being nearly non existent. I trust from your comments it is not just the lighting. Now I'm really interested to see how the dark oak Nevis boots come out. This certainly gives me pause about new Dovers (or Nevis boots) and oxfords in this color. While I have been something of an apologist for EG's inconsistent dark...
New Posts  All Forums: