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Nice loafers!
ditto. The flat stitching looks killer on Whiskey, Ravello, Cigar, etc. There is no distraction from the shell's beauty. Leave the hand stitching look for the LHS. I realize others probably hold different opinions.
I agree with @justinkapur. EG is my preference. But it's not really close in my book. Are you surprised to hear this perspective in this thread? EG's catalogue is enormous, and they do it right. However, G&G does great work, have great materials and leadership.
Explore other lasts. I recognize that certain popular styles are often made on the Barrie last, but for narrow feet, you will likely need to opt for C widths on the Barrie, which sometimes require a special order.A lot of fellows enjoy the Barrie because it is generous in terms of its width and shape. Personally, I prefer the Grant, Aberdeen, and Van over Barrie, but then again I also have narrow feet and just don't yearn for Barrie, which is too blobby to me.
@MrDV takes excellent photos. Well done.
Lol. ^ This is an awesome post. Kudu is cool. It might take some time to grow on you... Not every style is for everyone.
Let's all take a moment to enjoy some shoes!
That is a great choice. It's classic, and you will not be disappointed!
Price Drop to $435! Edward Green for Ralph Lauren - Paultons These loafers are brand new in box. First quality. They are hazel antique and white suede.Size is 9.5/10 D. They are made on Edward Green's sleek 100 loafer/slipper last. This style is not common and makes for an excellent summer, vacation, or leisure loafer. They come with blue Ralph Lauren dust bags and the original box. Please message me with any questions or interest. Shipping to U.S. addresses is...
An authentic Irish Fisherman's Knit Aran sweater from O'Connell's. This is Old Stock and the real McCoy. Purchased and not really used and in very good condition. My loss is your gain. Payment via PayPal. Shipping is included USPS. Size is Medium. Color is natural. This is a steal, as the new version is not as good as the old one! Please message me with any questions or interest. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: