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 If you are new to the Alden shell game and take an 8 US, why not start with a Ravello full strap loafer:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Alden-Ravello-Shell-Cordovan-Full-Strap-Loafer-8D-/141248443079?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item20e31032c7 These are available (not my auction) and look to be slight irregulars.  But if I were you, I would consider picking them up at a fair price. Cheers. 
 I just want to see what price something #4 or #2 will go for on the secondary markets.  BTW, I think you can still get on some rare shell pre-orders without too much hassle. I don't really dig longwings and am unaware of the exact status of pre-orders for them, but I have to believe there are a few confirmed pre-order lists out there, whether at Alden DC, SF, Leathersoul, or the like. Good luck.  
 Black shoes are fine and even essential for many people.  Just because black shoes are not hyped like so much of the unusual on this and other threads does not mean they are not useful or important. Black just does not photograph as well as dark oak, burnt pine, non-black suede, etc. And black seldom occupies a flavor of the month or newfangled status.  That said, you should try on the Edward Green Piccadilly. The 184 last is not for everyone in terms of fit or style, but...
Skoak is sold out of my size in the Dovers. Too bad I guess. Shop around for trees; that's my recommendation.
Shell cordovan can be an extremely cruel mistress with loafers, and creasing is just a part of that. Trees don't really prevent creases, but they will help press the shoes back in shape. Rubbing a deer bone over the creases can reduce their prominence. But ultimately, as soon as you wear the shoes again and flex, the creases/rolls will reappear in all their glory. Whenever I see shoes in threads without any faint signs of creasing on the vamp, I just assume the owner...
No worries. But why alarm a chap, who clearly is nervous.  
 I disagree with rebel222.  Creasing in cordovan is a natural response to flexing in a shoe's vamp.  Unless you can manage to walk without flexing your foot, cordovan shoes will show some creasing over time.  This type of creasing is normal, although its appearance can be temporarily diminished through polishing with a deer bone.   That said, cordovan shoes that are too big, either in length or width, are susceptible to showing worse creasing.  It appears that there is a...
Mdubs-    Don't you already have a pair of Ravello LHS?  LOL that you don't even know what's coming in when.  They look good.     What seconds did you pickup? Cheers. 
 Yes, they are ready and available. And I like to make deals. Cheers!
 Nothing in my size either, except some heinous olive green makeup.  Someone should snap these up: Holborn, 888, Grey Alligator, 9F UK ($1995.00).  Decent deal, if you like alligator. 
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