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Both are nice. Thank you for sharing photos @MoosicPa!
The Make Offer/ Best Offer feature suggests the seller might accept less than the listed price. People are crazy for shell, and, as an observer, I don't rule out any price. The weird thing is Alden can make more of any of these shoes with some lead time. It's not as though the material is gone forever. The cult of shell and Alden is strong and people are willing to pay up to eliminate long wait times and unpredictable supply.
Those are nice skins!
Those are awesome
You might be better off using a different type of leather food or conditioner, such as Bickmore 4, Lexol, or others, instead of Saphir. Also, consider removing the polish and products sitting on the surface before trying to recondition successfully.
These C&Js are so nice. I would consider trading my Whiskey LHS for these in the right shade. Edward Green has started to do a lot in whiskey as well. Alden really should start delivering their Ravello and Whiskey rare shells...
no Ravello in quite some time...
Thanks for sharing this info. Half canvas. That seems unimpressive (disappointing?) at the price point. The tweeds are pretty standard and good. It's the design and label that you're paying for here. Drake's has been toeing the line between their accessory heritage and edited menswear clothing line for a while now. I was surprised to see so much interest in the sport coats in the last several posts. Personally, I do not like the detail combination of the ticket pocket...
@Burzan The grain leather of those double monks looks excellent.
This probably depends more on your perception of value and preference. Personally, I think a pair of black leather oxfords is a must in a wardrobe. However, black shell is an adequate substitute nearly all of the time for many people, especially diehard shell heads in this thread. Alden's leather holds up admirably over the years, so if you don't plan on wearing the black shoes excessively and/or don't care enough to fork over the shell premium, go with leather. However,...
New Posts  All Forums: