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Especially if the Euro tanks, dragging other European economies and exchange rates down, increasing U.S. Dollar buying power.
Leffot used to stock Some UK D widths. RL too. Venanzi as well, but they're long gone.
I wonder if this same policy will be imposed at other EU retailers.
Lolz. Perhaps it's best for Leaves to explain, and let's get back to the primary business of talking shoes and new orders and styles. Cheers.
No, I kept it classic with a dark oak willow Dover.
Zug Zug Zug! And Willow calf to boot. I dig Skoab.
Yes, I held onto a couple pairs from RL's accidental employee code sale. I might consider tassels at some point...
They are not supposed to go on sale at RL-at least not regularly anymore. The golden age of discounted RL shell may be coming to a close for a time. I have a pair for sale that I may pull soon; I may as well just keep them.
The colors of all materials vary so much in different light, not to mention the filters and processing effects people make to their photographs. Tobacco is a good color, but so is clove as is nutmeg. Best of luck.
See: http://www.styleforum.net/t/69702/eg-cadogan-in-suede-input-appreciatedAlso try a google image search of Edward Green suede. Best of luck.
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