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Gouges in leather such as in the picture you provide cannot be repaired per se. However, the divet can be filled and/or concealed with TLC, polish, conditioner. I recommend viewing the official shoe care thread for advice and tips. All will be fine. Best of luck.
Oh snap! This looks cool...
They're nice. Not quite at the Zug level to me. It's the sort of makeup that intrigues me. But it's really hard for me to appreciate the full quality of the makeup without handling swatches and/or seeing a sample pair in person. Then again, I'm conservative.
Those shoes will clean up fine, possibly very well. Going the full factory refurb route does not make sense to me for secondhand shoes in many cases. However, there are several cobblers that could clean those up, replace the heel/toplift and/or sole for a reasonable price. The uppers seem to be in good shape. Do they need polish, TLC, a day at the leather spa, etc? Yes. Are they junk? No. Having this sort of project judged on the before pics by people who lack imagination...
It all depends on what you want to accomplish. I think you might be better off using Bick 4 or a mild conditioner instead of Renovateur, if you want to accentuate the existing patina. Reno will definitely remove layers of polish. If you want to remove some polish and try to get a more even base, go with Renovateur. If you want to remove even more of what's there in terms of polish and color, use Renomat. Best of luck!
A customs charge shipping with FedEx is likely and will probably be more than $22. If something seems too good to be true, e.g. faster shipping time for a lower price, be sure you understand the risks and details. Caveat emptor. Good luck.
Thank you for offering something in pingrain. I think it is yet another cool material.
I dig the material and the shoe trees!  
I think that is the right approach to maintenance for Marlows.   However, if you wear them frequently and/or over time, it has been my experience that they will require more frequent hydration eventually. I have an old trusty pair from 2006 that get wear at least every weekend. I have begun hitting them with some Bick 4 whenever they look rather dry, which amounts to once every couple of months or so. 
New Posts  All Forums: