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It is definitely a summer or more casual color. Those bright yellow undertones are quite prominent IRL.
And yet you can find lasted trees on eBay and on the buying and selling marketplace fairly regularly. EG shoe trees are effective! Also, top drawer and mto orders via trunk shows often have trees included.
Reminded me of this.
Definitely consider Burnt Pine as well. I find it is superior to Edwardian and Hazel in many circumstances.
Zug Zug Zug! And for less than an oxford now costs...
Keep it fresh! Awesome shoes, sport coat, and photo. Nice.
It might depend on colors. From what to what, pray tell?
I find oxfords are far more comfortable, and primarily for this reason, I have not ordered a pair of closed laced boots to date and have no plans to do so. There are other boot options that do double duty better (foul weather or no) in my opinion, e.g. Chelsea, Galway, and Chukka boots. Some may disagree. I think your perspective on such boots is right-neither fish nor fowl. I respect that some like them, however.
I think this sentiment is accurate. (But I don't want to rain on anyone's parade.) Dress boots are definitely old school and probably antiquated for many. As far as a traditional and tasteful style, dress boots are essentially unimpeachable. Call them fogey-ish if you will, but they look virtually the same as oxfords much of the time. They are probably most practical in winter or rain--those times when keeping your ankles dry and warm is desired.
New Posts  All Forums: