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All I'm saying is there are multiple stores out there with the exact style and color you want--in stock. Personally, I would try to avoid the MTO process/premium/wait, but I agree it's important to secure exactly what you want, if possible.  
Shoe polish with much pigment can change that easily
Then it's carried by many stores. I believe it is (or used to be) stock. It's referenced in their description of the Pembroke on the C&J site.
I stand by my statement that the 890 is simply a less attractive version of the 89.
Isn't this a stock item?
They should bring back the old fit. I have heard some grumblings recently about the new fit as well as the higher prices. Do they have new owners who are trying to shake things up a bit? I don't understand what's driving this.
I agree. 888 is better aesthetically. However, your choice should at least consider which one fits better on your foot.
I do not find the 890 sleeker than the 82 or 888. In fact, I find the 89 last for Ralph Lauren more pleasing aesthetically than the new 890 (I think). I would be interested in a side by side photo comparison of the 890 to the 89 to tease out all of the differences.
I do not like Indy related styles for myself. But I certainly appreciate the attractiveness of the so-called "Dr. Jones".
Nice kicks @greasymonkey. Ectons typically look weird in top down pics. I think they are attractive generally, but a Dover without a heel counter would be a nice blend of the two styles IMHO. Cheers. 
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