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Did you proceed with your single MTO?  What are the specs of what you chose?
 I agree with this in principle.  However, when trying to get parties to commit to an MTO (or agree on specs for one), I think a separate thread and/or group messaging works quite well.  It worked for the all Gorse/Zug adventure.  Good luck. 
I am amused that by mentioning the Willow Calf in the wake of the early Zug deliveries, I managed to touch off yet another feeding frenzy and potential GMTOs. Cheers to all my fellow EG fanatics.  Stay thirsty. 
Not sure about 50-50. But I do mix a small amount of vinegar in water to clean salt and grit from leather. Because your typical distilled white vinegar is a mild acid, I think less is more. Save the concentrated vinegar and the 50-50 mix for industrial projects and harder surfaces, like windows, bathrooms, and boats, and be gentle with leather goods. Cheers.
 Ditto. I don't think special ordering a style that is easily procured in the similar dark oak or delapre (or suede) will capture my attention, and I already have enough chukka boots. Moreover, I'd rather have a hatch grain/ Utah/ Delapre chukka, if I were to entertain another pair.  I agree completely with this sentiment. @dddrees, perhaps we should consider going the Falkirk route. Cheers. 
I don't know how you fellows sport more than a few pairs of boots. Especially when they are made of materials that don't deal with water and snow particularly well. When I get boots, I subject them to the elements, expecting performance.
That I understand. I don't like too many of one style, with the exception of plain oxfords and standard leisure penny loafers.However, the Willow looks so good on the Dover. It's why I have not picked up a dark oak Dover yet, holding out for dark oak willow. It also looks cool with all of the punching on the Falkirk.
 My vote is for a Dover (606) or Falkirk (202). Willow calf is elegant, but a bit sporty. Nothing delicate or fussy looking!
 Willow calf is a leather with a pattern of striations on its surface.  I am not sure if the pattern is created through mechanical embossing, chemical tanning, or both.  The visual effect is appealing to me.  It has the allure of something that is subtle and unique; not to mention Willow Calf's deadstock or uncommon status is like catnip to many here.  I mentioned Willow Calf because it is like Heather Gorse in that it seems less common than it should be.  And of course I...
 EG were supposed to get something very similar last year.  I am not sure whether they actually managed to deliver that something, whatever it was. Moreover, Heather Gorse was no longer an option, and then suddenly, it was... btw, nice shot of your boots. It's a more accurate representation of the color in low or ambient light.  Cheers. 
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