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Fellows, I suspect price increases will take place at other brands in the near future. I believe EG has chosen to move early in case they need to make additional price/ operational adjustments. All of these English shoemaking companies import materials from outside the U.K., making weakness in the pound sterling problematic for costs and stable margins. Managing a modern international business can be difficult, and I am relatively sympathetic about the challenges U.K....
I'll take him at his word that the sole on his pairs underperformed. However, among the many possibilities, it could be just a lousy or defective pair in this case. It doesn't necessarily mean that the entire sole run or type of sole is bad. One anecdotal experience does not make a trend.
Edward Green is expensive. They have been expensive since the firm started making and marketing shoes for their own label. And the regular price increases are anywhere from mildly irritating to adding insult to injury. For better or worse, because of where and how they are positioned in the market, EG really wants you to pay for quality--rightly or wrongly, price is being used as a proxy for quality in a sense. EG's goods are popular, and they maintain relatively limited...
Good choice. Break them in, and you'll be glad for your choice! Enjoy.
Yes. That's an awesome and unique makeup. Bauxite is very nice on a Dover as well. Clove suede is also strong! A store somewhere had clove brogues as RTW a few seasons ago. Keep the quality photos coming, fellows.
What is the feeling about the standard soft-sided Edward Green briefcases floating around? Does anyone have pictures of one that has actually been used? These have been made in what seems like fits and starts over the years. Perhaps they were mostly MTO for a time. Reviews or additional info would be appreciated. Also, does EG make those polishing mits any longer?
Wow, those are unique and cool. Nice punched captoe.
Not normal, no. However, they push a lot of BS as firsts (lately)...
Nice job. These are so clean! Are you sure they won't work for you? The shell color on the newer Ralph Lauren version does not compare. I sold my old wingtip Polo version (due to less than ideal fit), and I miss the color of that russet gleam; it's far better than the dark brown in my opinion. But I suppose if they don't fit, they don't fit.
Thanks. That's what I figured. I have not mail ordered from C&J before,
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