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^202 Galway, it's versatile and practical. I understand the Dover far more than the Nevis, and my choice would be a dark oak Dover in lieu of a dark oak Nevis. Good luck with your decision. Cheers.
Is it possible to burnish this type of boarded calf? I am curious because I like this shade, but it's not as dark as plain old dark oak. Cheers.
The model is different because it was made special for Asprey. Brown or dark oak willow indeed.
Size it like a Dover shoe. Maybe, just maybe, up the width fitting, if you want thick socks or something. But I have read posts about boot fits being more generous than shoes.
There are some cool and interesting boot ideas making the rounds lately. If I were more of a boot guy, I'd probably consider jumping in. But nothing surpasses Zug for me. P.S. -I hope the Rosewood Nevis takes off.
You can always do a MTO down the road. It's not really that urgent...
I assumed you would, which is why I chimed in. Cheers. 
You should find pictures of the racing green (forest) lining to represent the lining that will actually go forward (if I am not wrong).  Racing green is more tolerable to some than than minty stuff shown above.  Good luck.   Bright linings are weird on blucher construction shoes IMO because the lining tends to peak out.  
Do not sleep on the Berkeley. It is among the most classic oxfords, and it's more useful/versatile than the Shannon IMO. The Berkeley is also more formal than the Asquith or Beaulieu, but I know some people must have the 888, even though it's not conservative and classic like the 202. In addition, I would think one pair of loafers should be added to the mix before a double monk or multiple boots. Which one to select is your call. I like the Bamford, Piccadilly, Buxton,...
Fair enough. Thanks. I have only seen the brown and cognac EG shell in person once. I would consider them, but it seems a stiff premium over C&J shell and other alternatives. And while EG construction is excellent, they're essentially using the same shell as others supplied by Horween.
New Posts  All Forums: