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Always hold out for EG. Always...
Damn. He's on it.
Knowing there is a shearling lined Mahogany CC Galway around the corner as well does not help either. There is way too much good stuff coming down the Skoaktiebolaget pike. The Nevis in dark oak looks wonderful. When will the pingrain shoes begin to show up? I am interested to see how those came out. Way to tempt us with more Willow also. Cheers.
The Nevis is cool. I always wonder about adding yet another split toe, and a boot at that. It looks good!
At the moment, they are only available in a small handful of RL retail stores.
 Berkeley is king.  The Berkeley is the most attractive oxford in my opinion. The traditional Canterbury pattern is excellent as well.
It's easier to change sole edge color upon a resole than it is to add brass eyelets.
And yet they're far better than Aldens... Enjoy your new shoes.
Perhaps I've been at this too long. But I wanted to provide my assessment and advice. I am not sentimental or overly attached to anything Alden in my collection; they are shoes after all. I've let rare Ravello, whiskey, and cigar shoes go that might floor some in this thread. The main drivers of what should be kept in a shoe collection is personal preference, style/aesthetics, and relative practicality, e.g. will you wear them frequently.I'm jaded and believe most Alden...
I disagree with some of the assessments above, but I am often a contrarian in this thread. Assuming you purchsed the Tankers at full retail or near it-and they are A1 quality, they should be sold. You will maximize your sale price by selling these, and they can be replaced rather easily, as a stock style. What you have picked up in cigar is relatively similar to the #8 Tankers also, but in a less common color. Furthermore, if the number in your collection is limited, all...
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