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Are these D or E widths?
Contact Skoak directly sales@skoaktiebolaget.se You can also view plenty of info on their website. Cheers.
Those G&Gs from Sweden are fresh and a little flashy. Enjoy those fancy shoes. I'm not crazy about HAF soles on boots. Dainite makes sense to me. Cheers.
I feel the same way.
Really? I thought they were excluded...
You better move quickly. The fellows around here will do single MTOs...
What's in the set, exactly?
The issue will be Veldt construction. EG pairs Veldt construction with the 64 last. I don't recall seeing Veldt construction on any other EG boot or shoe, except maybe an old school Dover on the 32 or something. Shearling might be more common on the 64, as a rugged boot calls for better weather-proof construction, hence the Veldt.
@mcarthur- those LHS are awesome!
This is one Bonafe style that I'm considering taking the plunge for. I skipped the EB MTO promotion earlier this year, and while it was not a big deal to me, the seamless and normal wholecuts are stunning. Someone convince me to try the Bonafe. EGs remain my favorite, but my appreciation for Bonafe continues to grow.
New Posts  All Forums: