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Alden and the great shell bubble of 2014.When shoes that grow on you are a deal for $1400...
Those u wing Carmina boots are incredible. I have always been skeptical of Carmina's goods, but those take the cake, and I'm no more skeptical. I would consider them, if they are ever restocked. The finish on that shell looks as good as anything I've seen from any other top maker. Cheers.
Boom. No more assumptions from me!
I have the feeling he finds the 202 a more comfortable and more classic last than the 888 at least when it comes to the Malvern. I believe EG has chosen particular lasts for certain stock models for a reason. There may be some models on which the 888 is well suited (e.g. Asquith), I merely contend the Malvern is not one of them. Also, just because the 888 looks sharp, does not mean it fits well. The 888 and 82 provide a less accommodating or forgiving fit than other Oxford...
I would try to resist the temptation to do an MTO, and I would try to find a retailer who has the makeup you want in chestnut. Certain styles are produced year after year, and this make up seems to be a part of EG's core line. Also, this seems like the style that would crop up on eBay or the marketplace from time to time.
It is likely true for the season, and it does not seem odd. This is just how Edward Green operates. It's worth making a call. They may have older stock of the style and color in the last that you prefer. Otherwise, you can try other resellers, but it may be special make up only. If that fails, chances are you will have to rely on an MTO.
That butterscotch color is definitely stellar. I understand why some stores in the past did not distinguish between Ravello and whiskey. I have seen whiskey shoes become that same warm shade. Cheers.
I like it when Mac shows up and blows other posts out of the water. Sometimes quality clearly trumps quantity.
Bickmore Bick 4 will solve this issue!
Funny. I have been wearing my whiskeys more than ever this summer/fall, and the only consequence is an ever so slight darkening overall.
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