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So who walked away with the Nevis boots on eBay for a song?
Ilcea which produced the material no longer makes Heather Gorse, and I believe EG is out of the leather. Perhaps more could become available, but I would be surprised if that happens.
A simple and quick search for Alfred Sargent and Zug will lead to retailers that have AS Zug boots in stock.With that said, while I'm sure the available AS boots are decent, they are no Zug Galways. Cheers.
A few stores have done runs of the Falkirk in the past. But since it is such a stylized country-sport style, I think it does not sell through as quickly as other more basic styles in some markets.Btw- one classic and adventurous colorway for the Falkirk is Dark Oak and Almond country calf.The Falkirk pattern is traditional, timeless, classic, and excellent. It's definitely in the league of Dover, Galway, Berkeley et al. as far as core Edward Green, which stands apart.
Seeing this makes me want one more, which is accompanied by the tinge of regret about not jumping on this order.Oh well. It allows me more time to consider what color I'll have it in.Enjoy!
@dddrees - what's on your EG wish list?
These are cool. This leather has really grown on me. Thanks for sharing the photos.
Why has this thread been hijacked by people trying to educate us about other brands and the reasons to consider shoes other than EG? I like Edward Green. If you get a better fit or prefer shoes from other makers, cool. But extolling the virtues of other makers/brands ad naseum is probably better suited to other threads.
Because there are many of us who have a preference. Moreover, the quality is not the same across the board; there are differences.
Far more than I need, but I'm a shoe guy, and I don't go for G&G or other makes that resemble the style.
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