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F width could be too wide for you on some lasts. You are probably somewhere between an E and F in Edward Green, depending on the particular last. The 64 is a generous last in terms of width, but some say it is a short last in length. Do you plan to wear thick socks or wool socks with these boots? If so, F width fitting may work. Can you try on a shoe on the 202 in E somewhere for sizing reference. You may wish to email Edward Green for sizing recommendations.
Alden's commando sole is their own special design. The midsole section is leather, which may not be ideal. Dainite is very hard wearing, but it can be slippery when new before the sole is made rough through wear. I really wish Alden used Dainite...
Some of these photos are sick. Zug Zug Zug!
@coldinboston, I was trying to be charitable, hence why I used the word perhaps. These things are mostly based on opinion, cultural context, and individual preference. I'm happy, so long as EG continues to make the 202 and 82 available. Both have their advantages. But the fact that the 82 last sizing has been tweaked is not awesome.
I have to disagree with the above. The 202 is classic, conservative, and beautiful. If anything, it's more conservative. The 82 is great as well and has that more aggressive, stylish flair. I think it's a mistake to call one more formal than the other. Perhaps the 82 is more versatile than the 202 because it's more chiseled toe could be worn with jeans and fashion-forward attire. As a silly analogy, it is like comparing this: To this
These shoes are shell cordovan. If someone needs confirmation of this fact, they can contact RL to verify the product serial number (81597...) matches the shell cordovan product. Btw- RL has not offered a smooth calf version of this shoe in dark brown from C&J in quite sometime...
If you want shoes in exotic leather, simple patterns and conservative colors work best. Consider a plain chelsea style oxford, blucher, or simple loafer in black, brown, or honey. This is a situation where less is more. A restrained style is far more tasteful and versatile than a wild tricked out pair. When I see croc, alligator, or lizard in (double) monks, wild brogues, or garish bright colors, all I think is what a waste of flashy skin that would be more appropriate...
Just FYI - there was a time when Alden San Francisco did not differentiate between whiskey and Ravello. Everything in the shade spectrum light and dark was sold as "whiskey" I believe. If the whiskey is light and flawless, consider keeping them. I have found batches of whiskey commonly come in too dark. Ideally they should come in light, accentuating the clear shell, so you can enjoy darkening them with wear, exposure to sun, and patina. Few other makers execute a whiskey...
It's why I let that shade/pair of Ravello LHS go in the first place. It's slightly light, so a bit close to whiskey shell. But I still somewhat regret returning a pair of Ravello CT boots. Oh well... Whiskey does tend to darken and become a rich shade over time. However, the way whiskey and Ravello develop can vary a great deal. Enjoy!
EG had a rosewood calf color a while ago. You can see pictures of the color in old catalogues and promotional material. I wonder if this new rosewood color is much different than the old version. Thanks for sharing!
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