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^TIA. This Is Alden. The quality control is not very good. Some will make excuses. I will not.
I suggest country calf, Delapre, Utah, Willow calf, or Zug in black to fit the bill. Country calf or Utah Dovers do look great.
Call it what you will. That looks like the old Harrow aka the Wildsmith loafer or HRH house shoe.
True. But I imagine plenty opt out and play in other games by just buying new shoes in shell from other makers and such.
I hope someone who wants these boots can snag them. The popularity of color 4 has really blown up...
I tend to agree. That shade of cigar has not been seen in runs for a while. And that LS wingtip design on the Plaza is pretty cool!
Does anyone have experience with Horween Zug? How does it compare to the old Ilcea stuff or other leathers of the same name? I have yet to examine it in person.
Edward Green Top Drawer shoes are excellent. I must get something new in burnt pine. Nice work!
Both are nice. Thank you for sharing photos @MoosicPa!
The Make Offer/ Best Offer feature suggests the seller might accept less than the listed price. People are crazy for shell, and, as an observer, I don't rule out any price. The weird thing is Alden can make more of any of these shoes with some lead time. It's not as though the material is gone forever. The cult of shell and Alden is strong and people are willing to pay up to eliminate long wait times and unpredictable supply.
New Posts  All Forums: