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Their stuff is in another league compared to Alden!
Stag was like a shaggy long nap suede that came in a camel-like tan color. Pingrain is merely a textured/embossed leather, similar to country calf, but smaller pin sized bumps.
I did bring up Willow. After the surprise of getting Zug, I asked about Willow on something of a flyer, which enabled me to get a dark oak willow Dover on the 606. Part of me wants something in pingrain to go for the trifecta. I really wish old school stag were available as well. As much as I like materials with character from gator to Zug, I'm a huge fan of plain old dark oak.
I think people should just share their ideas for orders. I begged Patrik to find pingrain for make ups. He delivered; but I was not totally sold on the Plymouth-not really my style, though it is cool. I also like the dark brown pingrain. I want something in cordovan. Maybe a Sandringham or something else appealing. The other stuff I would still like to get includes: Falkirk or some sort (maybe country calf or pingrain), Windermere in whiskey crup maybe, and a Dover or...
+1. EG is really what Interests me. Other makers can be cool of course.Honestly, there were only a handful of EG GMTOs that interested me, which seemed to materialize. It seemed like it was mostly Galway and Dover make ups. Skoab delivers much of the stuff that interests me, and it's certainly easy to do single MTOs.I hope the option of GMTOs comes back though.
The Falkirk can be ordered with a thistle detail like the Sandringham.I have been considering a Sandringham in shell for a while. Falkirk first I think.
 You guys are hilarious. Stop trying to justify excess. Buy what you like and don't feel guilty, so long as you wear them occasionally. 
 The Falkirk appears chestnut-like in the above pictures. I still want a Falkirk, but with the thistle detail. Cheers. 
Another voice of reason.
Does anyone know the width difference in inches between a D and an E width fitting? I bought a pair of Chelseas in dark oak on the 82 last, thinking I'd prefer the E width based on another 82 lasted oxford I have, and now I'm not entirely sure.
New Posts  All Forums: