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Those shoes look fine. But that supple leather may crease a good amount with wear.
Edit- I am going to pass, unfortunately.
Do GMTOs for Bonafe all have to be the same width?
I might be into the burgundy grain chukka. What's the status?
I might be inclined to join in, possibly...
Skoaktiebolaget helps to deliver cool leathers, yet again. With limited quantities of some of these leathers, I suppose moving quickly and not waiting for GMTO ideas could be wise.
And what's the going rate these days?
Bauxite is an awesome and underrated color. I recall the Orkney pattern being a tad taller than some other EG chukka boot styles. Good luck organizing.
The Edward Green factory will have a mix of A1 first quality shoes and second quality shoes ("rejects"). The seconds are almost always marked as such, and depending on the type or degree of flaw, they will be discounted more than first quality shoes. You may wish to consider serving as a proxy buyer for some fellows who cannot make it to the factory store in person. By doing so, you could earn a fee for your trouble to offset the cost of your own purchase. A handful of...
New Posts  All Forums: