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That Blackbird "Hayburner" model is bound to be reproduced by some retailer. They are awesome, but not for everyone. Cheers.
The Nevis in Rosewood is awesome. That is my recommendation. I do not like the sweeping stitching line on the shaft of the Thorpe at all, but that's just my opinion.
Gentlemen, it's marketing, and some might argue it's a ploy of sorts. One should inspect the shoes in person, and judge them on their own merits.
CC fares better than leather, but nowhere near as well as Zug. Search this thread because someone did a quick and dirty comparison of the leathers, subjecting them to light rain.
I want this, but in Rosewood CC.
Nice score!
The Dover in Rosewood is strong. That has to be (one of) the best country calf color(s); it shines up and you can see the details, unlike walnut. More ideas for MTOs...What colors were successful for the Nevis GMTO via Skoak? If I recall correctly, Rosewood did not make the cut.
The 808 causes fit issues or problems for many, according to Tony Gaziano, who developed the last during his time at EG. I believe the 808 last was originally used exclusively for the first iterations of EG bespoke and Top Drawer. It is worth doing a search on the subject in this thread or elsewhere on the web because there are more detailed sources of information. I have no qualms with the 808 as it fits my feet, but I prefer the Great 88 last more than both the 808 and...
If it was an old swatch book, it would have a few swatches that are not currently available, which is quite typical.
Do you think there will be a strong secondary market for whiskey WTBs and Ravello CTBs?
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