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Because it looks bespoke. And it's uncommon.
Redwood looks excellent. I don't fully understand the significant appeal of all this unlined business. More options for warm weather I suppose.
Definitely not a new butterfly style.
Congratulations. Photographs?
Shell is a more casual material than calf at its core.
Would you please provide more details soon? Thanks. Def curious!
This batch of cigar looks excellent. Enjoy. Have other recent runs of cigar looked this good? I hope future Ravello shades look as fantastic.
Oh snap. I love EG alligator. So nice.
I completely agree with the sentiment above. Aesthetically, I think the storm welt is suitable for this style shoe in this color. If it were whiskey shell, maybe not.Good luck in what you decide for this cool country shoe.Any whiskey MTOs going on currently?
Those look excellent
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