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And yet the EG whiskey I see from EG and Unipair looks light and flawless. When will someone order a whiskey cordovan Galway?
This is a bit looney tunes in my opinion. Why not wear them until they actually need a recraft, then make them close to new. They are very nice shoes. I suppose I do not understand doing a recraft when the soles have 85%+ of their life left. By all means polish and care for them, but a recraft at this point is aggressive and unnecessary.
Burnt pine is an excellent color. Medium brown with yellow undertones.
I would not call it a disappointment. It's always hit or miss based on what one wishes to purchase.
Darn. I totally forgot to ask about belts... Anyone still headed over willing to proxy for belts?
Random question: did you see any belts or briefcases?
It seems like more old stock than past factory sales, which is awesome, if they have your size. This partly explains the pricing change. Their sale wares get more expensive every year, somewhat like the Drake's sample sale items. Oh well. I'm sure a lot of it will filter to eBay and other secondary markets.
It is definitely a summer or more casual color. Those bright yellow undertones are quite prominent IRL.
And yet you can find lasted trees on eBay and on the buying and selling marketplace fairly regularly. EG shoe trees are effective! Also, top drawer and mto orders via trunk shows often have trees included.
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