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Yes. FedEx will hit you with a hefty fee. USPS can take a long time in some cases. But usps is the better option on a cost basis.
Good color on those!
I think they have a large amount of international travelers/tourists and clientele from Asia and mainland USA. They dropped Geo. Cleverley not so long ago as well. Business is business. I get it.
Bickmore 4 is available, albeit on a limited basis, in Europe.
Arams's work is amazing! And he is a really good fellow. More people ought to reach out to him and patronize his store. He also stocks Aldens and G&G's. Aram is the only cobbler I will let touch my Edward Greens and Aldens outside of the respective factory restoration services.
Don't bet on it. There are a few stores that stock the style...
To me, that would not be ideal. Let the pattern be the focus, rather than the contrast of different materials on the Falkirks. Yet, I still find country calf and Zug Falkirks appealing. Btw, someone got a nice deal on a pair of CC Longmoors with trees for $650 today, courtesy of eBay. I was definitely tempted, but I'll hold out for Falkirks or something I prefer.
I would check on Willow. Black Dovers are incoming this fall, and some may be available.Dark brown pin grain is excellent. I find the brandy pin grain color lackluster for some reason. EG has many exotic/unusual leather options for MTOs and TD orders.I wish someone would offer a run of Falkirks in a medium brown or dark oak. Dark oak is king after all. I'm also still holding out for the real old school shaggy stag.
I don't own a single EG I'd trade for anything Alden. Maybe something for bonafide Color 4, but this would simply be to flip the Aldens, so I could buy a few more Greens...
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