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I know the Asquith in Edwardian is popular. Perhaps this might appeal to that lucky someone: www.styleforum.net/t/417132/nwb-eg-asquith-rlpl-mackay-9-5-10-d888-edwardian-with-trees
 Lexol is excellent. I started using it some time ago based on recommendations in the official shoe care forum. Lexol is an all purpose leather conditioner. I have used Lexol on leather, cordovan, and exotics of all types.  It is great on leather goods, luggage, shoes, etc.  Lexol has not darkened any of my stuff heretofore, and it seems like straight leather lotion. But, I would just double check with other people in the official shoe care forum. In my opinion, Lexol gets...
Perhaps this calls for a PM...
This is an excellent and underrated boot. Also, it easily trumps an all dark oak Galway, and it is certainly classic. Bravo.
We're about to see the market value of those *hideous* color #2 longwing bluchers. Eat your heart out small footed iGents: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Shell-Cordovan-Color-2-Longwings-7D-Barrie-Holy-Grail-of-Aldens-/121434541180?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item1c46100c7c
I agree. A great pair of sober black shoes is a necessary staple, whether you wear them weekly, or only twice per year.Furthermore, it's funny that some will spend a lot of good money on multiple pairs of Dovers and/or Galways in dark oak and other shades of brown, but these same fellows balk at the prospect of purchasing EG black oxfords. Step up your shoe game, and grab a nice pair of black shoes of equal quality to your brown kicks. Cheers.
Lol! Yes, take some initiative.
I figured as much. But I was curious about what others think about the sole for a Ravello boot makeup.
Is the Commando more or less desirable on this makeup? Personally, I'd prefer double leather on rare shell I think. But Commando on shell makes for great rain boots!
What's the deal with those Ravello CT boots? When will they be delivered? I assume there will be some attrition on this order as well.I wish the current cigar came in the color of Mac's wingtip boots. Unless it is medium in color, cigar does not appeal to me.
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