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They had an extended inventory clearing sale from late summer through late fall. I believe they were moving old stock to make room for newly branded stock and redesign/ launch.I am curious to see if any discounting will apply after Xmas, although I will not hold my breath. Shirts are no longer segregated by collar style or French and button cuffs or wool-cotton on the website, and overall, they display fewer shirts than the previous website. Also, I do not really like the...
If asked, they will resole and refurbish without altering the upper. Have done it and seen it a few times.
Sale canceled.
Any plans to stock more Rosewood makeups?
Crepe can be slippery in wet and/or snow. Beware.
I am impressed with @Leaves and his crew's ability to deliver. Heather Gorse, Willow Grain, now Pin Grain, Pomegranate, and English shell. It's like Edward Green Christmas every quarter with these fellows.    That Plymouth makeup will be sweet indeed. Thanks for all of the awesome work and photos. You never disappoint. Cheers. 
I did the same makeup! Well done. Cheers!
The color of the old Polo line version of Marlows/Darltons was truly excellent. The newer shell for Ralph Lauren is definitely darker, and the last for the bluchers may have been tweaked slightly. Are these from the Polo line @mdubs?
What last did you choose for those?
I like the Brandy, but the Dark Oak Willow is really something special! Good work. I wonder if there's any more of this stuff with other makers or sitting in stock as shoes somewhere.
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