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 This is sick! One the coolest ideas for an EG MTO I have seen in a while. 
Dark oak willow is awesome, especially on split toes.
So do all orders before the price increase need to be made by Feb 27?
Hogwash. That's just crazy talk...
For shell cordovan shoes, Alden recommends using paste wax polish, and not shoe cream. Saphir cordovan cream could work fine, just test it on the heel counter or an otherwise inconspicuous area. Straight Renovateur could be more useful than cream. In general, I recommend using care with whiskey shell because I was surprised on one occasion when neutral Saphir cordovan cream, which is specially formulated for shell cordovan, left a splotchy dark stain on a pair of whiskey...
I do not mess with that. Try Alden tan paste wax for whiskey shell cordovan.
Unfortunately, that's pretty common for Alden "firsts" as of late. They're not terrible, but very far from a pristine clear shell.
Flawless Daytrippers! The color is so right. They look good on you.
There are some odd pairs of Zug Dovers and other shoes floating around at a few retailers. p.s. - Ravello Daytrippers do get sold (and returned) from time to time. I was underwhelmed with a new pair, which went straight out the door. Not everyone likes the same stuff I suppose.
I find the idea of a cordovan Dover foolish. When I think EG, my mind goes to calf, Zug, gator, croc, hippo, snake, bullfrog, elephant, ostrich et al. For crup, there are so many other firms who specialize in cordovan. If someone wants to give me free EG shell shoes, I will not object. But I'd rather have country calf or something more interesting from my favorite maker!
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