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There was a sale today!
Yes. There are short wing, plain toe, cap toe, and brogue versions of this style. I do not care for many styles that are popular among SF members, including long wings and most Indies. Everyone's preferences are different; you should get what you like. Glad you discovered Alden. Best of luck. Cheers.
@DWFII speaks the truth. Use your digits; they work best. Nitrile gloves or the equivent keep your fingers clean.
Yes, and it does not crack, split, and wear down as easily as the old stuff either. These loafers look legit to me. Thanks for sharing more of your vast collection.
I think it's just called Russia calf. It's the tanning process and hatch grain pattern that characterizes it. I don't know if (and rather doubt) the calves or tanned leather actually comes from Russia.
I'd love to find a proxy for this upcoming sale. Delapre is supple, but it does not have depth or burnish as normal EG leather.
Great new brand. Their seamless wholecut is fantastic I'm an EG wearer primarily, but this could be a compelling time to switch it up.
To me, it hinges on whether they're truly defective. You should definitely get new shoes that are first quality, if that's what you ordered. But if the shoes just show shop wear or something similar, then you're likely being difficult. See Leffot's policies. I understand people have high standards, and they should if they are shelling out for shoes or anything else. Generally, retailers will work with their customers when customers are straight forward about issues. That...
Now that's a boot guy!
9016 or 9071. The plain chelsea/ captoe oxford style is probably cleaner.
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