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Why don't you contact Alden directly? It sounds like a significant problem. Alden Restorations can cause problems. I have not always been thrilled by some aspects of their work, and there are plenty of skilled cobblers who can handle a higher quality resole. However, if you need a reconditioned upper, especially for cordovan, Alden is a solid choice.
If anyone has the ability to proxy, please PM me. Thank you.
Invulner is best suited for new shoes or clean and well kept shoes that merely need a waterproofing spray coat. I think of the suede Renovateur as providing a moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment that spruces up worn shoes after they have been knocked around and then thoroughly cleaned. I believe the suede Reno has walnut oil to revive the plush look and feel of older suede; also it comes in colors, e.g. black, brown, neutral, which will add some dye (except neutral) to...
Awesome bespoke photos.
The sale items for EG are basically sold out and have been for a few days. But, it doesn't hurt to call.
I recommend wearing the same size as 82/606. The 184 last is trim, especially around the toes and waist, which could mean going up a width fitting.That said, I like the Piccadilly best in Burnt Pine and Dark Oak.
Are the Kent Wang shoe trees the same as the old Ralph Lauren Purple Label shoe trees?  Do you guys know who makes them?  Dasco or someone else?  They look good.    Are there any lasts these trees do not accommodate? Thanks. 
Yes, I know.  Just some friendly ribbing. 
 This is hilarious. I suppose dark oak is inferior to bronze, once you have several pairs of dark oak.  Funny. very funny. 
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