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It looks like the sole has been topy-ied. I do not know whether EG will refurbish after that type of outside work or not, but it is worth asking them. If you assume liability for the repairs, there is a good chance Edward Green will do what they can. The abrasions look like regular wear and tear. This topical damage and polish cover up can be cleaned well with the right products and expertise. While a lot of guys on this thread probably don't go for this kind of...
Those are legit Edward Green.
I'll take the opposite point of view. It's Alden Color #4, which Alden does not produce any longer. Also, the 4x4 shoe was produced in a small run. Unlike Color #4 boots, this is a less common style; although it may not be attractive to everyone. I think the price level for starting bids is near where the market has been for this sort of Alden shoe. I would not buy them, but I have passed on and sold Color #4.
The best shoes always are!
Not exactly.
gosh I miss their EG make ups.
back when $300 seemed like a lot for Marlows, lol. Although the discount leak was excellent as well.
Ah the good old days. I have some old boxes that show ridiculously low original prices compared with today's msrp. Truth be told, I have never paid retail for Marlows of any kind. I miss the stackable sales...
I think the concern over the close sole stitching and tiny chip on the heel is highly overblown. Focus on the upper. If there are no problems with the shell, keep and wear the shoes. Everything you show related the sole is cosmetic. It will all be replaced with a resolve when it is time.
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