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It's true. They are all unimpeachable choices. The fellow needs an oxford of some sort on his wish list.
Words of wisdom!
Here's a project: get EG to make a boot version of the Falkirk...
A bit more standard, but certainly a fine and useful style. Excellent!
Those are crazy good! Well done. And yes, I am jealous...
Differing opinions strike again. I like the heel counters on the Skye. Both are good, of course.
@Shiny looks like an past version of the Plymouth. Enjoy!
I have shoes in Acorn and Hazel. Ultimately, they were too light for me, so I darkened them with some homestyle burnishing and polishing.
I prefer a true brogue, as opposed to the blind brogue of the Inverness. To me Burnt Pine is perfect for a Falkirk makeup because Burnt Pine is brown, but lighter than dark oak, so all the brogueing will show beautifully. For me the color choice relates to versatility and my own style. Chestnut is a fine color in its own right. But I would use it on a different style, e.g. derby or boots. A few of the coolest styles I've seen in Chestnut are the Gresham, Chelsea,...
Malvern, Falkirk, and Hutton are all excellent in my book! Sandringhams are great also. But hey, I like the classics. I'm still holding out for a Falkirk in Burnt Pine. Cheers.
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