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Zug Zug Zug. Horween Zug?
While I understand the point you make about Zug being a general umbrella term, keep in mind that in the Hlustik era and after, I think Edward Green used Ilcea Heather Gorse (Zug) supplied by A.A. Crack (and maybe others) exclusively. It is a specific version of Heather Gorse in this context; much like cordovan from Horween is a specific and high quality product from that tannery. This Ilcea Heather Gorse was available and used by several makers, and it was an incredibly...
The Horween material is different than the vintage stuff Edward Green previously used. Horween's Zug is likely respectable.
What did you order pray tell?
I have always found this style more appealing and traditional than the Asquith and other patterns more common on this thread.    The Cadogan is unimpeachable. Although it's probably boring by SF standards because it is solidly traditional. Also consider the old/traditional Canterbury style. Best of luck in deciding. 
I love this thread when crazy new stuff drops!
It's EG (not Alden), so I am sure they could be convinced to make more, especially if the price is right for them to do so.    Otherwise, I'm sure some Asian stores will make some super exclusive runs in the future. 
Those are among the best shell boots I have seen. Wow.
Either you're okay with flippers or much higher prices from Alden. This is Alden.
They sold and quickly flipped to eBay...
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