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Confusion, no doubt
Likely a mistake in terms. GMTO vs single MTO. Just my educated guess...
pics please. was this a single MTO?
They look fine to me. Yes, they may be slightly darker than you want, but with wear you will get a fine patina naturally. If they are certainly unacceptable to you, I recommend starting with some renovateur to remove the excess dark polish and/or top layers. I would definitely advise against slathering on nail polish and Renomat on a brand new shoe. This seems completely unnecessary and aggressive to me. There will be plenty of time for such measures in the future of you...
If you are asking remotely relevant questions and direct the email to the correct box, you should expect a response within one or two business days. If you have not received a response, check to make sure your message is going to the correct recipient, and then try again. That's my simple advice, and I speak from experience.
There may be some black willow left. It's worth checking with Leaves and company.
Those Ullswaters take the cake between the two IMO. Great pickups both. Glad they arrived safely.
There may be something to non-black country calf beginning as tan.At some points in the past, I would actively search for shoes in less popular colors, such as acorn, Edwardian, and burnt pine. Not only could these leather colors be found at attractive reductions, the colors could be easily burnished, antiqued, and transformed into great brown (or other) colors sometimes with museum calf like effects, if desired. I was experimenting with this all before the creation by EG...
i think it is important to remember these different country calf leather colors will age differently and change color, sometimes dramatically, with exposure to sunlight, the elements, and polish. Rosewood can morph into something really fetching and very different than Gorse or Mahagony. Mahogany can be shifted to something closer to walnut with the introduction of dark brown polish, or it can be kept near its original color, or it can be lightened materially. I know a...
@laufer - is it true you are considering a pingrain Nevis? That would be epic.  
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