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An auction from the patron saint of this thread, The RJMan. He always has good stuff up. Usually mostly ties.
Giant PTO roundup today. It's a new year!
Listen to the story, which is about the history of the relationship between men's style and African-American culture. I thought it was an interesting piece. And that some of the above posts are just stunningly dumb. Yeesh. And I'll also add that while a lot of the folks in the slideshow have choices that some of us might quibble with (full disclosure: I know a couple of them), in the context of public radio, they are SHINING STARS. Wear matching socks and you're Alan...
That's the story of my life.A couple of our squares before being packed up for a StyleForum auction winner.
Just packaging up SoGent's Put This On pocket squares. Proud to be part of this!
We were actually busy almost all day. A lot of folks went home with special stuff. It was funny to spot the PTO fans walking through the door - very different from the folks wandering in on a random shopping day or the folks coming in to buy Bill's Khakis.
Me and Raul are on trial pair three for my first pair of shoes from him. I have some weird-ass foots.
My friend Raul Ojeda at Don Ville shoes in LA makes women's shoes to the same standards as men's. It's about half his business. They're gorgeous - and he isn't just selling women men's shoes, these are real beautiful women's shoes. I've been thinking about having him make some for my wife in a very simple style, as she has very tough-to-fit feet.
Styleforum's own Gus from ABitOfColor took a couple quick pictures... including one of my uninspired "home for Christmas" clothes (old Brooks Bros jacket, Lands' End shirt and tie, plus unseen LVC 1947s and Indy boots), and one of one of our vintage Japanese silk squares.
Absolutely, but you have to email and remind me in late January right before we send out our next round, so I can tell our fulfillment woman to give you that particular one. I've still got a couple left.
New Posts  All Forums: