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Here are a few more of ours that I just listed. Trying to get them into the store as I have time.
While I was avoiding my real job this morning, I listed a few Put This On pocket squares.
I had to resist buying those and the crepe sole shortwings VERY MUCH. I just bought a pair of Martegani chukkas for $90 on eBay and I just thought two pairs was too much. Still having to convince myself about the crepe soles, though.
This seller is just amazing in general.
We're posting about one (very limited) square a week in our Etsy shop, as the squares I've been making from short fabric runs are starting to pile up. Above is one that was a PTO Gentlemen's Association square from last year. First of two colorways - we have orange, as well. Below is one we made from a little piece (maybe two yards?) of silk that we found in an estate. (EDIT: Now sold out.) And while I'm at it, a couple that sold out...
Another new, very limited square in the shop. I dropped a couple in last week and they sold out right away. There's two left of the one below.
If anyone finds some cream flannels in 36-38, mine (old Polo) were stained and ruined recently .
For folks talking about dating stuff, I bought this book from Amazon and it's very neat and useful for that.
We made a post about stuff to buy on STP a few months ago.
We're going to be offering some of our very limited designs in an Etsy shop. I'm planning on posting about one per week, and they'll be up until they're gone - no resupplying, as our materials are largely vintage and always limited. This is the first.
New Posts  All Forums: