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That elephant party is dope as fuck.
What's the deal with pocket circles? I sincerely don't get it. Not against it, just don't understand.
Very cool tux, Wes.
One of a couple of new ones I just posted in the PTO shop. This one's from vintage madras, guessing from the 60s.
Thrift stores sell much of their donations down the line to either used clothing exporters or fabric recyclers. If it ends up in the store and is badly damaged, it'll eventually head for one of those two places. Much better for it to end up in either of those places than the trash.
That tux is bananas.
I bought a Drake's piece in the Mr. Porter sale. I've been resisting buying one of those boat ones they had for spring... I have all the pocket squares I could ever need, but it's been calling out to me.
Here's another new one we just got back from our seamstress. Very old kimono cotton. This one's a lot smaller than our usual - a hair bigger than 12x12.
Great-looking suits.
These pop up once in a while. I've seen them before. I think they're so great, I always try to remember to put them in the roundup when I see them. So don't despair.
New Posts  All Forums: