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I bought a Drake's piece in the Mr. Porter sale. I've been resisting buying one of those boat ones they had for spring... I have all the pocket squares I could ever need, but it's been calling out to me.
Here's another new one we just got back from our seamstress. Very old kimono cotton. This one's a lot smaller than our usual - a hair bigger than 12x12.
Great-looking suits.
These pop up once in a while. I've seen them before. I think they're so great, I always try to remember to put them in the roundup when I see them. So don't despair.
Do you recommend anything in particular when you're working with them?
Thanks! I've been scouring vintage shows, eBay, Etsy and fabric shops for like a year and a half to put together this collection. Really proud of what I found.
I posted about twenty new PTO squares in our Etsy shop today. They're all made from vintage rayon from the 1940s (and in a few cases 1950s). Got a few more coming, too.
I saw that Chipp on the shelf and passed on it - not my size and it's the middle of summer in Los Angeles, where I've never needed an overcoat. Very cool piece, though.
Rave cleaned up a bunch of Hermes scarves for my mom that she bought from an estate. Took a while, but they did an amazing job. She ended up a thousand bucks or so richer.
A tweed, checked, ticket-pocketed, hacking pocketed, metal-buttoned orphan?Pretty sure.
New Posts  All Forums: