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Thanks! I've been scouring vintage shows, eBay, Etsy and fabric shops for like a year and a half to put together this collection. Really proud of what I found.
I posted about twenty new PTO squares in our Etsy shop today. They're all made from vintage rayon from the 1940s (and in a few cases 1950s). Got a few more coming, too.
I saw that Chipp on the shelf and passed on it - not my size and it's the middle of summer in Los Angeles, where I've never needed an overcoat. Very cool piece, though.
Rave cleaned up a bunch of Hermes scarves for my mom that she bought from an estate. Took a while, but they did an amazing job. She ended up a thousand bucks or so richer.
A tweed, checked, ticket-pocketed, hacking pocketed, metal-buttoned orphan?Pretty sure.
As promised, 50s J. Press (crossposted on PTO).
I just posted at PTO this awesome J. Press coat from the fifties I thrifted over the weekend.
Bought an amazing and bulletproof tweed jacket from J. Press yesterday. MTM, dated 1953. Haven't shot any pics yet, but I'll try to share them here.
Hermes squares are just over 17". Drakes squares are just over 16 1/2". Flusser says "The best size for the pocket handkerchief is the 16-to-18-inch square, and, like the subtle hand-stitched edge of a finely tailored jacket lapel, its exposed points and edges need to be rolled and and stitched by hand for genuine refinement."
I just sent Spoo two huge boxes of really nice stuff, so be on the lookout for that.
New Posts  All Forums: