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Well, there are other considerations.
Did you contact them, or just go straight to creating a forum account, then searching for a two-year-old thread to add some vitriol to?
I've seen them at Heimie's in Minneapolis and at Wingtip in SF.
I did not thrift one of these. But I wish I did SO BAD.
This is an awesome sweater.Love shopping for my boy.
If you have room in your closet to hang from the cuffs, the tension of the weight of the top of your trousers will keep them wrinkle-free and help maintain that crease. If I didn't have a half-height closet, I'd use these for all my trousers.
Here are some of our squares which I haven't posted pictures of yet. All of these are available in in our shop.
Here are a few more of ours that I just listed. Trying to get them into the store as I have time.
While I was avoiding my real job this morning, I listed a few Put This On pocket squares.
I had to resist buying those and the crepe sole shortwings VERY MUCH. I just bought a pair of Martegani chukkas for $90 on eBay and I just thought two pairs was too much. Still having to convince myself about the crepe soles, though.
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