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I just sent Spoo two huge boxes of really nice stuff, so be on the lookout for that.
I think this is pretty silly.
Two responses: A) Get someone to finish the edges. Any decent seamstress can do it. Mine charges me $10 each. B) 16x16 is my strong preference for silk squares. I'd much rather be generous than stingy.
I'm not colorblind myself, but I know a huge number of men are... something like one in ten. Once in a while these dudes write me at Put This On asking for help, but I don't know what to tell them. So for those of you who are color blind, how do you deal with it?
I know everyone has fun with the LA comments, but the reason a couple of these LA guys are finding great stuff is that they're literally doing this full-time. I live in LA. The scene is pretty good, but not as good, in my experience, as SF or NY to name two. But it's a big region, and a couple of guys are spending eight hours a day a couple days a week driving from store to store.
That used to be mine. (Above: an ancient picture of me and my friend Merlin.)
We just put a bunch of new stuff in the PTO shop. Here are a few highlights. The white one is Irish linen, 16x16, and $45. Everything's handmade in the US, and available in our Etsy shop.
Yeah, sort of like this one:The plan is rounded flap pockets on top, slash pockets on the bottom. This kind of flap on the top pockets, sort of like a Pendleton or a 40s sport shirt, with a hidden loop and button:
you sm likee a classee guy bt i gess im not?oh welll i will justt have to mddle thru somehoww in my logger cloze
I'm a big fan of a 16" square. With the exception of a few heavier-weight fabrics, and our vintage kimono fabrics, all our PTO squares are that size. The kimono fabrics are actually woven at about 13" wide, so those are smaller for the reason. The occasional heavier fabric we just want to avoid a fat pocket.
New Posts  All Forums: