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Hermes squares are just over 17". Drakes squares are just over 16 1/2". Flusser says "The best size for the pocket handkerchief is the 16-to-18-inch square, and, like the subtle hand-stitched edge of a finely tailored jacket lapel, its exposed points and edges need to be rolled and and stitched by hand for genuine refinement."
I just sent Spoo two huge boxes of really nice stuff, so be on the lookout for that.
I think this is pretty silly.
Two responses: A) Get someone to finish the edges. Any decent seamstress can do it. Mine charges me $10 each. B) 16x16 is my strong preference for silk squares. I'd much rather be generous than stingy.
I'm not colorblind myself, but I know a huge number of men are... something like one in ten. Once in a while these dudes write me at Put This On asking for help, but I don't know what to tell them. So for those of you who are color blind, how do you deal with it?
I know everyone has fun with the LA comments, but the reason a couple of these LA guys are finding great stuff is that they're literally doing this full-time. I live in LA. The scene is pretty good, but not as good, in my experience, as SF or NY to name two. But it's a big region, and a couple of guys are spending eight hours a day a couple days a week driving from store to store.
That used to be mine. (Above: an ancient picture of me and my friend Merlin.)
We just put a bunch of new stuff in the PTO shop. Here are a few highlights. The white one is Irish linen, 16x16, and $45. Everything's handmade in the US, and available in our Etsy shop.
Yeah, sort of like this one:The plan is rounded flap pockets on top, slash pockets on the bottom. This kind of flap on the top pockets, sort of like a Pendleton or a 40s sport shirt, with a hidden loop and button:
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