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Iceberg may have been the #1 worst thing in 90s hip-hop fashion.
A tip of our hat to The Choosy Beggar. They haven't been as active lately but still a must-subscribe if you live in NYC.
[[SPOILER]] Awesome, awesome shoes, GMMcL.
Here's the word from our shipper - looks like *we* actually pay the customs. We have international pocket squares shipping via FedEx Priority express PAK, with any customs fees being charged to our account.
Please forgive my appearance in the video - no wardrobe, no makeup, and I barely made it in to the set because I'm recovering from an appendectomy. I literally had to hold up my pants because I couldn't close them. So beard oil was not in the cards . Also - Harold Falcon - you seem fun. Maybe we can hang out sometime!
You look great in that outfit, easye!
I believe so, yeah. I'll double check with them, but I think they just mark it as a pocket handkerchief with a value of $45.(Incidentally, we just switched platforms, and we're offering a special deal at the moment - if you use this link to sign up, you get a free square, no matter what length of subscription you sign up for.) And if you sign up for a year, you'll get two free squares - a white Irish linen one, plus the bonus for signing up this month.Anyway, lemme email...
Our fulfillment company marks the customs forms truthfully.
Manhattan thrifting is amazing. I was in a shop last week that had like six racks of new Saint James stuff, four Mackintosh amps, several pairs of unworn Mabitex trousers, some newish YSL Rive Gauch coats, and that was just the start of it. Mostly too expensive to carry home and sell, but all at prices I'd have popped for stuff in my size. Unreal.
Either someone recognized me at the thrift store today, or some dude wanted to get with me but couldn't quite pull the trigger on an invitation to romance. Either way, I am flattered.
New Posts  All Forums: