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I thought some of you LA dudes might be interested that I'm running a little PTO sample sale at my office in LA this Saturday. (That's the office, above.) 10-4, and we'll have free beer, plus tons of pocket squares deeply discounted (about 2/3 off), some records, some vintage stuff, first crack at our new ballcaps, a bunch of fabric, that kind of thing. 2404 Wilshire #9A, LA CA 90057. Right on MacArthur Park, just west of downtown. Look for "Maximum Fun" on the callbox...
For those of you in LA, we're having a Put This On sample sale on Saturday (the 20th) from 10-4. Gonna have a bunch of pocket squares, plus some other stuff - records, vintage jewelry and accessories, our as-yet-unreleased ballcaps. It's at my office (pictured above), right on MacArthur Park. 2404 Wilshire Blvd. #9A, Los Angeles 90057. Look for "Maximum Fun" in the building directory so we can buzz you in. (PS to mods: we're not an official Style Forum vendor but I...
I grabbed a Master-Piece backpack from that Mr. Porter sale that I couldn't love more. Saw it just bumped up to 70 - some amazing prices on EG shoes but I don't think I'm ready to buy them online.
Yeah. It was a little expensive, and I waited it out. Then it was relisted at its original price and I was like... well... time to buy it's when you see it.Still smarting from a time a couple years ago when I didn't buy a Cable Car Clothiers brass plaque from their old store.
Just installed on my closet door.
Well played.
I totally bought a Mallory crazy coat for like $325 this morning. One of those things I couldn't imagine wearing enough to justify buying for $1300 or even $800, but for $325... I just went for it.
I sent a couple big boxes to Spoo World HQ, so I hope y'all are warming up your bidding fingers.
Iceberg may have been the #1 worst thing in 90s hip-hop fashion.
A tip of our hat to The Choosy Beggar. They haven't been as active lately but still a must-subscribe if you live in NYC.
New Posts  All Forums: