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I lost a shock in Camarillo once, and had to leave my car at a mechanic to get it replaced. I took the evening train back down to get it, and it was an absolutely lovely trip. One of the most pleasant of my life. On the other hand, I once had a show at ComicCon, and took the train, and had to stand up the whole GD three hours, it was a nightmare.
Dang, is shipping to the US really fifty pounds?
Tons of Drake's stuff for very good prices. Shirts, sweaters, scarves, ties...
I'm bumping this because I'm headed to Copenhagen next month. I'm particularly interested in vintage and stuff I wouldn't see in the States.
Do they usually only sell 34" inseams? I wear a 36x36... kind of bummed.
I agree with you 1000%, as long as it will keep you and this weirdo perspective in the valley or whatever.
Caraceni overcoat and a Sulkasplosion? Now we're talking. Great finds, 2ndhandman.
Besides being perhaps the greatest criminal defense lawyer of his generation, he was also one of the greatest and most successful legal advocates in American history for victims of police brutality and misconduct. He started doing that work when minority communities in Los Angeles were hopeless in the face of a systematically racist and unconstitutionally violent police force, and was a huge part of the cultural changes that led to wholesale changes in how the LAPD...
YES. This thread needs less J. Crew and Robert Graham and more Arnys!
Email jennifer at maximumfun.org and we'll get it sorted for you.
New Posts  All Forums: