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There's a self-edge on La Brea as well.
Check out this awesome jacket that's going for $13. It'll take a special man to wear it but I love it.
Thanks for posting this! The code runs through Christmas, and it's for *almost* all orders. Doesn't cover international and a few big bulky things in the store.
Hey gang, we're having our annual-ish Put This On sale today. It's at our office in the American Cement Building, next to MacArthur Park. We'll have our handmade pocket squares and handkerchiefs for bargain prices, plus our scarves and caps and most of all a TON of vintage accessories and gifts. So many beautiful cufflinks, stickpins, etc etc etc. I'll be there all day so come say hi. 11-4 today, Saturday, at 2404 Wilshire #9A, LA 90057.
I just put everything in the Put This On Shop on sale - 30% off with the code DOGDAYS. Tons of vintage, handmade pocket squares and scarves, ballcaps, everything.
I'll be there on Saturday. It's really fun. Prices are close to retail, for the most part, don't expect flea market, but there's a lot of great dealers and brands there.
That coat is awesome.
That's my dude
Everything in the Put This On shop is 30% off. The code is HAPPYNEWYEAR. Pocket squares, scarves, vintage, miscellanea.
We're having a Put This On holiday sale on Saturday. Discounts on everything. Vintage clothes, vintage gifts, pocket squares, scarves, and some miscellany. 10-4 at our office in the American Cement Building on MacArthur Park. I will be wearing a jumpsuit.
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