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I'll be there on Saturday. It's really fun. Prices are close to retail, for the most part, don't expect flea market, but there's a lot of great dealers and brands there.
That coat is awesome.
That's my dude
Everything in the Put This On shop is 30% off. The code is HAPPYNEWYEAR. Pocket squares, scarves, vintage, miscellanea. http://putthisonshop.com
We're having a Put This On holiday sale on Saturday. Discounts on everything. Vintage clothes, vintage gifts, pocket squares, scarves, and some miscellany. 10-4 at our office in the American Cement Building on MacArthur Park. I will be wearing a jumpsuit.
Everything in the Put This On shop (pocket squares, vintage accessories and miscellany, scarves) is 16% off this weekend. The code is RAMPANTCONSUMERISM.
I just switched warm to cool weather wardrobes and cleared out the thrifting bag I keep in my car's trunk. That means I sent two huge boxes to LS. I hope you all will bid like maniacs.
I just sent a big-ass box to LS, so I hope all you chumps are planning to bid on it. Also the other one I'm about to send, and the third one which I think I may have to send.
Might it be local where you are? Men's store, maybe?
I lost a shock in Camarillo once, and had to leave my car at a mechanic to get it replaced. I took the evening train back down to get it, and it was an absolutely lovely trip. One of the most pleasant of my life. On the other hand, I once had a show at ComicCon, and took the train, and had to stand up the whole GD three hours, it was a nightmare.
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