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I just put everything in the Put This On Shop on sale - 30% off with the code DOGDAYS. Tons of vintage, handmade pocket squares and scarves, ballcaps, everything. putthisonshop.com
I'll be there on Saturday. It's really fun. Prices are close to retail, for the most part, don't expect flea market, but there's a lot of great dealers and brands there.
That coat is awesome.
That's my dude
Everything in the Put This On shop is 30% off. The code is HAPPYNEWYEAR. Pocket squares, scarves, vintage, miscellanea. http://putthisonshop.com
We're having a Put This On holiday sale on Saturday. Discounts on everything. Vintage clothes, vintage gifts, pocket squares, scarves, and some miscellany. 10-4 at our office in the American Cement Building on MacArthur Park. I will be wearing a jumpsuit.
Everything in the Put This On shop (pocket squares, vintage accessories and miscellany, scarves) is 16% off this weekend. The code is RAMPANTCONSUMERISM.
I just switched warm to cool weather wardrobes and cleared out the thrifting bag I keep in my car's trunk. That means I sent two huge boxes to LS. I hope you all will bid like maniacs.
I just sent a big-ass box to LS, so I hope all you chumps are planning to bid on it. Also the other one I'm about to send, and the third one which I think I may have to send.
Might it be local where you are? Men's store, maybe?
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