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RuPaul was on my radio show this week. (A sharp dude in menswear, incidentally. Was wearing a beatiful seersucker suit.) We were talking about the crazy outfits he's worn over the years - dresses, suits and otherwise. He'd asked me about whether I ever wore crazy costumes, and I mentioned some western shirts I used to have in high school, and an journey to find men's size 12 pumps for a show I was in once. Anyway: Me: As a guy who works part-time in menswear, wearing...
Ours are hand-rolled and hand-stitched and hand-cut and hand-everything. The only things that aren't hands are scissors, needle and thread.
Awesome, Rutebega. Those handkerchiefs are likely going to be a one-time thing. We got a load of odds and ends from a very high-end shirt fabric store in NY that closed, and, well, they're closed now. Still some left, though.
One of our pieces from W2014. Everything in our whole shop is 40% off until New Year's, incidentally. The code is SILENTNIGHT.
That's really best case scenario for monogrammed shit.
That was made for me by Richard Lim in Los Angeles from fabric by Molloy & Son in Donegal. I was glad to get to wear it so much in our shoots for S2 - I rarely get to wear it here in Southern California.
Wes, if that multi-colored box check was a 42L or that Niners Starter was a L, I'd be PM'ing you right now. And also trying to figure out under what circumstances I, a 32-year-old man and professional menswear blogger, could pull off a Starter jacket.
I'm back with the holiday special next week and best comedy of the year special the week after.
Well I, for one, bought 47 pairs of braces today. Sorry, Spoo, but you've got a package coming in the mail.
The Put This On version is handmade in the US of Irish linen, with handrolled edges, 16x16, of Irish Linen. $45.
New Posts  All Forums: