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Love MM - used to find them a lot - at Barneys and other places. Not so much anymore so not sure if they are still around. I would put them in the category of Etro - although Etro is typically more "flamboyant".
When everything is in Japanese? Hot for these sneakers but the link takes me to a place with no english and I'm lost. I can get it "into a cart" but cant figure out how to do anything else. http://www.restir.com/goods/index.ht...2&cid=30200007
My favorites - I think these are Europe or UK based http://00o00.blogspot.com/ http://stylesalvage.blogspot.com/ also- http://www.thedandyproject.com/ Looking forward to learning about others.
Final Day at the Brunello Cucinelli Sample Sale - sure wish I was a 50. Did pick up a few jackets and a pair of shoes (Trickers) for 80% off - which is still pricey but tolerable.
I was able to talk my way into the PS sale. Truth about the shoes - I was able to score 4 pairs but everything was UK8. Less interesting in other departments - socks, belts, bags etc all gone by today.
So....are they in stores? I'd like to see/try some. How are they sized? Every once in a while I like the shiny look.
Did not account for customs duty (anyone know how much that is or how that is collected?) THe VAT is excluded since it is for export.
Found some fun Lanvin wingtips (two-tone gray/white) at Barneys. Price was ridiculous ($1070) but in searching around on the web found them at Colette.fr for about $700 even with shipping and a weak dollar. In fact they had several styles of Lanvin and others considerably cheaper than anyplace I am seeing in NYC. Anyone have any experiences with Colette? Thanks
Lobb sale 6/11
Etro, B-G on "presale" now...in advance of "official" summer sale soon.
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