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 Yes, it is a brick and mortar store in Toronto.
 Picked up a pair of 1880 Aldwych in black calf for 140$ Canadian (124$ US)! from a Marshalls nearby my home. Great deal and a must buy in my opinion.
Up for grabs is a beautiful white miltary style Epaulet shirt with chest pockets by Tom Ford. It was only worn a handful of times. I'm looking for 100 plus shipping costs. PM for details. It is size 15 3/4 or 40. Also open to trades depending on what you have to offer.
 He also sold a navy Canali sport coat that went for $15. So let's see how this guys feedback will fare in the near future.
 You're right. I would believe it would be better to cut my losses and make attempts to get my money back since the seller has gone incognito. I have sold things as well and have taken losses but it was all in honoring the contract and being ethical about my sales. Not to beat a dead horse but put a reserve on the item if you're afraid of taking a loss!
 What happens in the case of a seller not wanting to ship an item that was got at an incredibly low price? I recently won a sport coat at 20$. The seller seems to either be taking his sweet time to ship (it's been a week), and has not responded to any emails. It could be possible that he was going away but did not specify on his store or listing. I'm wondering this because it seems that in these cases the seller just will be slapped on the wrist and the buyer will lose out...
  No, I don't believe so. I believe that most of RLBL is made by Caruso. It has the "Caruso" tags. 
   I definitely searched through all the racks in the store and there was no sign of the pants . I've heard that it's really difficult to match greys as well because of the vast amount of variations they can be. Plus, this being a subtle herringbone would make it that much harder to find the matching pants. Oh well, for 30$ the jacket is still fine by me.
 Just picked up this 40R charcoal grey herringbone peak lapel RLBL blazer at a local thrift store for 30$! One of the best steals I've ever found.  
 Been doing a lot of researching of Toronto tailors online and it seems that there is much consensus about Magic Tailor. I have a suit with about a 1 to 2 mm snag/hole I would like to try and get repaired by them, plus general tailoring (waist suppression, sleeve shortening and hemming pants). I live in Pickering but have had bad experiences with dry cleaner and store alterations (tip-top tailors) so I'd be willing to take the trip downtown if the work is as good as people...
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