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I had some great luck finding the Creed Aventus deal in Canada for $58.99. Found a lone bottle yesterday morning at my local Costco. I did not see any others and have checked almost every Costco around the city. It is clear that Kijiji has become flooded with them (for the $300 range which is still fair for Aventus compared to retail that is) and there is an elaborate scheme among Costco workers who are taking/buying all the Aventus they see in their locations. I've heard...
Downtown Montreal location
Got these today for $121USD...
 Would you guys buy a slightly used Flash Single Zip Hoodie in Grey for 80 usd?   
It is slightly. I'm a small usually but this was bought in a Medium. You know how it goes with these kind of stores (Marshalls/TJ Maxx). It's not like they have a full size run and it's basically like finding a diamond in the rough. Not to say a compromise should ever be made in terms of fit but I felt this fits well enough especially with a light sweater under for the price. It was just over 200$ so I'll sacrifice a perfect fit for that, as I would say it looks better in...
Fit pic of The Kooples rider. Any opinions on it?  
Posted this on Niketalk a few weeks back but scored these at a Canadian equivalent of Marshalls/TJ Maxx. The Kooples Rider jacket (which in my opinion is very similar looking to a Saint Laurent biker) and SL17 Zipper Detail Optic White High Tops. I paid $299.99 Canadian for each item which is equivalent to $221.00 each. $442 in total for everything. One of the best come ups I've encountered...    
 Yes, it is a brick and mortar store in Toronto.
 Picked up a pair of 1880 Aldwych in black calf for 140$ Canadian (124$ US)! from a Marshalls nearby my home. Great deal and a must buy in my opinion.
Up for grabs is a beautiful white miltary style Epaulet shirt with chest pockets by Tom Ford. It was only worn a handful of times. I'm looking for 100 plus shipping costs. PM for details. It is size 15 3/4 or 40. Also open to trades depending on what you have to offer.
New Posts  All Forums: