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Hey everyone, I've been looking at getting some of these. A local place has the New version, and I liked them. I would really like to try the Classic version but cannot find them locally. Thing is, I know they are bigger and that's why I'd like to try them. I have tried Wayfarers and hated them...just too big for my face. I was wondering if anyone had approximate height measurements for these glasses so I could get an idea on how the regular Clubmasters would compare to...
Many people buy seconds from AE. They seem good enough for them?  
I'm awaiting the amazing replies to this post.
I am having a hard time finding these in any stores. I'm a full time suspenders kind of guy so I'd like pants without belt loops. Do any of you have any recommendations on some decent pants without belt loops?
Here's a picture...never shined shoes before so this was my first try. They look nice I'd say.
Picked up a pair of these, all leather. Will post a picture. Just wondering if anyone had some information, I can't find much online.
Hair is fine.
I might check them out either way. Great price...
Pretty much what I thought but you can never be too careful considering it's e-bay. It's just a cheap cotton sport coat, so it's no big deal, but I'll enjoy having a nice summery jacket or two for cheap.
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