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I realize this is an older post, but I do have a question re the differences between the Classic fit and Retro fit. I've tried to find a concise description of the differences but can't seem to find one anywhere.   Thanks in advance.
Anyone have the Rothsay, or have photos of them in the wild? I find them intriguing.
Lombards today.
That's hot. Wow.
I may be in the minority here, but I _cannot stand_ the loafers-with-shorts look. Despise it, actually. For me, if you're going to wear shorts, go with sandals or an athletic shoe. Otherwise, long pants.
Walnut Player's Shoe today:
Amok today.
The local AE store was able to find a pair of Lombard firsts in burgundy: $129. Theyre exactly what i was looking for. They had a few odd sizes in the inventory system, so of you are interested, don't delay.
I'm a fan of the larchmont in general, so that would be my pick.
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