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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson B/c he has a man-crush on Conne, or b/c you've seen the kind of women he likes? Both. Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Because he is a troll and attributes nothing to this forum. Jon. at·trib·ute (ə-trĭb'yōōt) Pronunciation Key tr.v. at·trib·ut·ed, at·trib·ut·ing, at·trib·utes 1. To relate to a particular cause or source; ascribe:...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Anyways, how goes the diet? Jon. From what I have seen, you are quite the chubby chaser.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS As I have mentioned previously I post at work, whereas you play videogames on your personal time. Perhaps you need a more productive hobby. Jon. Have you ever made a post that was not argumentative?
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover She is not married and this is real. I have some semblance of a life and have no need to embarrass myself on an internet message board making up stories. If it weren't real, I'd definitely make the story a little sexier. That said, I don't blame you for being suspicious as the entire thing is odd, hence why I decided to post here. It's surreal to the point its almost made me uncomfortable, and my brain is trying to...
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Why is it unlikely? I know a lot of people that have really nice bike setups. Of course I mention in passing that I bike, so... Yes, initial setup is expensive; I spent around $2000 for my bike, seat, pedals, and cleats. That's not including helmet, riding clothes, gloves, and other misc. accessories. As well my bike is nowhere near top-of-the-line. Jon. also, you must spend a lot on razors and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Don't worry about Jon, Conne. I wouldn't take advice from a 25-year old virgeen.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Seriously. Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Dude, at this point you are just Jon. You guys should call a truce. I know that you are both frustrated by being stuck in Virginia, but this is the holidays and no time to bicker.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman What other observations might you have about the Home Theater/Library of Invisible Books? Don't forget the Sybian, cat-boy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon Well, the way we do things like marriage is usually based on culture and religion. This is not just America and the West, but is true no matter where you live on this planet. In THEIR culture, arranged marriages are common and are not viewed through the same moral values as western people. Western people might see a poor little girl being offered to an old pedophile predator, but in reality the parents were probably...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley Will has a pic on his blog. I personally am not a fan of turnback cuffs on city suits. FNB also wrote on them. Here is a link to his picture, I don't know if we are allowed to post actual images from other sights. http://www.filmnoirbuff.com/images/463t.jpg
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