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Had to do it - jumped on the Electric Youth Gauzy shirt. 
Momos will stretch but VERY little, and only in the waistband. My suggestion is make sure that they fit nicely before you soak them. The unsanforized jeans will shrink a bit, but not a whole lot. The sanforized jeans shrink very little if any.
Yep, I'm in!
Chest: 43.1Shoulders: 18.5Cuff: 10Sleeve: 26.5Back: 31.5 This is unwashed, so there will be some shrinking when the shirt is washed.
PSA: Alden Madison has some Cigar Shell Captoe boots () and a Cigar Shell NST Loafer () in stock. They have just a few sizes. Loafer has Sizes 10D, 9D, 8.5D and boot has Sizes 11D, 6.5E, 9.5D only. Order via email only: customerservice@aldenmadison.com.
Looks sharp! I will also sing the praises of the burnt orange wool rivets. They're super lightweight for wool. 
Just picked up this shirt. It is completely new - never been washed. The fabric is simply too heavy for 11 months out of the year in Austin, Texas. Sold out in this size forever. Not trying to make money, just trying to get close to what I paid (http://www.okayamadenim.com/collections/momotaro-jeans/products/od-mj-indigo-sashiko-shirt?variant=2418795076).   Limited to 55 pieces - produced exclusively for Okayama Denim by Momotaro Jeans Japanese Indigo Dyed Sashiko...
Actually, I'm fairly positive that they do not accept returns. I've tried to make a return through them before and they did not accept.
Can't go wrong with a Rodina. I'd also suggest looking at Seikos. Lots of very nice models to choose from.
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