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Doing my best @MrDV impression today (with dead grass) in my Leffot Tankers.
I have both :) I don't think it's ridiculous at all...they look quite different.
You can get the CXL NST from ShoeMart.  Edit: Looks like someone else beat me to the punch, ha
Any experience with Vass briefcases? These look quite nice for €500-600 and can come in a bunch of different leathers. Requested photos from the factory (couldn't find them anywhere).                    
Same here. I never get them, but they always claim that I'm "on the list". 
Amazon.com has TOBS. I've been using Geo F. Trumper until recently, but it's about twice the cost of TOBS and I don't think that it's twice as good. 
J Gilbert's upcoming orders:   401 Black Indy boot without the stitching- trubalance last 403 Brown Chromexcel Indy boot without stitching- trubalance last 405 Tan Indy boot, trubalance last with commando sole Snuff Suede Indy boot, trubalance last with double waterloc sole- like 405 Burnished Tan Medallion toe shoe, plaza last with single oiled flex sole Burnished Tan Medallion toe boot, plaza last with commando sole Jess Monroe shoe Kudu plain toe blucher,...
Also, is Nano that much better than Saphir's Suede Protector spray? I always hit my suede shoes with Saphir's product.
Insane price or not, those boots are badass.
   Love the grant cap toe boots with and without brass. Thank you sir! Picked them up off of eBay for $300 worn once or twice.
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