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Wish the code worked on the JCrew Alden boots, but it doesn't.     Other news, this may be a silly question, do you use a deer bone on your CXL boots or just on shell?
How does the 5164 last fit compared to the 4497?
Looks gorgeous. Maybe use the Zug in combination with another smooth leather around the toe box/vamp if possible? 
Full size photos here: Flickr Photoset   Picked this shoe up a few weeks ago, but unfortunately it is too small for me.    "Our newest Tricker’s model, the “Super Shoe,” was made even more super, by our addition of a medallion on the toe and metal eyelets. Rich burnished burgundy calfskin coupled with a red dainite sole looks great with denim or chinos and is a perfect replacement/improvement for those old sneakers in your rotation."   Original Listing: Leather Soul...
#8 shell cordovan wing tip boot from TSM for sure. I have already put a "reservation" in for a pair myself a few weeks back.  In other news, looks like I have a pair of Frans Boone "Indy's" en route.
 0702 or BOM-006 may be a good fit. 
Gorgeous! No customs you say? Hmm...I may be convinced now.
Anyone have experience with Tusting Buckingham? The bag looks nice, but no photos of the interior or dimensions that I can find?   And here's another eBay find: http://www.ebay.com/itm/GOLD-PFEIL-NEW-BURGUNDY-LEATHER-TRIPLE-GUSSET-BRIEFCASE-/140471847885?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Backpacks&hash=item20b4c64bcd   Any thoughts on Golfpfeil? 
I bought this pair a little over two months ago from Alden of SF. Considering trades for an 8D (Barrie) or other similar sized last in shell cordovan (not black shell). Prefer Alden, but would consider other brands.    Only considering trades because 8E is a bit too roomy for my foot in the toe box.  
Gorgeous. I wish they did another run of those.
New Posts  All Forums: