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What last are these on? They look too pointy to be barrie or am I imagining things?
Thanks! It's fairly warm down here in Austin (and dress code is very casual), so more than likely shorts and chinos. My first pair of loafers, but I wanted something more casual that would be low maintenance (can get wet) and wouldn't have to worry about wearing out around town.
New purchase: Alden Brown CXL LHS (lined). Picked these bad larry's up from Pelle Line.        
That's a good question....Mine just got back from the tailor as well. 2 crotch blowouts fixed and another patch in one of the pockets.
These are gorgeous...http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-CROCKETT-JONES-CONISTON-SIZE-US-85D-NAVY-SCOTCH-GRAIN-BOOTS-715-ENGLAND-/281392436780..and in my size too...*sigh*.
http://www.pelleline.com/ has some decent coupons out there. Unfortunately they don't apply to Alden, boo.
No offense meant, but have you weighed yourself recently? Or measured your waist? I doubt the jeans are shrinking as you wear them...
Is it time? Here are some pics before the last wash. I'll try to grab some more shortly.             On a side note...noticed it was extra breezy this morning on the naughty bits when I got into work. Figured out that there's a small hole on my upper thigh. Damn squats.
I have had a couple pairs of CXL Alden's and they get some wrinkles, which doesn't bother me, but they're lined. Worried unlined would be a lot worse.
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