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I emailed them today and they said "First is the 2222 NST cigar. It is available in size 8 E / 9,5 E / 11,5 E and made on the Aberdeen last. The price would be 689,08 EUR excluding our 19% VAT.The other one is the 97504 Long Wing Blucher ravello which is available in size 6,5 E / 7,5 E / 11 E and made on the Barrie last. Price for this model: 659,66 EUR." Why do the european retailers always stock E widths? Argh.
Any suggestions on where I should check for a whiskey LHS? I'm on a ton of lists at The ShoeMart...is that my best bet? 
Beautiful. Where did you pick these up? 
Incredible - I'd love to see a close up of these.
What do you guys recommend for the Warlow sizing? I'm an 8D on the Barrie last. About the same?
  Alden for J.Crew - Plain-toe milkshake suede boots. I took them on a hike out to Hamilton Pool yesterday. My 15th pair of Alden's  
I love mine! Gorgeous watch in person. I have a nice #8 shell cordovan strap on it. 
Ravello LWB? Or are those CXL? Very nice btw.
I just spoke with Citishoes and they said that the models of Alden's that they have on sale (30% off) are as follows:   911, 904, 903, 909, 901, 930, 947 85, 9501, 6243f   Good luck!
 How do the 0702's fit compared to the IH-666s? Are they as tight in the thigh?
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