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Also, is Nano that much better than Saphir's Suede Protector spray? I always hit my suede shoes with Saphir's product.
Insane price or not, those boots are badass.
   Love the grant cap toe boots with and without brass. Thank you sir! Picked them up off of eBay for $300 worn once or twice.
I'm in total agreement about the extra $100. For a boot that theoretically should last 30+ years, it's not the end of the world if you're buying a particular style that you really want (and yes, I am infatuated with the plaza indy). The tongue doesn't bother me much, but still not sure about the dents...Percolating on this one a bit more.
Hell, I'm spending over $800 on these boots..just want to make sure I'm getting $800 worth of quality.
Okay, last question - whomever was working on the welt was a bit overzealous with the hammer. You can actually see unstained areas  and there is a sizable dent on both welts. I compared it to my other boots/shoes and none of them have that particular defect. Is that something to worry about?  
Any thoughts on the color imperfections in the tongue of this boot? The rest of the shoe seems pretty close to perfect for Alden standards.    
Wish the code worked on the JCrew Alden boots, but it doesn't.     Other news, this may be a silly question, do you use a deer bone on your CXL boots or just on shell?
How does the 5164 last fit compared to the 4497?
Looks gorgeous. Maybe use the Zug in combination with another smooth leather around the toe box/vamp if possible? 
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