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Unfortunately the VAT is excluded in those prices, so they end up being more than a lot of US retailers. Though, great deal on the couple of sales products! 
Wow, that burgundy shell shoe is effing incredible. IN! Can this be found/bought anywhere? @unipair guy - Any chance of doing another run of these?
An hour should do it. May need to do it twice.
Just picked up a brand new pair of Samurai S003JP (with tags) but I believe I need to size up one to account for the shrink factor in unsanforized denim. I bought these from a Japanese company and returning them would be cost-prohibitive, so trying to sell them.    I've bought and sold a lot here on SF and have a good rep on eBay.    Measurements, photos and more can be found on BlueInGreen's website
Anyone have experience with the S003JP? I'm a 32 in the Momotaro 0702/0701 cut, curious how that would translate? 
Awesome, thank you Ian! I hope you guys aren't too snowed in up there in MA. 
End 58 is live. Patchwork madras.
 Charcoal wool speckled donegal tweed rivets. @g2x222 They're not super heavy, but probably a little warm for a Texas summer day. There is more red in these than appears in the photo.
What time are the final rivets going to go live tomorrow? 
I'm thinking I'll try a little white vinegar/water solution and brush it out a few days and then take it from there. I would imagine that it will even out some over the course of time and use.
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