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For those who don't peruse the C&J MTO thread, I am working on a GMTO Whiskey Cordovan Marlow PTB. Price shipped to the US is $712. Ralph Lauren sells the dark brown version of the shoe for $995. I have 11 who have signed up and need one more to confirm the order.    Sign Up   Reddit Link
Boring! It's going to be a super versatile shoe. 
Up to 10 for the GMTO Whiskey Cordovan Marlow PTB! Just need two more. I'm getting some more information from Lauren regarding the options available for different widths, etc.    Here's the Reddit thread   Sign up
Cool - feel free to add yourself to this spreadsheet and I'll track it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bZ6_ctp_ElaAqFORjMMnwLZw_BRkxZV59z6rk5SvZhk/edit#gid=1939381601
I heard back from Lauren this morning about the Whiskey shell cordovan PTB. They currently have a 2-3 month wait to begin production on a group MTO because they are low on whiskey cordovan.   The price would be £600 for EU customers and £500GBP for the rest of the world. For the folks who live in the US, this is $676usd as of this morning. Shipping to the US is $40. This is an insanely good deal given that the Marlow PTB is $995 on the Ralph Lauren website. We would need...
I think danite could work for me and I am a big fan of antique edging. Any other folks interested in a whiskey blucher on danite with some eyelets and antique edging? I may post on reddit to see what interest I can garner.
I have too many boots, but may be interested in a whiskey Skye 2 or Lindrick. However, I would definitely be in for a whiskey Marlow blucher or Grasmere (I think they're the same...or at least very similar). Super versatile. I think I would also do it with the eyelets and leather sole. Let me know if there is any interest.  
 That looks bad. I'm willing to take them off your hands though. 
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