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I would be all over that make-up as well. I think it would be fantastic.
Really like that suede boot. Where did you get the laces?
I could see that. They usually offer a version with and without a logo. Not sure why this run didn't offer that. 
  PSA: For you natural shell cordovan fans. Mitchell Leather just put up a batch of natural shell wallets. I have one in #8 and it's amazing.   http://shop.mitchell-leather.com/Money-Clip-Wallet-Premium-Horween-Shell-Cordovan-MCWHS.htm
  Rainy day weather here in Austin for these brown CXL captoe boots.
I went on a little bit of a run on Alden orders this week:  Cigar/Snuff Saddles Epaulet Taunton Alpine Grain boots (preorder) Leathersoul brown CXL captoe "vanguard" boots Cigar Shell LWBs    Treat yo self!
  Cross post with the Alden thread. Epaulet charcoal fleck donegal tweed pants. Not sure how I feel about the cuffs - I think I will ditch them. Are there any suggested rules for cuffs on pants?
  "New" pickup off of the SF marketplace from @jt2gt. Leffot Cigar Shell Cordovan and Snuff Suede Saddles. The cigar cordovan is purposefully unglazed unlike most (all?) Alden's I have seen.
How does one use a deer bone? I own one but I feel like I must be doing something wrong because I don't see any benefit from using it. I must be doing something wrong.
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