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I like both the Queens and Simpson last. I'm having a hard time picturing it with the Simpson last without seeing a photo. The Queens last is gorgeous, but perhaps more casual than the Rain/Simpson last because of the rounded toe. 
@sacafotos - I think it's the simpson last. There was a change, recently they gave the okay for the rain last for another GTMO. Do you have a preference? I don't have any experience with carmina lasts, but I want a shell derby in my arsenal.
 Have these guys on order. Gorgeous!
Didn't discuss that with her yet. What would you guys prefer? 
I thought it was a long shot, but figured I'd ask. She said yes.
I wear my Dr. Jones boots with jeans all the time. I think they look great.
Hey folks,   I'm super excited! I just spoke with Betty at the Carmina factory about getting a Carmina Split-Toe Derby created with #8 Shell Cordovan. She said that they are able to source the shell fine. Price is 590 Euro including VAT. If you're outside of the EU, then your price is ~467 Euro or $525 USD. She is not going to charge any upcharge to get them done, provided that I get 10 people signed up.    Turnaround time on these is 10 weeks.      Let me know...
@chipshot Try Momotaro. You can pick them up fairly reasonably from Denimio.com ($185 shipped from Japan). Their fit is excellent if you want a slim, not skinny, fit. Their 0702 is 15.7oz which is a good mid-weight jean that you can wear year round.  In other news, amazing boots. I am quite envious of everyone who got in on those! I'll have to give Ed a call to get on the next list.  How long did it take to get those boots? 
Unfortunately the VAT is excluded in those prices, so they end up being more than a lot of US retailers. Though, great deal on the couple of sales products! 
Wow, that burgundy shell shoe is effing incredible. IN! Can this be found/bought anywhere? @unipair guy - Any chance of doing another run of these?
New Posts  All Forums: