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Hmm...no 8D on JCrew for the 975. Do I order a size 11 and see if they'll exchange it for an 8D later? 
Gorgeous! Are my eyes tricking me or is the vamp different shade?
 Gorgeous wing tips! I'm on a preorder for the same shoe in barrie...I might change my mind! Thank you sir! BOM006-T
Alden "Indy" on Plaza. After talking with Frans from Frans Boone about the small gap in the boot welt (in third photo), he had me send the boots back to Alden where they filled it in and sent it back in a matter of a couple of days. It looks better, not perfect, but now I'm happy with the boot. I also wanted to mention the fantastic service from Frans Boone - they've been great to work with.      
So huffy that I missed out on that promo...Nothing in my size any longer...
Very nice! Love that make up. 
What does "Bootmaker Edition" mean?
Doing my best @MrDV impression today (with dead grass) in my Leffot Tankers.
I have both :) I don't think it's ridiculous at all...they look quite different.
You can get the CXL NST from ShoeMart.  Edit: Looks like someone else beat me to the punch, ha
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