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I have a theory that @Jazzmenco is really James May...      
Thought I'd pass this along -- Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT on sale for $549 at Ashford. Down from the non-poor man's price of $1145. Deets in link:   http://slickdeals.net/f/8722547-hamilton-men-s-jazzmaster-traveler-automatic-gmt-watch-549-free-shipping  
Exactly - I like the shape of the Marlow PTB, but I've never seen one with whiskey shell. Would love to get my hands on a pair if they exist.
Any thoughts on a whiskey shell cordovan plain toe blucher? Has this been done?
Agreed ^ I wear mine with jeans fairly regularly. 
Wait....It's only $400gbp to get a Tricker's teak shoe through Shoehealer? 
Just heard from Lauren that my card will be charged on Thursday. Super excited to get my Warlow. 
Any updates on the Warlow? Has this died?
Love this watch. One that I actually own - great for the office and you can dress it down if necessary.
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