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Those are so nice. Also, they have a pair left in 9UK for under $400. Very jealous of whoever buys that pair. http://www.thesilverdeer.com/collections/tricker-s-for-silver-deer/products/trickers-for-silver-deer-teak-cordovan-derby-shoes
Alden is accepting GMTOs again?   Any limitations on the models and leathers?
Yessir, storm welt on this one. Danite sole was decided via majority vote. Looking at the shoe I linked to, I think it works nicely. Will absolutely be a very versatile shoe and for $690 shipped to the US, quite the steal in my opinion.
The group decided on danite (that is what the photo uses) - almost exactly like the photo except that is on 335 and we're talking the 325 last and we're talking about adding eyelets.
Small update on the GMTO C&J Whiskey Cordovan Marlow PTB - as of Monday we had received 9/12 people's payment information, so we're still on hold. I am not certain who has not paid, but they have now been warned twice. If anyone would like to jump on the order as a backup, we may have up to 3 available spots. Shoot me a message to learn more.   
My new favorite Alden eBay listing. "Decent condition for age. The leather is split on one tongue. Lots of life left in these all leather shoes." This must be what happens when you force a size 8.5 on your size 11 foot.        http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Mens-85-Black-Leather-Cap-Toe-Lace-Up-Ankle-Dress-Work-Boots-Sole-tech-/182225749942?autorefresh=true
Snagged some orange linen Walt slacks off of Grailed. They were a little too crazy for me as pants, so I had them made into shorts. They look fantastic, especially with this Epaulet EFF shirt.   
Snagged these C&J Sedgemoor 2 suede PTBs on the 335 last.   
I spoke with Lauren today about the whiskey Marlow PTB. She has received emails from all 12 participants. There are still a few outstanding that she is awaiting payment information from, but they're in the middle of having conversations about sizing. 
I just spoke with Lauren about the Whiskey Shell Marlow PTB and she said that she is still collecting CCs and receiving emails about sizing.    For what it's worth, I bought a pair of C&J suede PTBs on the 335 and they're a great fit at 7.5E for my 8.5D foot. I'll post photos when the weather starts to cooperate better.
New Posts  All Forums: