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New Epaulet x Alden Taunton boots. I was looking for something that would be great for the handful of rainy days we get in Austin. Pretty happy about these -- the alpine grain is a great color.       Action shot with the new taunton boots and some rivet chinos.
I have the light blue driggs. Kinda bummed I bought them a few days before they went on sale. I think they're perfect with a light colored shirt. 
I went with the Driggs cut. I'm a pretty big fan because it fits well in the thigh region and I generally like a taper on dress pants.
HOLY Ef. Did I somehow end up landing the only World Champion Donegal? So excited.
 Congrats! I have been lusting after the larger Mitchell Leather bag. Maybe post-grad school. That probably means I should order next year considering the wait for his products.
            A few new and a few old. Thought I'd share. Leathersoul Plaza #8 wingtips, Leffot Ravello Captoes on Grant, Brooks Brothers Snuff Tassels on Copley, and Leffot #8 Tankers on Barrie. All of the pants are from Epaulet.
Any suggestions on a good belt that is somewhat of a close match with light ravello shell?
   Yes, I'm talking about the broguing. It's off by a good margin - at least .3" if not more (I just eyeballed it). 
  I feel like I have been pretty lucky with all of my Alden purchases, but these guys came in about a month ago. And, of course, I am just now noticing that there are some significant differences with the broguing around the heel of the shoe. Do you think I should see if Jcrew/Alden will take them back?
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