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I have too many boots, but may be interested in a whiskey Skye 2 or Lindrick. However, I would definitely be in for a whiskey Marlow blucher or Grasmere (I think they're the same...or at least very similar). Super versatile. I think I would also do it with the eyelets and leather sole. Let me know if there is any interest.  
 That looks bad. I'm willing to take them off your hands though. 
I have a theory that @Jazzmenco is really James May...      
Thought I'd pass this along -- Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT on sale for $549 at Ashford. Down from the non-poor man's price of $1145. Deets in link:   http://slickdeals.net/f/8722547-hamilton-men-s-jazzmaster-traveler-automatic-gmt-watch-549-free-shipping  
Exactly - I like the shape of the Marlow PTB, but I've never seen one with whiskey shell. Would love to get my hands on a pair if they exist.
Any thoughts on a whiskey shell cordovan plain toe blucher? Has this been done?
Agreed ^ I wear mine with jeans fairly regularly. 
Wait....It's only $400gbp to get a Tricker's teak shoe through Shoehealer? 
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