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Simpson Last - Saddle shell   Queens Last    Thoughts? Definitely a different aesthetic. I quite like them both though. Queens last would probably fit my wardrobe easier.
Great choice. I've used that boot and my plaza "Dr. Jones" boot for interviews before.
I like both the Queens and Simpson last. I'm having a hard time picturing it with the Simpson last without seeing a photo. The Queens last is gorgeous, but perhaps more casual than the Rain/Simpson last because of the rounded toe. 
@sacafotos - I think it's the simpson last. There was a change, recently they gave the okay for the rain last for another GTMO. Do you have a preference? I don't have any experience with carmina lasts, but I want a shell derby in my arsenal.
 Have these guys on order. Gorgeous!
Didn't discuss that with her yet. What would you guys prefer? 
I thought it was a long shot, but figured I'd ask. She said yes.
I wear my Dr. Jones boots with jeans all the time. I think they look great.
Hey folks,   I'm super excited! I just spoke with Betty at the Carmina factory about getting a Carmina Split-Toe Derby created with #8 Shell Cordovan. She said that they are able to source the shell fine. Price is 590 Euro including VAT. If you're outside of the EU, then your price is ~467 Euro or $525 USD. She is not going to charge any upcharge to get them done, provided that I get 10 people signed up.    Turnaround time on these is 10 weeks.      Let me know...
@chipshot Try Momotaro. You can pick them up fairly reasonably from Denimio.com ($185 shipped from Japan). Their fit is excellent if you want a slim, not skinny, fit. Their 0702 is 15.7oz which is a good mid-weight jean that you can wear year round.  In other news, amazing boots. I am quite envious of everyone who got in on those! I'll have to give Ed a call to get on the next list.  How long did it take to get those boots? 
New Posts  All Forums: