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Heads up, the British pound exchange rate dropped to a thirty year low. The whiskey shell Marlow PTB is getting charged tomorrow. With shipping to the US, we're looking at $676.
 That is not an exact pair, but pretty darn close. I found that photo on a Japanese website - it's a Whiskey Grasmere but with a slightly different makeup. Yes, we did decide on eyelets. Someone signed up on the spreadsheet at some point recently, so I reached out to them earlier. If I don't hear anything back, I'll post it out on Reddit.
I thought the Whiskey Shell Grasmere was dead, but apparently not! I heard from Lauren this morning that she has 11/12 people confirmed for size and the shoe. She is going to be billing, but apparently needs one more person to sign up before she can send it to the factory. If anyone is interested, please let me know.   
What is the ridgeway sole?
 Antique sole on a #8 LHS was something I've always wanted. Also, very jealous about the whiskey LHS. Where are they from?/
Hey Guys,Here's the update on the "Marlow" PTB:"I hope you are well.We are now on the 12th person, we have just got the sizing for this correct so now we just have to do the payment information and then we will be ready to start proceeding with the charge up of this order.I shall send an e-mail out when I start to charge this all." This has certainly been a much larger time commitment than expected. Thankfully, it was during my "summer break."
El Warlows and some fancy pants from Epaulet. The white welt thread isn't as obnoxious in person, I rather like it.    
C&J Marlow PTB on Whiskey Cordovan appears to be confirmed. Lauren said that she has 12, so I am hoping that we'll have our cards charged very soon.
 Both are on the 325 last. Remember, these are handmade shoes, so they are not going to be exactly the same every time. That said, from what I've read, the Marlow sizing is more in alignment with US sizing. I have generally heard to size down .5 for Marlow wingtips. Lauren recommended I size down a full size for the Warlow, and mine fit great.
Steinhart or a Squale are my two votes. Excellent watches with great design and resale.
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