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EFF Rivets were sent already? Haven't received any notification about mine.
I'd return those. That welt looks pretty awful.
Anyone have any photos of what Alpine Grain shoes/boots look like after some wear? 
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Swaine-Adeney-Brigg-Classic-FlapOver-Case-in-London-Tan-w-Original-Bag-/301565340910   Damn good price. Especially if your initials are MCW.
      Is there such a thing as too many #8 boots? Left to right: Jcrew PCT on Barrie, Leffot Tankers on Barrie, Frans Boone Dr Jones on Plaza, and J Gilbert wingtips on Plaza. Have a great Saturday!
Does anyone have photos of the moose leather once it has been broken in? 
Nice jean! I wouldn't worry about them shrinking much. Give them 2 hot soaks and that should get all of the "shrink" out of them. 
 Okay, great. That's what I was thinking.  Awesome, thank you!Hard (TWSS)Great, thanks!
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