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I just spoke with Lauren about the Whiskey Shell Marlow PTB and she said that she is still collecting CCs and receiving emails about sizing.    For what it's worth, I bought a pair of C&J suede PTBs on the 335 and they're a great fit at 7.5E for my 8.5D foot. I'll post photos when the weather starts to cooperate better.
Yep, that was it. Looks like it's the Vincent, not the Cavendish. Both are pretty nice though.
Pretty sure this is a standard model? I saw them on sale recently. Forget where, but I think it was posted in the C&J thread earlier this week.
I need some Tricker's cordovan. Unfortunately, it always seems like they're waaaay too big when I find them on sale.
Yes, I believe Lauren is on vacation right now. I think she's back next week.
This is interesting. I found almost the exact shoe that the new C&J Whiskey PTB MTO is for, but with a slightly different last 335 vs. 325. $1256 shipped from Japan. Looks damn nice, but I'll wait it out to get the same shoe for almost half. Link.  
Yikes, good catch. It is an E-width. Sorry about that!
Whiskey Shell Cordovan PTB GTMO order is in and I have messaged everyone who has signed up. I would venture a bet that we will lose someone, so if anyone is still interested, please feel free to message me or add your name to the list.    Final specs are as follows: Whiskey Shell Cordovan 325 Last Danite Sole Antique Edge Storm welt Eyelets E-width (medium)   Price is $690 shipped to the US/Canada if the exchange rate holds. We will be charged in August and...
I heard back from Lauren this morning regarding the Whiskey PTB. Good news and bad news: We CAN do split sizing if that is something that you need (i.e. left shoe size 8 and right shoe a size 9). We cannot do different sized widths. They must all use the same width. Because of the lack of availability of the leather, the order would not be processed for another 2-3 months. She would take our credit card information now however. Fingers crossed that the GBP doesn't...
Duplicate post.
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