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Not your fault at all! I had heard the same thing and then she came back to me yesterday and said that it was not the case for some reason. Doesn't make sense to me, ha, but I have two people who reached out to me, so we should be okay.
Speaking of the whiskey grasmere, I received an email from Lauren this morning saying that one of the orders was a split size and because of that we need an extra participant. I'm not sure I understand the logic, but if anyone would like to join the GMTO, please let me know.    The shoe should look very similar to the photo below, but with eyelets like they have on the Marlow PTB.  
I have these boots. They're super versatile. I've worn them to weddings and running around in the Costa Rican jungle. They look equally good in both situations.
Up for sale are my very lightly used Alden X Leffot Cooney boots. I've worn these maybe twice. With the fiancee moving in soon, I need to slim down the massive boot/shoe collection. The suede has been protected by Tarrago Hightech Nano Protector. They're in fantastic condition because of the light use. They come with a box and shoe bags.   These boots are on the Aberdeen last, which fits true-to-size. They're unlined, so very lightweight.   Here is an image of a pair...
I am. 
Those look great (besides the socks). Where did you grab them?
Update on the whiskey marlow PTB GMTO:    I spoke with Lauren today and she said that she is still waiting on two more payments. Once those two more payments are confirmed (their cards were declined because of fraud protection), then we'll be fully confirmed and the order will be submitted. Woo!
Yep, sorry Chip! 
That's the same reaction that my fiancee gives me. "How many pairs of brown shoes do you need?"
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