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Happened to stumble on these...C&J Northcote. Very nice.
^ also, can we choose the color of the danite sole? Personally, I think I would prefer something other than red.
I agree with BootSpell. I have the 0701, 0702 and BOM006-T. They're slim-ish cuts. The 0702 and BOM006-T are both Sanforized, so they won't shrink as much. My 0701 did shrink, but not a lot. I bought a size 32 in the 0701 and 0702 and 31 in the BOM006-T and the 0701 is tightest around my thighs, but not by a significant margin. The BOM006-T is the most roomy in the thighs and waist despite being a 31 (it's a different cut). Also for reference, my waist is ~33.5". Also,...
I may be interested - what is the cost? 
I might buy that 8D off of you...Unfortunately I don't have a 7D to trade.
Anyone have a comparison photo between the shortwing boot in #8 on Barrie versus Plaza? Debating between the two boots...
Seriously though...where did you find those?
You should probably just sell them to me if you're an 8D....
Hmm...no 8D on JCrew for the 975. Do I order a size 11 and see if they'll exchange it for an 8D later? 
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