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My Warlows say that they are "Held in Warehouse." That makes me nervous.
Probably my biggest "Alden regret" was not picking up a pair when I had the chance. Hopefully my C&J Whiskey "Warlow's" will help reduce the pain.
  Correct - I think the problem is she doesn't have everyone's emails in one central location. We have not been charged, but I think she has all 12 CCs. She asked me to compile the list of names, but I only had Reddit/SF user IDs, which she said wouldn't be helpful.
Last step on the C&J Marlow PTB. I need to compile a list of everyone's names for Lauren. Sorry, I didn't realize this was a requirement! 
I am organizing that GMTO. I think we have all 12, but I will double check with Lauren again to see if she is waiting on #12. 
Just what I need...Another pair of shoes, haha. I snagged a pair of their #8 Cordovan PTBs. Insane deal...sadly the rest of the cordovan models were not in my size.
Marlow Whiskey PTB Update     I heard back from Lauren this morning and she has had correspondence with the last two members of our group this morning regarding sizing. We should be finalized very soon!    Keep an eye out on your inbox - Lauren will email all of the participants when she receives the final two CCs. She'll likely charge us all towards the end of next week as she is going on vacation again.
Those are so nice. Also, they have a pair left in 9UK for under $400. Very jealous of whoever buys that pair. http://www.thesilverdeer.com/collections/tricker-s-for-silver-deer/products/trickers-for-silver-deer-teak-cordovan-derby-shoes
Alden is accepting GMTOs again?   Any limitations on the models and leathers?
Yessir, storm welt on this one. Danite sole was decided via majority vote. Looking at the shoe I linked to, I think it works nicely. Will absolutely be a very versatile shoe and for $690 shipped to the US, quite the steal in my opinion.
New Posts  All Forums: