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Snagged some orange linen Walt slacks off of Grailed. They were a little too crazy for me as pants, so I had them made into shorts. They look fantastic, especially with this Epaulet EFF shirt.   
Snagged these C&J Sedgemoor 2 suede PTBs on the 335 last.   
I spoke with Lauren today about the whiskey Marlow PTB. She has received emails from all 12 participants. There are still a few outstanding that she is awaiting payment information from, but they're in the middle of having conversations about sizing. 
I just spoke with Lauren about the Whiskey Shell Marlow PTB and she said that she is still collecting CCs and receiving emails about sizing.    For what it's worth, I bought a pair of C&J suede PTBs on the 335 and they're a great fit at 7.5E for my 8.5D foot. I'll post photos when the weather starts to cooperate better.
Yep, that was it. Looks like it's the Vincent, not the Cavendish. Both are pretty nice though.
Pretty sure this is a standard model? I saw them on sale recently. Forget where, but I think it was posted in the C&J thread earlier this week.
I need some Tricker's cordovan. Unfortunately, it always seems like they're waaaay too big when I find them on sale.
Yes, I believe Lauren is on vacation right now. I think she's back next week.
This is interesting. I found almost the exact shoe that the new C&J Whiskey PTB MTO is for, but with a slightly different last 335 vs. 325. $1256 shipped from Japan. Looks damn nice, but I'll wait it out to get the same shoe for almost half. Link.  
Yikes, good catch. It is an E-width. Sorry about that!
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