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Doubtful - they close every year for the holidays.
My Tisell Flieger came in today. Lume looks pretty solid even with my phone camera. I upgrade the strap with a Stowa flieger strap for $20. The finish is excellent on the watch. Phenomenal value for $150.    
  Picked up this PMW. It's en route from S. Korea right now (real photos to follow). A Tisell pilot watch with a Seagull movement in it. Had a hankering for a Stowa pilot, but at $150 this is a better fit for my grad student budget. Anyone have experience with Tisell? 
Quick update on the Whiskey Cordovan PTB (Grasmere/Marlow): I just heard from Lauren that the shoe order will be sent to production on Monday. If anyone would like to get on the order, this is a "last call."    The shoe will look almost identical to this one below with matching eyelets instead of blind as in the photo. 500GBP for the shoe + 30 GBP for shipping to the US.  
I heard back from Lauren this morning. I know there are a couple of people speaking to her about trying to find a good size. SO, we should hopefully be fully confirmed by early/middle of next week. Fingers crossed on this one - I know I have said that several times at this point.
Squale 20 can be had for around $400 and Squale 50 for around $550 on eBay.
Incredible work @MSAINT 
 Personally, this looks a lot like a bad Squale 20 or 50 atmos. I'd go with one of those before a Ferragamo.  
I'd ask Lauren - she'll be most familiar. For me, my "Warlow's" on the 325 last are .5 size less than Barrie last (8D), a full size less than my normal US size and they fit perfectly. 
Hey folks,   I heard back from Lauren and we had someone back out of the order who had already paid. SO, we're back to looking for more participants for the C&J "Grasmere" aka "Marlow PTB" on whiskey shell cordovan. Message me if you want in!   Specs:  Whiskey shell cordovan 325 last (same as marlow ptb) Danite sole Matching eyelets Storm welt   Cost if 500GBP + 30GBP shipping to the US or ~$650USD.    They will look very similar to this C&J whiskey...
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