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My Tisell Flieger came in today. Lume looks pretty solid even with my phone camera. I upgrade the strap with a Stowa flieger strap for $20. The finish is excellent on the watch. Phenomenal value for $150.    
  Picked up this PMW. It's en route from S. Korea right now (real photos to follow). A Tisell pilot watch with a Seagull movement in it. Had a hankering for a Stowa pilot, but at $150 this is a better fit for my grad student budget. Anyone have experience with Tisell? 
Quick update on the Whiskey Cordovan PTB (Grasmere/Marlow): I just heard from Lauren that the shoe order will be sent to production on Monday. If anyone would like to get on the order, this is a "last call."    The shoe will look almost identical to this one below with matching eyelets instead of blind as in the photo. 500GBP for the shoe + 30 GBP for shipping to the US.  
I heard back from Lauren this morning. I know there are a couple of people speaking to her about trying to find a good size. SO, we should hopefully be fully confirmed by early/middle of next week. Fingers crossed on this one - I know I have said that several times at this point.
Squale 20 can be had for around $400 and Squale 50 for around $550 on eBay.
Incredible work @MSAINT 
 Personally, this looks a lot like a bad Squale 20 or 50 atmos. I'd go with one of those before a Ferragamo.  
I'd ask Lauren - she'll be most familiar. For me, my "Warlow's" on the 325 last are .5 size less than Barrie last (8D), a full size less than my normal US size and they fit perfectly. 
Hey folks,   I heard back from Lauren and we had someone back out of the order who had already paid. SO, we're back to looking for more participants for the C&J "Grasmere" aka "Marlow PTB" on whiskey shell cordovan. Message me if you want in!   Specs:  Whiskey shell cordovan 325 last (same as marlow ptb) Danite sole Matching eyelets Storm welt   Cost if 500GBP + 30GBP shipping to the US or ~$650USD.    They will look very similar to this C&J whiskey...
Not your fault at all! I had heard the same thing and then she came back to me yesterday and said that it was not the case for some reason. Doesn't make sense to me, ha, but I have two people who reached out to me, so we should be okay.
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