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Gorgeous, if you don't mind, what did the strap cost?
 Nice pants @Don L. This could have been really embarrassing if we worked together.
Where are those from? They're amazing.
Ep electric youth gauzy, Alden reverse chamois nst boots, momos and Goldenbear jacket. This shirt is incredible.
Almost definitely Van last. I've never seen LHS on anything but Van. Not sure about sole though. It's through Amazon, so good return policy.
Myhabit.com had a suede lhs for sale for a solid price.
I snagged the Pale Grape Flannel from someone off of SF a few months ago. Some of my favorites. They get lots of compliments and aren't garishly loud. 
Probably an 8D on Grant in my opinion.Incredible.
Those are awesome! Where did you find them? Also, whats the deal with the box? Looks super sloppy. 
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