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What is grain cordovan? Can someone show me an example of a shoe with grain cordovan?
I have an Alden and Tricker's calf shoe. Although this may be blasphemous, I think that the quality of Tricker's calf is much better than Alden's calf. They're both nice, don't get me wrong, but the Tricker's calf is practically indestructible. Comfort wise they're probably equal.
 Return. If that vamp color difference is accurate from the photos at least.
I have both the plaza indy and Leffot barrie tanker with antique edge. I find the tanker looks much more casual than the shell indy on plaza, so I've kept them both and love them almost equally.
No commando soles, but Frans Boone has an version of that boot as well: http://www.fransboonestore.com/store/alden/alden-cordovan-8-parajumper-boots. You can convert speedhooks to eyelets if needed as well. Looks like it's out of your size, but they may be getting in another shipment soon. 
Wow. That's one amazing collection.
Yes, they do! @MrDV any lacing tips?
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