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Is that in brown cordovan or calf at that price? 
Happened to stumble on these...C&J Northcote. Very nice.
^ also, can we choose the color of the danite sole? Personally, I think I would prefer something other than red.
I agree with BootSpell. I have the 0701, 0702 and BOM006-T. They're slim-ish cuts. The 0702 and BOM006-T are both Sanforized, so they won't shrink as much. My 0701 did shrink, but not a lot. I bought a size 32 in the 0701 and 0702 and 31 in the BOM006-T and the 0701 is tightest around my thighs, but not by a significant margin. The BOM006-T is the most roomy in the thighs and waist despite being a 31 (it's a different cut). Also for reference, my waist is ~33.5". Also,...
I may be interested - what is the cost? 
I might buy that 8D off of you...Unfortunately I don't have a 7D to trade.
Anyone have a comparison photo between the shortwing boot in #8 on Barrie versus Plaza? Debating between the two boots...
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