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No offense meant, but have you weighed yourself recently? Or measured your waist? I doubt the jeans are shrinking as you wear them...
Is it time? Here are some pics before the last wash. I'll try to grab some more shortly.             On a side note...noticed it was extra breezy this morning on the naughty bits when I got into work. Figured out that there's a small hole on my upper thigh. Damn squats.
I have had a couple pairs of CXL Alden's and they get some wrinkles, which doesn't bother me, but they're lined. Worried unlined would be a lot worse.
Curious, anyone have any experience with the unlined Alden CXL LHS? I'm worried that it will get crazy wrinkles from use. 
Can snuff suede LWB be worn with shorts (no socks)? Or is that a no go? It's hot here in Tejas!
Those photos could not be less flattering. 
Thank you all for the answers! I think I've figured out my solution. 
Has anyone ever traded shoes on here? What is the best way to protect yourself from fraud? 
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