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Pediwear 20% off - Code: BLACK20
Peter Manning - 20% off with CYBER20 Equus Leather - 20% off with BLACK20 The Dark Knot (www.thedarkknot.com) - 40% off and free shipping.
Pelle Line $50 off of $300 (SHOP50) $75 off of $450 (SHOP75) $200 off of $1000 (SHOP200)
Okayama Denim: 15% off everything. Use "kurokin14" for the coupon. 11/27-11/28.   Also, free shipping.
Hit me up if you get Marlow wingtips in a size 8!
What is the going rate to resole a pair of aldens? Are there differences in cost depending on last and upper material?
Could the rust be considered a burnt orange? If so...I may need a pair for game days.
Argh, I wanted those burgandy hopsacks!
Hamilton Khaki Field Chrono for $588. Looks quite nice for the price. Valjoux 7750 powered movement. Anyone have experience with this model?
Yeah! Come to Austin!
New Posts  All Forums: