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Man, those are nice #8 LWBs! 
I just got word that my pair of Alden x Leffot #8 LWBs with antique sole edge are being shipped. Unfortunately I also just found out that I am off to business school and will soon be eating a steady diet of Top Ramen and Kraft Mac and Cheese. So, I'm going to have to toss these shoes up on the market (let's face it, $690 can feed me for a year with that diet).    They're brand new, never been worn or even tried on. Get them brand new, below cost, in a sold out size.
Can't you just return them after receiving them? Or is this a final sale scenario?
Well folks, I learned an expensive lesson. These shoes felt great, but unfortunately they're just a hair large for my boney ankles as I discovered after wearing them about 3 times total. Twice to the office and once on a flight. I am planning on trying to source the exact same model in a 7.5D or 8C once these sell.    No scratches or scuffs. Minimal wear on the soles. Just starting to see some rolls/creasing from the few times I wore them.    Will consider trades as...
Leffot tankers today.
Speaking of WT boots. I just got an email from Shoemart about an order I made quite a few months ago. Have 8D wingtip boot in #8 (Barrie) coming in. I unfortunately already know that I'm going to have to return them. If anyone is interested, PM me or I'll return them. 
What last are these on? They look too pointy to be barrie or am I imagining things?
Thanks! It's fairly warm down here in Austin (and dress code is very casual), so more than likely shorts and chinos. My first pair of loafers, but I wanted something more casual that would be low maintenance (can get wet) and wouldn't have to worry about wearing out around town.
New purchase: Alden Brown CXL LHS (lined). Picked these bad larry's up from Pelle Line.        
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