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Crumby quality, but for those of you wondering, the snuff suede BB tassels and the Allen Edmonds snuff belt. The belt is several shades darker. These tassels are also much lighter than my snuff LWBs. They're far enough away from each other that I don't think it's that discernible when you wear them (also this is bad lighting).
I grabbed a snuff belt from allen Edmonds
Awesome! Mine are here on Thursday. Never thought I'd own a pair of tassels but really looking forward to these.
Thank you!
Strange question, but does anyone know the SKU number for the Brooks Brothers Snuff Suede PTB? Trying to find out when they will be back in stock.
Awesome tankers! If you're an 8D in Barrie, let me know, haha
Nice find on the BB discount code. I jumped on the snuff tassels. Figured they'd be pretty awesome for the summer. Anyone else have them?
Those are my favorites that I have as well. They're incredible. I can't see myself buying the BOM008 18oz version though -- too heavy for Texas heat.
Snagged these guys off the 'bay for under $300. Unionmade McCoppin Reverse Tobacco Chamois. Really interesting leather that shows character very quickly. Definitely going to be great for the two bad weather days we have a year in Austin. Sorry about the weird shade from my arm.  
New Posts  All Forums: