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Any suggestions on a good belt that is somewhat of a close match with light ravello shell?
   Yes, I'm talking about the broguing. It's off by a good margin - at least .3" if not more (I just eyeballed it). 
  I feel like I have been pretty lucky with all of my Alden purchases, but these guys came in about a month ago. And, of course, I am just now noticing that there are some significant differences with the broguing around the heel of the shoe. Do you think I should see if Jcrew/Alden will take them back?
Rodina. Big fan of mine.
Awesome boots. Did you have any that would fit a US size 8.5D? 
PSA: BlueOwl.us has a bunch of Momotaro's on sale. i.e. http://blueowl.us/product/momotaro-tight-tapered-heavyweight-18oz-raw-selvedge-denim-model-0305-50/#
Very nice, but .5 size too large for me. :(
Crumby quality, but for those of you wondering, the snuff suede BB tassels and the Allen Edmonds snuff belt. The belt is several shades darker. These tassels are also much lighter than my snuff LWBs. They're far enough away from each other that I don't think it's that discernible when you wear them (also this is bad lighting).
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