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Wait....It's only $400gbp to get a Tricker's teak shoe through Shoehealer? 
Just heard from Lauren that my card will be charged on Thursday. Super excited to get my Warlow. 
Any updates on the Warlow? Has this died?
Love this watch. One that I actually own - great for the office and you can dress it down if necessary.
I emailed them today and they said "First is the 2222 NST cigar. It is available in size 8 E / 9,5 E / 11,5 E and made on the Aberdeen last. The price would be 689,08 EUR excluding our 19% VAT.The other one is the 97504 Long Wing Blucher ravello which is available in size 6,5 E / 7,5 E / 11 E and made on the Barrie last. Price for this model: 659,66 EUR." Why do the european retailers always stock E widths? Argh.
Any suggestions on where I should check for a whiskey LHS? I'm on a ton of lists at The ShoeMart...is that my best bet? 
Beautiful. Where did you pick these up? 
Incredible - I'd love to see a close up of these.
What do you guys recommend for the Warlow sizing? I'm an 8D on the Barrie last. About the same?
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