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What strap is that?
Why's that? 
New Seiko SNZH53. Great casual watch.    
Awesome, thank you! Is there anything out there like that for the 2030 last?
I just put in a tongue pad on my Alden LHS that I got. They feel fantastic now. That said, I've only had a week of experience at this point. 
Gorgeous! What do you think of their cordovan quality? 
Yes. I love those boots. They're some of my favorites. Also, Frans had free shipping recently. Not sure if they still do. Extraneous fees weren't bad because it's a product of the US.
Alden CXL LHS, Epaulet rivet chinos and jcrew shirt. Put a tongue pad in the LHS and now they fit/feel fantastic.
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New Posts  All Forums: