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I am looking to thin out my derby selection, so I am selling either my Tricker's shell cordovan derby or my C&J derby in snuff suede (incoming C&J derby in whiskey shell cordovan).    I bought these a few months back and have worn them a mere handful of times due to the size of my shoe rotation. That said, they are by far the most comfortable shoe in my rotation. The sole is Vibram rubber, which makes these great for times that you will be standing for long...
I'm looking at purchasing my first Barbour. It's a Barbour x Land Rover Traveller. I am buying online, so curious about the fit. It's a size medium. I'm generally a 38S in jackets, but medium in almost all clothing (J Crew, Epaulet, etc). Barbour says this is a best fit for someone who is a 40. Do they run large? Also, I would rarely wear a lot of layers underneath because I live in Texas.   (I'm 5'6 160ish pounds)
Has anyone heard of Debert? I've been wanting to get an Omega Seamaster 300, but considering I am finishing up grad school, just got engaged, etc, I am still in the PMW club. The Debert looks like it could fit that itch for the next year or two. They have both a black and blue version of the watch.    Thoughts?      
 Love those. What model? Shell?
Yesterday was the first time in my life I wore shorts to an interview, haha. I felt like I was channeling my inner Angus Young in my navy blazer. Off to surgery to fix this ankle. Can't wait to be back to wearing two Aldens at a time! These BB snuff tassels are some of my favorites.
You won't regret it. My two pairs came in and they're pretty spectacular. Unfortunately, I broke my leg this weekend, so I won't be wearing them for some time.
 Epaulet recommends sizing up. I went with a 40 per their recommendation, even though I'm normally a 38. 
Sad day - I love the Driggs cut.
My fiancée is moving in next month and I need to clear out some room in my closet. Is there a market for Alden shoe boxes? I have waaay too many empty shoe boxes in my closet for me to justify. 
Very nice! From the forum?
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