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Couple of new ties from The Dark Knot.          
What strap is that?
Why's that? 
New Seiko SNZH53. Great casual watch.    
Awesome, thank you! Is there anything out there like that for the 2030 last?
I just put in a tongue pad on my Alden LHS that I got. They feel fantastic now. That said, I've only had a week of experience at this point. 
Gorgeous! What do you think of their cordovan quality? 
Yes. I love those boots. They're some of my favorites. Also, Frans had free shipping recently. Not sure if they still do. Extraneous fees weren't bad because it's a product of the US.
Alden CXL LHS, Epaulet rivet chinos and jcrew shirt. Put a tongue pad in the LHS and now they fit/feel fantastic.
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