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  That pocket square fold is a bit strange to my eyes. Was it an era thing?
Three months ago, I tried to donate 4 of my old shirts. They had seen good use (3-4 years) but because of fit reasons and bad craftsmanship (lurking in SF usually "creates" this reasons ) it was time to give them away. So I washed, ironed and folded them, leaving them at the hall. The same day, my two sisters came home and seeing them on the table, decided to try them on and took them with them. Since then, they occasionally use them in their outfits.   In my...
Any opinions on what's the use of the extra piece of fabric found inside the back pocket of the trousers?   I'm thinking of cutting it and using it as a fabric swatch in order to check combinations with shirt fabrics or ties I intend to buy.   Definitely worth checking out.
Try this:   They are custom made. Haven't ordered yet so I can't tell you anything about the real quality.
+1 I have three ties from Tie Rack and their construction is not particularly durable. Good for a start-up but don't expect much more.Save up to start upgrading from the above recommendations.
Thx for the tip, onix. That could also be a solution for relaxing the eyelets from all the lace tension.
OK, now I'm a little confused. Do you refer to laced dress shoes particular? And do you keep the laces in all the shoe holes before you put them on?    
Probably after many wears, someone can put on his shoes without a shoe horn but since I started using shoetrees, I find it almost impossible to wear my lace-ups without a shoe horn.
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